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1. Psychologists constantly improve their knowledge of the new science of achievement in the galaxy of practical activities, take up the task of quietly entering into the sphere of competence. At times of infirmity, psychologists pass on to one of our more advanced fakhivtsi people, but to help people, I’ve turned around for the help, make contact with professionals, I can adequately help you.

2. Psychologists do not stagnate methods and procedures that have not been tested by the central authorities of the Association of Psychologists of Ukraine. In quiet hardships, if there are more psychological methods to do more testing (with the permission of the control authorities of the Partnership), psychologists conduct an experiment with an additional contingent of additional information, and continue to learn about the most advanced methodology.

The psychologist publishes his or her best wishes, as if he himself was reprimanded by him himself anyhow to take the lead in the introduction; Publishing is inadmissible through special, material training, lack of training, non-qualified methods, and a psychologist cannot completely practical robots, without having to properly qualify them.

4. The psychologist pragne to adequate knowledge about their own indivisibility and particularity and visibility between the most powerful abilities. Particular psychological problems (yak negatively pour on the visibility of the visions) can be an indicator of professional unprincipledness and may have a slightest glimpse that you can become a psychologist.
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    Observe all fonts and indents! Subtract carefully! ZMIST Entry 4 Rozdil I. The phenomenon of attraction in the context of the problems of psychological community 8 1.1. Communicative aspect of the act of transmission and information 9 1.1.1. Verbal Communication 9 1.1.2. Non-verbal communication 11 1.2. Interactive component of communication 12 1.3. Perceptual aspect of the community 14 Visnova 15
  2. Methods of psychological training
    Clear psychological training and effective development of knowledge will help to improve our understanding of the potential for better training and psychological training. Behind the character of zosvuvannya thrush on the psyche of vіyskovosluzhbovtsіv stink podilyayutsya on verbal, practical and emotion-volovo
  3. Verbal Methods
    To verbal methods to follow: reconcile, navigate, psychological counseling. The main goal is to make sure that you correctly identify the necessary needs of the psychic team and the psychological team and the team. Reconfiguration - one of the main methods of psychological preparation, a kind of safety is the effectiveness of the most recent methods, and also lies in the basis of that
  4. Subject, function and discipline
    The discipline “The Codex of Psychology” is intended for the students of the specialty “Psychology”, “Practical Psychology”, “Social Psychology”, and “Pedagogical Psychology”. All of the discipline is new, as it was formed on the basis of psychology, ethics, jurisprudence. The code of ethics of the psychologist is discipline, spelled out on the basis of basic norms, rules and values, which are guilty of pre-trial
  5. Ethical Psychologist Standards
    Good standard for a psychologist’s robot is to follow the ethical principles of the psychologist and to seek to achieve the rights and freedoms of people, achieve human and social goals (prosperous, healthy, high-quality and healthy life). d.). In Ukraine, it’s quite a bit dumb, with the familiarity of ethical standards of a psychologist. To that given
  6. Ethical principle at the robot psychologist
    Nowadays the science of practice and practice is growing in the social and economic processes to process special psychology, as in the case of up-to-date robots, so in the case of realizing recommendations. Predivishennaya effektivnosti robots psikhologіv at iznyh galuzah, vyklyuchennya vipadkіv discrediting psychology і vimagayut introduced into practice ethical principles and rules of robot
  7. Basic ethical norms and vimogy to the specialty of a psychologist
    The special features of the special psychological psychologist are important for the students. There were a few of them, like getting involved in robots, having that same moral component, and more than that, looking at the dignity of special features. Speak inexplicably, that all special features are free with these fumes, fragments are important, those that have special features, some are deeply rooted in people, they were hoarse and barked
    1. A psychologist, leading a professional discussion, is not guilty of discrediting colleagues of any other profession, such as vikoristovyy ti sami abo іnshі naukovі methods, vin many vyavlyati povagu to science schools and tense. The psychologist appreciates the professional competence, the high culture and knowledge, the presentation of the presentation to the representative and representative of the higher professions. Yakshcho the psychologist to show nenaukіst chi
  9. Nonparametric social measurement
    The special features of nonparametric social metering are to be won by the fact that I won’t be able to vibrate be-yak. Appear specific criteria for nutrition. Bazhano, schob vin buv of a formal nature (for the end of the song singing zavdannya). Dermatologic skin is affected by thoughts on analyzing health and competence of skin warheads and designation
  10. Vizer V.A .. Lectures on therapy, 2011
    On the subject - almost completely cover the difficulties in the course of hospital therapy, the issues of diagnosis, treatment, as stated, are concise and quite affordable. Allergic lung diseases Joint diseases Reiter's disease Sjogren's disease Bronchial asthma Bronchiectasis Hypertension Glomerulonephrosafasdit Esophageal hernia Destructive lung diseases
    In recent decades, a significant increase in the number. patients with allergic diseases of the bronchopulmonary apparatus. Allergic lung diseases include exogenous allergic alveolitis, pulmonary eosinophilia, and drug
    Exogenous allergic alveolitis (synonym: hypersensitive pneumonitis, interstitial granulomatous alveolitis) is a group of diseases caused by intensive and, more rarely, prolonged inhalation of antigens of organic and inorganic dusts and are characterized by diffuse, in contrast to pulmonary eosinophilia, lesions of the alveolar and interstitial structures of the lungs. The emergence of this group
    1. General measures aimed at disconnecting the patient from the source of antigen: compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements at the workplace, technological improvement of industrial and agricultural production, rational employment of patients. 2. Drug treatment. In the acute stage, prednisone 1 mg / kg per day for 1-3 days, followed by a dose reduction in
  14. Chronic Eosinophilic Pneumonia
    It differs from Leffler's syndrome in a longer (more than 4 weeks) and severe course up to severe intoxication, fever, weight loss, the appearance of pleural effusion with a high content of eosinophils (Lehr-Kindberg syndrome). The prolonged course of pulmonary eosinophilia, as a rule, is the result of under-examination of the patient in order to identify its cause. Besides the reasons
    This group of diseases can include bronchial asthma and diseases with a leading broncho-asthmatic syndrome, which are based on other etiological factors. These diseases include: 1. Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. 2. Tropical pulmonary eosinophilia. 3. Pulmonary eosinophilia with systemic manifestations. 4. Hyperoseosinophilic
    1. Respiratory diseases: A guide for doctors: In 4 volumes. Edited by N.R.Paleeva. T.4. - M .: Medicine. - 1990. - S. 22-39. 2. Silverstov V.P., Bakulin M.P. Allergic lung lesions // Klin.med. - 1987. - No. 12. - S.117-122. 3. Exogenous allergic alveolitis / Ed. A.G. Khomenko, St. Mueller, V. Schilling. - M.: Medicine, 1987. -
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