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Application area

This educational standard establishes the goals and objectives of a specialist’s professional activity, requirements for the level of training of a university graduate, requirements for the content of the educational program of the specialty 1–23.01.04 “Psychology” and its implementation, requirements for ensuring the educational process and the final state certification of a graduate.

The standard is used in the development of normative and methodological documents and educational program documents governing the educational process in higher education, as well as in assessing the quality of higher education in the specialty 1–23.01.04 “Psychology”.

The standard is mandatory for use in all institutions providing higher education (higher education institutions) in the specialty 1–23.01.04 “Psychology”, located on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, regardless of their affiliation and form of ownership.
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Application area

  1. Areas of use
    The uniqueness of each of us brings many benefits. For example, in any collective work or situation when there is a question of solving a particular problem, the more diverse the proposed ideas, the better. Each individual participant thus becomes an extremely important part of the process, and not just a “cog”. In a broader social context, the so-called “marginal”,
  2. Areas of application of the mnemonic intelligence card
    Most of the specific applications of mnemonic intelligence cards are described in the fifth section of this book, Intellect Card of the leading American video producer Denny Harris, devoted to a video program on the nature of memory (see above). * English Jacuzzi - the name of the device, designed in the 1950s and used for conducting water massage at home. gee in
    EHF-electromagnetic waves have quite widely entered into medical practice and have shown their effectiveness in treating a wide range of diseases, exerting a normalizing (restoring) effect on the basic mechanisms of development of general pathological processes that underlie any diseases. It is established that the therapeutic effect of EHF radiation is based on its ability to restore
  4. Collective Intelligence Cards
    The main areas of application of collective intelligence cards are as follows; • Joint creative projects. • Work with memory. • Group problem solving and analysis. • Group decision making. • Joint project management. • Group
  5. Definition of vr, main areas of application of the method, indications for use
    HRV is the natural change in the intervals between heart contractions (duration of cardiocycles) of the normal sinus rhythm of the heart. They are called NN intervals (Norman to Norman). The sequential series of cardio intervals is not a set of random numbers, but has a complex structure, which reflects the regulatory effect on the sinus node of the heart of the autonomic nervous system and various humoral
  6. Instruction No. 154.021.98 IP for the use of “Indicators for sterilization of single use IS-120, IS-132, IS-160, IS-180” for monitoring the parameters of the operating modes of steam and air sterilizers
    AGREED Director NIID Academician RAMS MG Shandala, 1/7/99. I APPROVE: A. A.A., Head of the Department of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision Monisov 07/18/99. control of the parameters of the modes (temperature, time) of the operation of steam and air sterilizers. The use of indicators makes it possible to detect non-compliance with the sterilization regime due to the technical malfunction of the sterilizers,
  7. Chart area and chart area.
    There are two elements that almost every Excel chart must have. This is the chart area and the chart area. This pair of elements serves as the supporting basis for all other elements of the diagrams, no matter how many there are, and forms the background of the diagram, on which everything else, from which this diagram consists, is built. The chart area and plot area are the same.
  8. Chart area.
    The chart area contains all the other elements of the chart and makes up the background on which, in fact, the chart is built. For an embedded chart, the chart area coincides with the boundaries of the object (the embedded chart is embedded as an OLE object). For a chart placed on a separate sheet, the chart area occupies the entire sheet. The size of the chart area is constant and does not change. Region
  9. Area Charts
    Area charts are a combination of chart and bar features, but only for continuous rows. An area chart is a chart in which part of the coordinate space below the line is colored with the color of the key to the legend, i.e., the color highlight of the series. It combines the ability to display the development of the process (graph) and compiling data in a stack (histogram), which
    br> Fig. 3. Areas of the horse’s body and areas of possible damage According to the purpose of this drawing, the horse’s body was conditionally divided into areas than to specific points. Head and neck: 1. The area of ​​the nostrils. 2. Mouth area 3. Chin area. 4. The dorsal nasal region. 5. The lateral nasal region. 6. The maxillary region. 7. Buccal region. 8. The mandibular region. 9.
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