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Description of the psychologist’s ethical code

On the First Institutional Society of Psychologists of Ukraine 20th day 1990 1990, in the metro station Kyiv adopted the Code of Ethics of a psychologist. The normative act is a guarantor of high professional, humane, high moral dignity of psychologists in Ukraine, healthy seasonally specialty and sphere of interest [1].

The Danish Codex is a consistency of ethical standards, rules of conduct, and they have been stored with the psychologist for alcohol regulation of their life. On the other hand, I am in a great deal of psychology св internal light of particularity, that is, good contact with the people who are guilty of being warm, kind, prosperous.

The Code of Ethics for Successful Health Psychologists of their professional profession. Sokrem, school and higher education psychologists have been assisted by higher effectiveness of orientation and higher education of students; psychologists at the health care center - at the func- tional functions, responsibility for the prevention of seizure, treatment, rehabilitation of the patient; psychologists in the sphere of sovereign administration - in the psychologically secure and ignorant and galusic administration.

It was founded by the Association of Psychologists in Ukraine to conduct a robot work, clearly identified by the psychologists of the Code of Ethics, control of the contents of the code, and I must keep in mind the code of laws, which is important for the public.

І. Відповідальність

1.1. Psychologists carry the specialty vidovdalnist for their work.

1.2. Psychologists of goiters, all of whom want to prevent and prevent inhumane accidents at their own professional dyalnost.

1.3. Psychologists of guilty discreet that there will be any claim to shard the unspecified individuals; not to hold back the rights of victorious one’s knowledge and camp with the method of belittling the people’s guidnosti, not taking into account their special abilities; bear vіdpovіdalnіst for the precedence of the interest of people.

1.4. Psychologists are obliged to pay more for the victorious methods and software security, the value of the processing is necessary, moreover, these are quiet, so that they can be carried out using computer technology in the United Kingdom.

1.5. Psychologists are more stupid than knowledgeable, so much the same way before their own qualifications, more important and social status.

It’s not a matter of forgetting, that psychologist is not lawful in legal matters, that’s how I would be a special specialist, a huge nation, who’s completely breaking the Law of Ukraine, clearly, clearly and guilty.

Our legislation has є stats, so it’s hard to say, for example, moral cues. You can bring the key, as a result of the psychologist’s psychology, you’ve got rid of moral zbitkiv. As a matter of fact, the psychologist’s fault is not a legal impairment, then the maximum that I’ll shake is the whole song, the inclusion in school asociation. At tsomu vin everything can be practiced by a psychologist, and you don’t need to reserve it, the fragments about vipadki, if the diploma of the specialist of the sovereign mortgage was nullified, nevidomo. For hateful repentance, the psychologist vidpovіdaє less before the client, before the professional alcohol and that before himself. Ostannє - a bit more prejudiced, as psychologists themselves respect.

For those who are not satisfied with the psychologist’s work, there’s only one way to get into the Partnership because I’m right to save the right to work for me. Ale tse, clearly, at that time, almost all the stinks were turned into a psychological aid to the organization of commerce. A psychologist, a kind of prince, for example, at school, it’s unlikely that he would have to violate the jurisdiction of the Partnership for the protection of human rights.

It’s a shame of the psychologist to vicorist a principle analogous to the principle of the presumption of innocence in convictions. The fault of the psychologist in a broken code of conduct is guilty of buti brought to the attention of the experts of the Association of Psychologists of Ukraine. At present, there are practically no problems, so that someone with a psychologist would be attracted to the administrative responsibility for the violation of the ethical standards, but the wrong way in the professional galaxy.

II. Competence

2.1. Psychologists are constantly improving their knowledge of new science in the galaxy of practical activities, tackling the task of quietly starting up, as well as being within the sphere of competence. At times of infirmity, psychologists pass on to one of our more advanced fakhivtsi people, but to help people, I’ve turned around for the help, make contact with professionals, I can adequately help you.

2.2. Psychologists do not stiff methods and procedures that have not been tested by the central authorities of the Society of Psychologists of Ukraine. In quiet hardships, if there are more psychological methods to do more testing (with the permission of the control bodies of the Partnership), psychologists conduct an experiment with an additional contingent of additional information, and continue to learn about the most advanced methodology.

2.3. The psychologist publishes his or her best wishes, as if he himself was reprimanded by him himself anyhow to take the lead in the introduction; Publishing is not permissible through special, material training, lack of training, non-qualified methods, and a psychologist can’t see practical robots without having to properly qualify them.

2.4. The psychologist pragne to adequate knowledge about their individual indivisibility and special features and the recognition between the most powerful professions. Particular psychological problems (yak negatively pour on the visibility of the visions) can be an indicator of professional unprincipledness and may have a slightest glimpse that you can become a psychologist.

III. Zakhist іnterestіv klієnta

3.1. Psychologists of suvoro are supported by the principle of voluntary participation of the client in the circumstances. For an hour, robots with children, children with severe mental illnesses (only in extreme cases) are allowed to observe the principle of voluntariness, within the limits of legislative norms; Obov'yazkom of the psychologist ган Magnetnagi thanks with the cliches spіvrobіtnitstvo. Psychologists make excuses about the unprecedented cliche.

3.2. Psychologists, coming in contact with people, for certain kinds of things, we’ve got to have some kind of experience (for example, at the time of a psychological examination), don’t have the right to be able to take your own pose, you can’t get in any of them, if such information is secured without special navigation, but of the client himself.

3.3. Psychologists do not take part in activities that are hidden against freedom of an individual. They don’t have the right to conceal the right to speak about your life philosophy, political, religious, and social reconciliation, do not disobey the vimagati of them.

3.4. Psychologists take on themselves the profession of professionalism for qualification, consultation, counseling. They reek of dominance in terms of completeness of their activity, but in addition direction of direction of the client to the competent competent specialist. Vidovdalnist with the psychologist know, as a rule, being up to speed, who is the first specialist to recognize the vidpov_dalnist for the client on himself.

3.5. Psychologists do not have to worry about material or special privileges; they cannot be victorious of their knowledge and campus, their position and client’s deposits are in high-profile interests. In quiet vipadki, if the servants є pay, about financial knowledge, be able to dominate; do not get Dodatkov’s payment for consultations and don’t take a fee for quietly, whom a psychologist is good to start with, but to get examined. Yakshcho klієnt can deny the psychologist I will help shamelessly as a smaller cat in the first fakhіvtsya, then the psychologist іnformє about the price of the klіnta

3.6. The psychologist is unique in setting up neofitsy vzєmin with a client, which can be done at the same time as conducting diagnostic, consultative and corrective work with him. Among the psychologist and the client it’s innocent to have a near proximity at the time, if the psychologist has the responsibility for something new.

3.7. The psychologist has the right to virishuvati, for some kind of counseling, but as much as possible, it is possible to give an active profession, and in viaducts, as long as you can’t do it in the interests of the student, there’s a reference to the questionnaire.

3.8. The psychologist himself is guilty of the sketches for the results of the circumstance, which cannot be shifted to the insects. The psychologist is guilty of clearly and unambiguously formulating the bows, so that you can rightly grow your eyes and, by the way, remove the clue from the clue.

3.9. The psychologist doesn’t shy away from meeting and don’t be pleased, don’t have any reliable knowledge about the situation, but in the situation. At a psychologist’s sound (visnuvka) there is less need and more water time, I can see a more consistent result, more information for more detailed delivery, more frequent symptom, more frequent symptom.

3.10. The psychologist at the available form povіdomlya to the situation about the deliveries of diagnosis and methods that help help. When there is a win of goitling, it is sensible and cautious to hang on to the pathology of the mental state of the patient. The psychologist obov'yazkovo aheadє about those who are for whom I can for the most part be given; Win can’t bring people to life, but of course there is no chance to win the show.
The psychologist of remuneration especially wants to get the wrong and unethical victorious result, I’ve been guilty of guilty obscenities, and I’m sure to see the subordinate subordination.

IV. Confidence

4.1. The psychologist of goiter’s commitments wants to confer with everyone who wants to pay attention to their clients, their special lives and lives. Vignettes become vipadki, if the symptoms appear є non-custodial for the client and their people. І psychologist goiter'yazov inform quietly, that I can help the qualified help.

Confidence can not be reached, as a matter of fact, the client asks to wait a bit, while in the interests of the information the person was transferred.

4.2. The psychologist does not pick up the pretentious news about the circumstantial without the ugly sake and the contentment is less than the information, the yak is necessary for the completion of the profesional commander. A note on a magnetic page and video recording, photography and entering information about the client to the computer banks in the future will require less for the participant.

The psychologist of the craps ’obligations to secure a professional tamnitsyu, do not broaden the vidomety, otrimanih in the process of diagnosing and correcting robots, anonimnosti klіnnta (for example, beforehand, in public). For demonstration and hearing, there will be any kind of material that I need to call people in writing, for whose sake they will smell the boules recorded; on vimogu klіnta materіali not knowing anything.

Documentation Robot psychologist is guilty of more professionally necessary material. Prior to this material, due to the confidentiality of the psychologist, the access of third-party services is enabled. In quiet hardships, if psychologists turn around for help, they need special knowledge of nutrition, it’s worth braining minds and termination of such materials, as well as

4.5. As a matter of fact, the psychologist is not in a hurry to get his own functions, Win Z'yasovє, who needs to receive material (also information, entered to the computer). At times, the psychologist is guilty of transferring the vicar to the function of the fakhivtsi.

4.6. Psychologist іnformє klієntіv about the rules of pre-confidentiality. Death, however, is not recognized by a psychologist who isn’t required by a psychologist to attend to a professional.

4.7. The psychologist does not transmit methodological materials to individuals, who are not up to date with the psychologist’s psychology; Do not open the clock and the designation of a specific methodology (for the vignette of available roses, clarify to the law-enforcement and judicial authorities).

V. Ethical rules of psychology

5.1. Plan of psychological psychology of transferring є additional triumph of such minds: viznazhennya ob'єkta doslidzhennya; uniquely uniquely formulated meti i zavdan; establishment of contingent; forecasting the opportunities of Vico Ristan’s gained results (for example, assessing the prospects for professional success, formulating a full team, psychologically handicapingly thin). The psychologist independently vibrates method robots, which are tackled with the maximum efficiency and scientific primer.

5.2. Psychologist zabezpechuє tsіlkovitu nadіynіst rezultatіv, vіdpovіdaє for rіshennya, SSMSC priymayut ofіtsіynі individuals per osnovі Yogo visnovkіv that rekomendatsіy, zapobіgaє mozhlivim pomilkam in dіyalnostі neprofesіonalіv, kotrі dopomagayut in robotі, ale not oznayomlenі of vimogami scho stosuyutsya obmezhen in vikoristannі information The doslіdzhuvanih. The psychologist has the right to be more correct and more accessible to unprofessional people who have gotten more psychological methods, as well as to possible inhumane methods. Shchodo psychologist vikoristuyutsya principle, analogous to the principle of the presumption of innocence in convictions. The guilt of the psychologist in the broken Code of Ethics is guilty of a buti brought to the public of the Association of Psychologists of Ukraine.

5.3. The psychologist will bring up to minimum the hate of negative hate for quiet, then take the fate of the experiment. If you have to worry about what’s needed, but what’s possible, you can have a psychogenic reaction from the client, the psychologist is guilty of having refused to commence the work with him. As a matter of fact, let the experiment require an unexplained knowledge of the fourth day and the results, the psychologist is able to reconcile that you should not be able to get a shady year to the participant. In this way, there’s a chance to improve the quality of experimental programs.

5.4. The psychologist is late іnformє klіntіv about the right to enter into participation in the previous. If you want to give a chance to take part in the experiment, the psychologist will get over it, take this decision without any doubts (for example, pay, give, pass).

VI. Qualified psychology propaganda

6.1. Psychologists to inform science, teachers, teachers, I’m widespread about their duality of criticism on the basis of objective, accurate tributes in such a way that they don’t discredit the profession of a psychologist and psychology as a science and practice complex.

6.2. The psychologist is not wrong with public announcements for advertisements or self-advertisements. At the front of the headquarters of mass information about the need to give psychological services to the population, more than my name, address, phone number, professional calf, science step, child's care, psychology, one year old. In the brochure you can’t talk about the sum of the fee, you won’t get any guarantees, you don’t change the terms and the success and success of the offer, the consultation, the expertise. Ogoloshennya mayu mіstity іnformatsіy about meta kursіv, but not obitsyanki stosnovno attainment of specific results. The psychologist is guilty of taking part in the initial programs for the population to the brother, however, you have the right to rob yourself more than you think, so that you can exclude the most advanced methods and ineffective procedures.

6.3. Please the psychologist in the troubles of the mass information industry to submit to the provincial form, without referring to specific facts and situations, so as not to allow the bickering of the confidential information. Strengthen your performance, manage your material, audiovisual, and that’s the most important publicity, in some instances you will be guided by an illustrative method of clichés of vipadas, guilty parties and identifiable individuals, groups of people. Techniques are published less than in forms, so I can help protect them from their valuables and their benefits.

VII. Professional cooperation

7.1. The psychologist, leading a professional discussion, is not guilty of discrediting colleagues of any other profession, such as vikoristovyy ti sami abo іnshі science methods, wіn mіnavіvіvatіyu povagu to science schools and tense. The psychologist appreciates the professional competence, the high culture and knowledge, the presentation of the presentation to the representative and representative of the higher professions. As a matter of fact, a psychologist has the ability to show unscientific chi unprofessional professions and colleagues, that is guilty of taking the direction of the situation. In times of failure, the psychologist can act with an objective, criticized robot criticism of psychological drinks and quiet hardships, as long as the criticism of a member of the Partnership is subtle, ahead of time, I have the right to Maybe for the sake of expressing unjust evaluations of criticism.

7.2. The psychologist can’t stumble on the manpulative method for healthy propriety and adherence to a private club, he is not guilty of becoming a monopolist at his own galuz. For results in theoretical and practical psychology of winnings, information, psychology, and more, go on and on for one hour of your professional activities.

7.3. There are specific, specific requirements, consultations and questions for people, a psychologist who knows how to know, technical assistance for the benefit of those who are interested in contacting them. Психолог бере відповідальність за клієнта, лише переконавшись, що той не має клієнтурних стосунків з іншими психологами.

7.4. Психолог забезпечує персонал адекватною інформацією про клієнтів, які користуються його послугами, передає у розпорядження колег тільки надійні й валідизовані психологічні методи, технічний інструментарій і відкриття. Всі професійні взаємовідносини будуються на основі Закону про авторські права.

7.5. У вирішенні спірних питань психолог керується положенням даного Етичного кодексу. Арбітром може бути Комісія з етики товариства психологів України.

7.6. За порушення чинного законодавства, Статуту Товариства психологів та Етичного кодексу на психолога можуть бути накладені Комісією з етики такі стягнення: попередження; догана; виключення з членів Товариства.

У разі виявлення порушень психологами, які не є членами Товариства, Комісія з етики звертається до інших громадських організацій чи державних установ з тим, щоб вони вжили необхідних заходів до винного.

7.7. Рішення Комісії з етики може бути скасоване Президією або З'їздом Товариства психологів [1, с.1-4].
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Характеристика розділів етичного кодексу психолога

    НЕ 2.2. Етичні стандарти у роботі психолога План: 1. Поняття етичного стандарту. 2 Етичні стандарти психолога, прийняті Американською психологічною асоціацією у січні 1963 року. 3. Етичні стандарти для психолога, прийняті у Мадриді, Іспанія. 4. Порівняльна характеристика «європейських» та «американських» стандартів. 5. Проблема впровадження подібного роду стандартів психолога в
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  3. Т.А.Колтунович. Етичний кодекс психолога, 2007
    У виданні висвітлено основні етичні проблеми, їх рівні, принципи, протиріччя, зваби, які трапляються у роботі психолога, подано зразки етичних стандартів, норм, правил та кодексів інших країн, етичний кодекс психолога, прийнятий Товариством психологів України. Навчальний матеріал викладено за модульним принципом. Посібник призначений для студентів вищих навчальних закладів спеціальності
  4. . Етичний кодекс психолога, 2011
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    НЕ 2.1. Основні етичні проблеми та «зваби» у практичній та науково-дослідницькій діяльності психолога План: 1. Етичні проблеми типу «психолог-клієнт», «психолог-колеги», «психолог-адміністрація/адміністратори». 2. Основні етичні «зваби» практичної психології. 3. Етичні проблеми у науково-дослідницькій діяльності психолога. Домашнє завдання: Охарактеризуйте «синдром емоційного
  6. Етичний кодекс психолога-діагноста
    Етичний кодекс психолога-діагноста [8] прийнятий з метою попередження неправильного використання психологічних тестів, опитувальників та інших методик. Спрямований на дотримання ряду застережень, що стосуються самих методик, їх оцінок, наступного використання результатів. Основні етичні проблеми, пов'язані з галуззю психодіагностики: 1) Рівень кваліфікації людей, які використовують
    Пояснювальна записка Сучасний рівень психологічної науки і практики, така, що зростає міра їх впливу на соціальні та економічні процеси, вимагають спеціального регламентування дій психологів, як у процесі дослідницької, консультативної, профілактичної роботи, так і в ході реалізації їх рекомендацій. Неправильні дії психологів можуть не покращити, а навпаки, погіршити психологічний клімат в
  8. НЕ 2.3. Етичний кодекс психолога
    НЕ 2.3. Етичний кодекс
  10. НЕ 1.1. Вступ до курсу «Етичний кодекс психолога»
    НЕ 1.1. Вступ до курсу «Етичний кодекс
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    У процесі спілкування дитини з дорослими й однолітками, її участі у колективних формах діяльності у неї формується емоційна складова спрямованості на інших людей (Котирло В. К.), такі соціально цінні якості особистості, як чуйність, уважність, запопадливість. При цьому важливе значення має емоційний зміст спілкування дошкільника з оточуючими. Виникають не просто окремі вміння розуміти
  12. Порівняння етичних кодексів психолога різних країн та асоціацій
    Проаналізувавши етичні кодекси різних країн та асоціацій, можна виділити такі позиції: 1) Моральні якості самого психолога. В етичних кодексах згадуються моральні якості психологів, але їх перелік невеликий і варіюється в залежності від країни. Наприклад, часто зустрічаються такі критерії, як добросовісність, відповідальність, терплячість, чесність, співнереживання і співчуття. При цьому
  13. Головний етичний орієнтир психолога
    Можна приблизно так сформулювати головний етичний орієнтир не тільки для особистості, що самовизначається, але й для психолога, який прагне надати їй допомогу в цьому – це культивування права кожного на побудову свого неповторного образу щастя, але права, яке не обмежує таких самих прав інших людей [2, c.324-325]. Слід зазначити, що в багатьох етичних кодексах і статутах підкреслюється
  14. Історія становлення етичних кодексів психолога у світі та в Україні
    Як ми вже зазначали, діяльність психолога-професіонала пов'язана з так званим «людським фактором», тому вона вимагає слідувати певним нормам, які регламентують у першу чергу взаємостосунки з клієнтами та колегами, своєрідному «кодексу честі» професіонала. Від того, як побудує свою роботу психолог, залежать долі його клієнтів. Тому він особливо відповідальний у виборі моральної позиції, принципів,
  15. Этический кодекс (этические нормы) психолога-консультанта
    1. Общие нормы 1.1. Границы компетентности (а) Психологи-консультанты занимаются профессиональной деятельностью только в границах своей компетентности, которая определяется образованием, формами повышения квалификации и соответствующим профессиональным опытом. (в) Психологи-консультанты осуществляют профессиональную деятельность в новых областях или используют новые методики только после
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