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Normative references

References to the following regulatory documents are used in this standard:

STB 22.0.1-96 System of standards in the field of education. Key Points

STB ISO 9000-2000 Quality Management System. Fundamentals and vocabulary

OKRB 011-2001 Specialties and qualifications
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Normative references

  1. Normative references
    The Law of the Russian Federation "On Environmental Protection". 2. The law of the RSFSR "On the protection of atmospheric air". 3. Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of December 16, 1981 No. 1180 "On the standards of maximum permissible emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere and harmful physical effects on it." 4. Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 03.08.92 No. 545 "On
    1. GOST 12.0.003-80 SSBT. Dangerous and harmful production factors. Classification. 2. GOST 12.1.004-91 * SSBT. Fire safety. General requirements. 3. GOST 12.1.005-88 * SSBT. General hygiene requirements for air in the work area. 4. GOST 12.1.007-76 * SSBT. Harmful substances. Classification and general safety requirements. 5. GOST 12.1.010-76 * SSBT. Explosion proof.
    According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation "The Russian Federation - Russia is a democratic federal legal state with a republican form of government." The Constitution of the Russian Federation defines the following hierarchy of regulatory legal acts: 1. The Constitution of the Russian Federation. 2. Federal constitutional law. 3. Federal law 4. Decree
  4. Normative acts
    ¦ LEGISLATION OF MARRIAGE AND FAMILY Marriage. Under current law, marriage is possible only with the mutual consent of future spouses and their marriageable age. In the Russian Federation, marriage age is set at 18 years. The conclusion of marriage is carried out in the personal presence of persons entering into marriage, after one month from the date of their submission to
  5. Analysis of the provisions of the regulatory framework
    The training of reserve officers in military departments is regulated by the following regulatory documents: the Constitution of the Russian Federation, adopted by popular vote on December 12, 1993; Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Defense” dated May 31, 1996 No. 61-ФЗ; Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Military Duty and Military Service" dated March 28, 1998 No. 53-FZ;
  6. Technical normative legal acts in the field of sanitation and occupational health
    The country applies both its own technical regulatory legal acts and interstate ones. Interstate (regional) standards are applied in the Republic of Belarus, if their requirements do not contradict the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and are enforced as state standards in the manner prescribed for state standards. Interstate
  7. Legal Aspects of an Enterprise
    The Constitution of the Russian Federation proclaims the right of everyone to protection of health (Article 41.) and a favorable environment (Article 42.). The close relationship between veterinary, environmental legislation and legislation on the protection of health and environmental safety of citizens is absolutely obvious. An important factor in the implementation by citizens of the provisions of Art. 41, 42, 56 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation is the receipt of various types
  8. The evolution of regulatory support for healthcare in Russia until 1857
    The history of our country contains many examples of sufficiently high-quality approaches to the problems of regulatory support for the protection of public health. The well-known expression that history develops in a spiral is very appropriate in the context of the problem under consideration. By analyzing the historical period of time from the 10th century, one can find periods that are advantageously different in terms of legal
  9. The evolution of regulatory support for healthcare in Russia after 1857.
    A noticeable stage in the evolution of regulatory support for healthcare in Russia was the emergence in 1857 of the Medical Regulations. The specified legal document was the first and, as the subsequent history of the legal regulation of medical activity in Russia shows, the only example of a codified legal act dedicated to the regulation of health and
    In the Russian Federation, state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance is organized. This supervision is carried out by the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Russian Federation, which operates in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “On Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-Being of the Population”, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation in 1999. Heads the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service
  11. Normative approach to the study of human development
    One of the representatives of this approach, A. Gesell (1880-1961) received a pedagogical and medical education. For more than thirty years, he worked at the Yale Psychoclinic, on the basis of which the well-known Gesell Institute for Child Development was later created. There, to this day, the ontogenesis of the psyche is studied, clinical and pedagogical studies are conducted. Gesell's significant contribution to age
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