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Features of the behavior during the consultation of a good and bad counseling psychologist

Good counseling psychologist

-Tries to help the client in achieving their own goals

- Offers the client various ways of behavior and, if necessary, calls the client specific actions that should be performed

- Understands and is able to accept and recognize as correct any point of view on the problem, practically act in accordance with it

- Understands, accepts and practically works within different theories.

-Well sees and appreciates the potential usefulness of many alternative psychotherapeutic approaches

- Recognizes his own limitations. I agree to work under the supervision of a more experienced psychologist-consultant. Shares his experience with other consultant psychologists and is ready to take advantage of their experience

- Recognizes how his own actions affect the client and how client behavior in turn affects him

-Follows the feelings and thoughts of the client, does not ask him unnecessary questions during the confession

- Able to respond quite flexibly to a wide range of situations and problems that arise during the consultation process

- Honestly and with due respect to the client

-Keeps secret everything related to the client, his problems and personal life, and be sure to ask the client for permission if there is a need to inform anyone about it.

Bad counseling psychologist

-Tries to impose their own goals on the client, ignoring the client’s desire

-Offers to the client only different ways of behavior, actually refusing to give him specific advice and recommendations, even if the client asks for it

-It is limited in its thinking by only one single point of view, is not able to understand and recognize the points of view of others

-Can practically work only within one single theory or one psychotherapeutic approach.

-Other theories and approaches are perceived as not true

-Acts without awareness of the limitations of their own capabilities.

- Refuses to work under the supervision of other psychologists-consultants.
He does not like to share secrets and professional experience with other consultant psychologists, does not use their experience in his work

-Does not realize his influence on the client and the customer’s feedback on himself

-Pays great attention to issues that are not directly related to the client’s business. In turn, it can ignore issues of concern to the client.

-There are situations for which the psychologist-consultant cannot select an adequate reaction or answers the same, uniform, uniform, inflexible reaction to them

-Does not respect the client, can talk with him in an insulting tone -Without the permission of the client, he discusses his problem and what concerns him personally with strangers.
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Features of the behavior during the consultation of a good and bad counseling psychologist

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    1. General rules 1.1. Boundaries of competence (a) Consulting psychologists are engaged in professional activities only within the boundaries of their competence, which is determined by education, advanced training forms and relevant professional experience. (c) Consulting psychologists carry out professional activities in new areas or use new techniques only after
  14. Qualities that a psychologist-consultant should possess and which he should show in communication with clients.
    1. The tendency to empathy, empathy, sympathy. This ability is understood as the ability to penetrate deeply psychologically into the inner world of another person - the client, to understand him, to see what is happening from his own position, to perceive the world through his eyes, to accept his point of view as valid and correct. 2. Openness. Trying to understand the client, to penetrate his inner world,
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