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1. Psychologists to inform science, teachers, students, I’m widespread about their duality of criticism on the basis of active, accurate data in such a way that they do not discredit the profession of a psychologist and psychology as a science and practice complex.

2. The psychologist is not wrong with public announcements for advertisements or self-advertisements. At the same time, in the presence of mass information, about the need for psychological services to the population, more than my name, address, phone number, professional qualification, science step, psychology, one year old. In the brochure you can’t talk about the sum of the fee, don’t give guarantees, don’t change the terms and the success and success of the offer, consultation, and expertise. A frenzy of Mayor’s information about a course, not an objec- tive, almost unambiguously reaching specific results.
The psychologist is guilty of taking part in the initial programs for the population to the brother, however, you have the right to rob yourself more than you think, so that you can turn on the sum of the methods and ineffective procedures.

3. Please the psychologist with the troubles of the mass information industry to submit to the provincial form, without sending in specific facts and situations, so as not to allow the bickering of the confidential information.

Strengthen your performance, manage your material, audiovisual, and that’s the most important publicity, in some instances you will be guided by an illustrative method of clichés of vipadas, guilty parties and identifiable individuals, groups of people. Techniques are published less than in forms, so I can help protect them from their valuables and their benefits.
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  1. The sound of ethics and psychology. The problem of morality in psychology
    The theoretical foundation of the discipline "Code of Psychology" is stored: philosophy, psychology, ethics, jurisprudence, axiology and business. Talk about middisciplinary sounds, then it’s clear that it’s bagatogranny. The discipline “The Code of Ethics of Psychologist” is based on various galleries of psychological, profound, social, social knowledge, and water clock and its own credentials.
    Propaganda of veterinary knowledge - a warehouse part of regional specialties of special veterinary medicine. Її carry out routinely through the method of systematic awareness of knowledge of animals, creatures of animal health, nutrition of veterinary medicine, and the safety of products and syrovini of creatures. The propaganda of veterinary knowledge is as follows: I’ll fall asleep, I’ll be drunk at the very beginning. Usna
  3. Pregnancy protection, anti-abortion propaganda
    Midwives in rural areas face the challenge of raising a negative attitude towards abortion in women as an operation that can cause a woman trauma, often involving gynecological and other diseases. In addition, for older women in the presence of Rh-negative blood, signs of infantilism, the importance of preserving the first
    Like any system of scientific knowledge, psychology can give the maximum benefit to the fleet if it becomes the property of most officers and foremen and is adopted by them. The path from the problems solved by theory to their mass application in practice is a difficult path that needs special guidance. Nowadays, when science becomes a productive force, when the rapid development of life
  5. The principle of qualified psychology propaganda
    -In any messages intended for people who do not have a psychological education, information about special diagnostic methods should be avoided. Information on such methods is possible only in messages for specialists. -In all messages, the psychologist must reflect the possibilities of practical psychology methods in accordance with the real situation. Should refrain from any
  6. History of Psychology
    Psychology of power paradox. As a science, there’s a water clock and an old man, and a young one. To the thought of Herman Ebіngauza (1850-1909), "Psychology of its own roots, today, science is short history." Ії problems tsikavili people from the most ancient times, at the same time Ії історія має nearly 100 rokiv. Naipersі documentary vidomosti schodo test penetration into the private souls to lay up to
    NOT 1.1. Entrance to the course “Code of Ethics for Psychologists” Plan: 1. Understanding a code of ethics for psychologists. Functions and discipline. 2. The sound of ethics and psychology. 3. The basic understanding of discipline. 4. History of the ethical code of psychologist at society in Ukraine. Home introduction: Recreate the number of disciplines of the Ethical Code of Psychology Literature: 1. Ethical
  8. The subject of psychology
    Psychology, as a science and science, has come from philosophy. Tsei vihid was placed at the XVII century. Know more about the psychology of science of differentiation, and at the result of that, a number of psychological sciences are assimilated. One of them is genetic psychology. Її subject є vivchennyya development of psychics tvarin і people. At his house, genetical psychology recognized the differentiation. There were some kind of galaxy psychology that were seen:
  9. Winery and development of psychological psychology
    Vіyskova psychology, as a galaxy of psychological science, developed and developed according to the specific features of the vіyskovo science, as it was an extreme character. Rosvitkovskiy vіyskіvy psychologії co-ordinated and tendencies of development and development, which is the first psychological psychology in our country. There are two main goals: a wiki and a development of a psychological psychology - pre-revolutionary
  10. Subject and Head of Psychology of Vіyskovo
    There are a lot of positive results of the laws of law and function of the psychics of the civil servants and those of the psychic team with the help of the most efficient vacancies of the psychological sciences, as well as more than 50 psychological studies. XX century Organized design of the psychological psychology of the new science, which has gained especially popularity
  11. Classification of methods of child psychology
    Psychological reports have psychological facts and mechanistic laws. The main peculiarity of the psychological fact is that those who need to become the internal people’s behavior, and the more accessible vivchennyu it is mediated (S. L. Rubinstein, G. S. Kostyuk, O. M. Leontyev, S. D. Maksimenko, A. V. Petrovsky). For example, ditya is experiencing a joy of the fact that the youngster painted:
    NOT 1.1. Entrance to the course "Code of Ethics of Psychologist" Plan: 1. The problem of ethics and ethics in psychology. 2. Understanding the “professional psychology of ethics”. 3. The main ethical standards and vimogi to the specialty of the psychologist. Literature: 1. The ethical code of the psychologist / Psychologist. - 2004. - No. 43 (139). - C.1-4 (tab). 2. Vachkov I.V. Introduction to the profession of "psychologist": Textbook. allowance / V.I.Vachkov,
  13. Subject and structure of child psychology
    Child of psychology є surrounded by a part of the old psychology, which is to become a self-dependent subject matter. This object is set by the team member of the indivisible life-style hat, which is generally accepted as childishness. At the beginning attendants and handcuffs with the name “Child of Psychology”, there is a clear understanding of understanding of childhood. So, at the inception team for authorship of G.O. Lyublinsky
  14. The head "ethical paradox" of psychology
    Nowadays, psychology is inevitable to learn more about the same thing on the same subject matter and method (methodological, traditionally є "full" of the main problems). By stretching out the remaining rocks at the psychologist’s sutta, he grew interested in the problems of “sub-activity” and “sub-activity” (Є.I. Isaev, V.I. Slobodchikov, A.V. Petrovsky). The very subject of psychology is becoming more and more involved with “sub-activity”. Can
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