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Workspace organization

The material and technical equipment of the workplace involves equipping the cabinet with furniture and technical means.

Technical equipment of the office. A specialist’s workplace is inconceivable without appropriate technical equipment, which allows saving and maximizing the use of working time. The psychologist needs technical tools to conduct classes with children, process and systematize the results of examinations, create a psychological data bank, carefully prepare for diagnostic and correctional development work, etc. Based on this, the psychologist must have in his office:

* office equipment - computer, printer, copier, scanner;

* video recording and video playback system with a set of videos and slides;

* A sound recording and reproduction system with a set of sound recordings.

Such modern technical equipment will allow the pedagogue-psychologist not only to carry out work in all areas of activity and high-quality preparation for various forms of work, but also to use the creative potential of technical means in the work (using the means of theatrical dramaturgy, shooting psychological subjects, issuing a psychological newspaper, etc.).

Furniture in the office of the psychologist. Comfortable and functional furniture, reasonably selected and arranged, is an integral part of the interior of the psychological room.
Furniture is best selected with rounded shapes and set (in the context of the overall plastic composition) along smooth curves. Options and the number of furniture directly depends on the size of the premises, their number (one, two or more rooms), the prevailing tasks of the psychologist. But minimally to equip the work of a psychologist, you must have:

1. Desktop psychologist.

2. Computer desk.

3. Table for office equipment.

4. Cabinets for manuals, documentation

5. A curbstone for the TV, the VCR, the musical center.

6. Children's jobs (the number depends on the size of the room and the specifics of the work carried out by the psychologist).

7. Coffee table.

8. Armchairs (2-5 small, semi-soft, comfortable armchairs or a sofa and 1-2 armchairs);

9. Chairs.

Due to the limited area and the multifunctionality of the psychologist’s office, it is very important to provide him with such furniture that could be used for different purposes, easily move, freeing the necessary parts of the room for various classes. In the psychologist’s office, it’s also advisable to use light screens and sliding room partitions, which make it easy to modify the office space in accordance with the goals and objectives of the psychologist’s work.
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Workspace organization

  1. Organization of space in the psychologist’s office
    The space of the office should be organized in accordance with the specifics of the professional activity of the psychologist. Based on this, it is recommended to divide the cabinet into several working areas with different functional loads. The following zones can be distinguished: * zone of initial reception and conversations with the client * zone of advisory work * zone of diagnostic work * zone
  2. Workplace equipment. Service jobs. Principles Regulations
    A workplace is a set of tasks, functions and responsibilities performed by a specialist to carry out his position in the organization. Organization of the workplace - a set of measures to equip the workplace with tools and objects of labor and their placement in a certain order. Work area - part of the workplace space limited by the extreme reach points of the arms and legs
  3. Intracellular space
    In the intracellular fluid medium, diverse metabolic processes occur. The intracellular part of the water is calculated by the formula: Intracellular space (l) = = total body water (l) - extracellular space (l). It should be taken into account that the total composition of individual cells varies somewhat. In this regard, the intracellular space is considered simplified. Its value for men
  4. Give space!
    The second psychological complex of mine syndrome is the feeling of "mastering the space" that is left behind. The feeling of victory over him, over Chechnya. The avalanche of horsemen in the past centuries appropriated, of course, not only the space of the earth. Unkilled enemies became alien subjects or slaves. Domaso with all the comfort, not yet plundered by the horde, is already her property. The same feeling of appropriation of space
  5. Ventilation dead space
    Anatomical dead space is a part of the respiratory system in which there is no significant gas exchange. Anatomical dead space consists of airways, namely the nasopharynx, trachea, bronchi and bronchioles until their transition into the alveoli. The volume of air filling them is called the volume of dead space (VD). The amount of dead space is a variable
  6. Workplace of a practical psychologist
    The successful practical work of a psychologist is facilitated by the organization of his workplace. In solving this issue, he himself should be quite active. The psychologist must have a separate office. However, this does not mean that he will spend most of his working time in it. It is necessary often enough to contact people at their workplaces, to be a full member of the team and
  7. Food for industrial workers
    The mechanization and automation of labor processes, as well as reducing the length of the working day and working week, greatly facilitated the work of industrial workers and reduced their energy costs. Recommended intake of energy, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins by industrial workers is presented above (see chapter 1). Modern catering for industrial workers
  8. Extracellular space
    It includes fluid from the circulatory and lymphatic vascular systems, as well as interstitial and intercellular water. The extracellular fluid serves as an intermediary between the outside world and the cells. Cells exist in the extracellular space (Claude Bernard). Extracellular space as a vital environment of cells is of great importance ("fluid washing
  9. Orientation development in space and time
    Orientation in space. A child already in early childhood masters the ability to take into account the spatial arrangement of objects. However, it does not separate the directions of space and spatial relations between objects from the objects themselves. The formation of ideas about objects and their properties occurs earlier than the formation of ideas about space, and serves as their basis; /
  10. Reality of social space
    Social space should be called the entire material and spiritual side of human being, along with communication, human activities and the system of rights and obligations. This would include all the realities of human existence. However, we will single out and specifically consider the independent realities of the objective world, figuratively-sign systems and nature, which is completely legitimate.
  11. Living space
    If the fingers of several people fall into the fire, the first thing we do is save our own. Masai Proverb Most of the good intentions of the group to improve the situation and develop a systematic approach are based on three well-established types of thinking. Firstly, team members cannot get away from the deep conviction that “if someone gets more, then I will get less”, and this
    • Measure blood pressure before starting the procedure. Start pre-infusion with crystalloid solutions, if the woman in labor for a long time is in labor in conditions of limited intake of fluids, the rate can be increased. • Lay the woman in labor on her side or give a sitting position. After processing and delimiting the surgical field, conduct local anesthesia of the puncture site. • The standard way of verifying epidural
  13. Certification of jobs by working conditions
    Certification is carried out in accordance with the Procedure for certification of workplaces under working conditions, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of August 2, 1995 No. 409 (subject to additions and amendments made by the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of December 14, 1998 No. 1911) and the Methodology certification of workplaces on working conditions.
  14. Food for agricultural workers
    Equipping agriculture with modern technology, progressive methods of conducting it, based on the widespread use of modern achievements of science and technology, have changed the nature of labor in agriculture, turning it from heavy manual labor to machine labor, mechanized. The proportion of mechanization of agricultural work is increasing every year, covering more and more
    Bleeding from vessels of the pre-sacral space, especially the branches of the median sacral artery, can be profuse and difficult to stop. This is especially true when the branches of damaged vessels, contracting, are drawn into the openings of the sacral bone. The surgeon may fall into despair from unsuccessful attempts to stop the bleeding by electrocoagulation, suturing, grabbing
  16. Puncture and catheterization of the epidural space
    Indications: severe pain syndrome, surgical interventions, ensuring postoperative analgesia. The level of formulation of the epidural block depends on which organ needs to be anesthetized. Table No. 1 shows examples of “target organs” with epidural puncture. Table 1 Levels of the spinal column and “target organs” during epidural anesthesia Instrumentation: needles for
  17. Fairy tales. Working with parallel space
    One of the methods of working with parallel space is fairy tales. Any problem in a fairy tale can easily be described and solved - and you will be surprised how quickly, solved in parallel space, it solves itself both in RMB and in reality. Compose your own fairy tale, or pick our magic one, and lose, live it, as if you yourself composed everything, or change the plot to the desired
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