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Registration of figures and tables

I already wrote that the figures and tables - are required. So urgently start to get acquainted with Excel and autoshapes in Word. We need to show that we are able to clothe the results of our research in visual form, and not just submit the text. Moreover, often the drawings and tables are then provided in the handouts for the commission during the defense, and it is for them (often not even according to your statement) that the commission will judge what we have done.

Remember: we have “pictures”, not “little girls”! Drawings are always signed below; make sure that everything related to the picture was depicted on it (i.e., you would not need to guess what you meant). The figures include graphs and charts.

The numbering of the figures is possible both sequential (i.e., you number all the pictures in a row, as they appeared in the text of the work), and according to the section number (i.e., a separate numbering for the pictures in the first section, a separate numbering in the second and d.)

Figures should not occupy more than half of the page, otherwise they are made in addition.

Only black-and-white drawings are possible in the text, although on protection, handouts (or posters that you post for commission) can be placed in color.

Sample pattern:

Picture 1.

Usesidnaya otsіnki retsipієnіtіv grupa komunіkatorіv profesionalіv that neprofesіonalіv


Please note: click here to do it below, all axes are signed, all columns are tied, on the side it is indicated which colors correspond to which groups of subjects.

Another sample of the picture is:

1. Cognitive health.

2. Aesthetic reaction.

3. Zvichna model behavior (rice temperament).

4. Strategy podolannya abo zakhisny mechanism.

Figure 1.2. Consider humor yak bagatovimіrnij psychologichesky phenomenon.

This picture is made as autoshapes in Word; rather, it is advisable to submit it in the theoretical part of the study.

For tables, the rules are similar: no more than half of the page, the numbering is separate (also either sequential, or for each section has its own). You can not transfer tables from one page to another! This is allowed only in applications, and I will write about it on page 25.

Tables are signed on top. Sample table:

Table 3.

Restored rozbіzhnosti mіzh ottsіnkami recipієntіv,

nadani group communist Pr + C – Org – Pr – C – Org –.

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Registration of figures and tables

  1. Tables Training Tables on Nerve Diseases, 2011
    These tables briefly reflect the types of sensitivity disorders, types of pain, parkinsonism, paresis, hyperkinesis, spinal cord lesions syndromes, ataxia, peripheral nerve lesions of the limbs, brain nerve lesions, autonomic nervous system, strokes, polyneuropathy, etc.
  2. Tables Tables on Nerve Diseases, 2011
    These tables briefly reflect the types of sensitivity disorders, types of pain, parkinsonism, paresis, hyperkinesis, spinal cord lesions syndromes, ataxia, peripheral nerve lesions of the limbs, brain nerve lesions, autonomic nervous system, strokes, polyneuropathy, etc.
  3. Picture perception
    The development of perception of a picture at preschool age occurs in three directions: first, the attitude to the picture changes as a display of reality, secondly, the ability to correctly relate the picture to reality develops, to see exactly what is depicted, and finally the interpretation of the picture is improved i.e. understanding of its content. Development of understanding of communication
  4. Analysis of drawings
    Figure of a man and a self-portrait of B-you. Drawings by L.M. The figure of a man in the form of a man speaks of difficulties with gender-role identity. The figure of a self-portrait in the form of a woman of the same size as a man’s, which indicates the lack of priority given to sex. Both figures have disproportionately large heads, which indicates the subject's immaturity. The presence of symmetrical lines in figures speak of
  5. The content of children's drawings
    The dynamics of the development of the content of children's drawings. Pictures of children from different countries are full of "cephalopods", houses, trees, flowers and cars. Children borrow this content from adults who offer some graphic samples when the child begins to draw with enthusiasm scribbles. The child’s drawing of a person is certainly determined not so much by his focus on his own kind,
  6. Look out loud: how to talk about your drawings to others?
    “Everything that I know about business, I learned when I shared my ideas with people.” - Dan Roem Many speakers are accustomed to presenting their ideas in the form of bulleted lists. But since the audience begins to fall asleep at the sight of a large number of bulleted lists, it is much more effective to convey ideas to the audience using pictures. But drawing a good drawing is not enough - it’s important
  7. Insert pictures and symbols
    It is better to use many symbols or graphic tools directly while writing key concepts. Additional values ​​or estimates can be added to the mind map secondarily. Introduce additional coding Recall an example with an autumn break. The main branches started from the middle of the days of the week. Build a map in the same manner, placing everything in
  8. Drawings to solve business problems: how to draw?
    It is much more important to take the first step and at least draw something on the sheet than to think long and hard about it. You can start with a circle, and then assign a name to it. Even minimal visualization animates objects and makes them more memorable. “Who / what” portrait • The simpler the better - wire the idea. • Revive lists of thumbnails. • Add a title, names and titles to
  9. Bayer O. V .. Frequently Asked Questions registration of diplomas and coursework, 2012
    Manual for writing any work (coursework, doctoral, report) on psychology. In Ukrainian questions. Cover design course. Cover design diploma. The procedure for filing documents for the diploma. Abstract (only for diplomas). Abstract (only for diplomas). The overall design of the text. Sample Plan. Read more about the introduction. About the theoretical review. Design drawings and
  10. Data table
    The table represents a copy of the selected range, placed on the chart and located there under the construction area. The choice (to place or not to place the table on the chart) is made in the parameters window of the table in the third step of the “Chart Wizard”. The size of the table should not suppress the diagram, since for placing the table of values ​​the program reduces the construction area and, therefore, the size of
  11. Application design
    Applications (add-ons) are numbered in large letters of the Ukrainian alphabet (and we write: add-on A, add-on B, etc.). When in the text you refer to the application, you do this in parentheses, for example: (div. Dod. A, page 54). The application necessarily bears the name: that is, we write “dodatok A”, and below what it is, for example: Dodatok A. The questionnaire is fixed for the link of singers
  12. Making a diagnosis
    Formulation of a clinical diagnosis Certain difficulties present situations of unexpected death, when there is no information about the patient’s condition before the catastrophe. In these cases, myocardial infarction, pulmonary thromboembolism, rarely stroke, and SCD (Table 1) are possible. Table 1 Clinical Diagnosis Design Examples Diagnosis ICD Code Sudden Cardiac
  13. Stage 2. Filling the table "The main directions of feminism"
    In the future, students are divided into three groups. Each group is offered a text describing one of the types of the feminist movement (see Appendix 2). Students familiarize themselves with the text and find in it the information necessary to fill in the corresponding line in the table “Main directions of feminism”. After completing work on microgroups, students report the information found. The outcome of this
  14. Work with Andreev — Schulte tables
    We remind you that the concept of "Ultra Rapid" means "ultrafast reading." We draw your attention to the fact that we set the task not only and, maybe, not so much increase the speed of reading. The main thing is attention training. Each of our classes brings certain achievements in improving the mechanisms for managing their attention. In the sixth conversation, we start working with Andreev-Schulte tables
  15. TABLES
    Signs of maturity of the newborn (size and weight - average data) 1. Length 50 cm (48–54 cm) 2. Weight 3000–3500 g 3. Head circumference: 32 34.5 cm (according to the direct size). 4. Head dimensions: 1) straight 12 cm 2) large oblique 13.5 cm 3) small »9.5 cm 4) small transverse 8 cm 5) large» 9.2-10 cm 5. Width of the hanger is 11-12 cm 6. The distance between the spits of the femur 9-10
  16. Tables Skin and sexually transmitted diseases, 2011
    The description of the diseases throughout the course of the LAB in the tables: etiology, classification, symptoms,
  17. Normal Size and Weight Tables
    To judge at the opening of a change in the volume or size of an organ, it is necessary to know the size of normal organs. Since the magnitude of normal organs is highly variable, various authors provide various information. In the following tables, A.I. Abrikosov, the size and weight of normal organs are borrowed from various sources and can only be indicative. We have personal experience only in
  18. Major indicators and tables
    Some hemodynamic and external respiration indicators in children Weight is calculated approximately: Age <9 years: weight (kg) = (2 x ascended) + 9 Age> 9 years: weight (kg) = 3 x asm. Surface area m2 = \ (height, cm x weight, kg / 3600) Growth at 6 months. = 66 cm When determining height to 6 months. for each missing month (up to 6 months), 2.5 cm is deducted, For example: Growth from 1 to 6 months. = 66 -
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