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1. A psychologist, leading a professional discussion, is not guilty of discrediting colleagues of any other profession, such as vikoristovyy ti sami abo іnshі naukovі methods, vin many vyavlyati povagu to science schools and tense. The psychologist appreciates the professional competence, the high culture and knowledge, the presentation of the presentation to the representative and representative of the higher professions. As a matter of fact, a psychologist has a manifestation of unscientific chi, which is unnatural in professional professions, he is guilty of taking the direction of the situation. At times unsuccessful, a psychologist can act with an objectively, criticized, robotic colleague in psychological alcoholism. At quiet hips, if a critic criticizes a member of the Partnership to appear sub-active, advanced, you have the right to curse yourself before the comic book, the bows can be used for the sake of inciting unjust evaluations of criticism.

2. The psychologist is not in a position to commit manpulative methods for the health of preferences and adherence to a private club, is not guilty of becoming a monopolist in his own galaxy. For the results achieved in theoretical and practical psychology of winnings, information, psychology and social awareness, continue to work for one hour of your professional careers.

3. The specific, detailed, consultative, and personal advice of the people, the psychologist who knows how to know, the technical and administrative support for the benefit of those who need to be contacted, earlier.
The psychologist takes care of the client for less, having lost contact, but that is not the least possible student with the psychologists.

4. The psychologist will ensure that the staff is adequately informed about the client’s experience, that they are loyal to their servants, that they’ve passed on to the employees of the higher educational institutions, psychological methods, technical tools. All professionals will be based on the Copyright Law.

5. At the virіshannі spіrnih nutrition, the psychologist swears by the provisions of this Code of Ethics. Arbіtrom mozhe buti Komisіya zetiki Commodities psychologists of Ukraine.

6. For the violation of the law, the Statute of the Partnership of Psychologist and the Code of Ethics for a psychologist may be subject to the following amendments:

- alternating;

- caught up;

- inclusion with members of the Partnership.

At times, there was a downfall by psychologists, who were not є members of the Partnership, and the Commission of Zetics who would be bent to the last big organizations, so that we could establish that the stench had made the necessary visits to the wine.

7. Rishennya Komisisii zetiki Mozhe buti skasovane Prezidіyu abo Z'іzdom Partnership psychologіv.
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  1. Professional code of ethics for psychologist
    (Bonn, FRN, 1986 p.) [2, pp. 148-153] Danish code three times vidrіznyєtyad vіd similar texts, on the side of the kind Е Ethical principles of a psychologist ’, published by the American psychiatric society: all of them revenge is not only an ethical principle, but an interpretation of certain legislative provisions, as well as psychology. Zokrem, the law on pharmacology
  2. Form of battery test with professional test
    A test battery is a complete group of tests (subtests), one in one psychodiagnostic technique and one on the other side of the folding psychodiagnostic construct. The following tests can be used with this method: Apartment tests - this is the type of methodology that can be used to register the special property for the building of the property and the restoration of the prior documents
  3. Trudova dyalyal'st preschooler yak peredumova professional self-appointed
    At the preschool, there are some nice things to think out for the form of the child, the need for inclusion in the pratsu of the overgrown bristles, for the compilation of the cob of labor and the skill. For overpriced life, the important task is to reiterate my peace, by the way, the ability to provide the most efficient development in the work of labor. Those who schiko wiklik in positive
    NOT 2.2. Ethical standards in a robot psychologist Plan: 1. Understanding an ethical standard. 2 Ethical standards of a psychologist, adopt the American Psychological Association of Society in 1963 fate. 3. Ethical standards for a psychologist, adopted by Madrid, Spain. 4. The characteristic of the "European" and the "American" standards is alternate. 5. The problem is that of a similar kind of standard psychologist in
  5. Subject, function and discipline
    The discipline “The Codex of Psychology” is intended for the students of the specialty “Psychology”, “Practical Psychology”, “Social Psychology”, and “Pedagogical Psychology”. All of the discipline is new, as it was formed on the basis of psychology, ethics, jurisprudence. The code of ethics of the psychologist is discipline, spelled out on the basis of basic norms, rules and values, which are guilty of pre-trial
  6. Ethical principle at the robot psychologist
    Nowadays the science of practice and practice is growing in the social and economic processes to process special psychology, as in the process of up-to-date work, so in the case of realizing recommendations. Predivishennaya effektivnosti robots psikhologіv at iznyh galuzah, vyklyuchennya vipadkіv discrediting psychology і vimagayut introduced into practice ethical principles and rules of robot
  7. Zavdannya і zmіst psychological vіdboru
    Psychological vidbir and psychophysiologic circumstance At a range of vidiisko-professional vidbor to fail a complex of visits, which is direct on establishment of vidpostivnost of social, psychological and psychosocial factors Vin daє mozhlivost ymovіrno otsіniti otpromzhnіst people people to sing the song vіyskova special_nality,
  8. Part of the ethical codes of the psychologist of the Russian Academy of Arts and Social Sciences
    Having analyzed the ethical codes of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Association, you can see the following positions: 1) Morality of the psychologist himself. In ethical codes, moral psychology is predicted, ale is small and varied and varied in deposits in the country. For example, often such criteria are used, such as good faith, good practice, tolerance, honesty, trustworthiness and trustworthiness. When tsomu
  9. Directness of specialties and specialties to public servants
    Provіdna psіchіna power authority features - straightforwardness. Hidden features - the whole system is spontaneous and valuable; 230]. Moreover, fall into the situation, the system can be better and better. In general, visually
    1. The psychologist of goiter’s commitments wants to confer with everyone who wants to pay attention to the client, who has a special life and life. Vignettes become vypadka, if there are symptoms that are not unsuccessful for the client and those of you, and the psychologist of goiters and acquaintances is quiet to inform you that I can help you qualify. Confidence can not be reached, as a matter of fact, please ask
  11. History of the establishment of ethical codes of psychologist in society in Ukraine
    I’m only meant that the psychologist’s profession is due to the so-called “human factor”, that’s why you must follow the singing standards, so that you can regulate the first drawer from the first couple of cards and your honest code. In addition, I will prompt my psychologist to work, to lie down for a long time. The reason for this is especially high at the vibration of moral position, principles,
  12. Criteria of psychological vidbora special services, yakі primenachayutsya to battle chervuvannya
    The effectiveness of the consecration of the battle clergyman at a significant step in the profession психолог professional-psychological psychologist is special, they are designated before the battle crawler. The layering of the profession є the formation of professors, who can share the following: 1) mental power: orientation, temperament, character, inclinations. Absolutely before the fall of battle chervugannya, turn around in reality
  13. Module - control (pidsumkovy)
    Module 1 1. Describe the significance, function, and purpose of the discipline "Code of Ethics of Psychologist." Give a description of the basic concepts of discipline. 2. Give a clear understanding of “professional psychology ethics”. Describe the basic norms and vimogi, which a psychologist needs to be more comfortable with in professional dіyalnostі. 3. Discard the discipline’s intermediate discourse. Chi can talk about
    1. Psychologists to inform science, teachers, students, I’m widespread about their duality of criticism on the basis of active, accurate data in such a way that they do not discredit the profession of a psychologist and psychology as a science and practice complex. 2. The psychologist is not wrong with public announcements for advertisements or self-advertisements. Together with the troubles of the mass information ogoloshenny about nadannya psychological services
    Boyova pіdgotovka predstavlyaє him system zahodіv schodo navchannya i vihovannya vіyskovosluzhbovtsіv, SSMSC conductive of metoyu ovolodіnnya vіyskovosluzhbovtsyami zagalnimi that vіyskovo-profesіynimi knowledge navichkami i vmіnnyami, formuvannya their moral psihіchnih that boyovih yakostey, SSMSC neobhіdnі for zabezpechennya visokoї boyovoї gotovnostі vіysk to nadіynogo vikonannya zavdan schodo zahistu
  16. Ethical Psychologist Standards
    Good standard for a psychologist’s robot is to follow the ethical principles of a psychologist and to seek to achieve human rights and freedoms of people, achieve human and social goals (prosperous, healthy, high-quality and healthy life). d.). In Ukraine, it’s quite a bit dumb, with the familiarity of ethical standards of a psychologist. To that given
  17. Pedagogical spіlkuvannya
    Vidomo, whos all the pedagogical conception of pedagogy (pedagogy is sprivrobnitstva, humane pedagogy, especially pedagogy is specially oriented) V.G. Flint is the sign of the role of the teacher’s duty as follows: “Counseling with children is especially important for the novice,
    І varto again I’m going to pay a damn to I. Brekhman, who’s divided up the strategy and tactics of ensuring the health of all the people - the right is important, the great is the right one. You won’t be out of bed with medical medicine and health protection services, and you’ll have to get a bit of science and power. For example, for the rest of the fate of the zusillians of the Russian fakhivtsi at the galuzi professional zhvoryuvan, students of the Russian
    The problem of the problems of living with the Ukrainian forces will require more knowledge of the laws of the functions of the psychiatric service, the psychological and social opportunities of the private medical service. Profesional dyalnіst ofitser maє without a psychological and pedagogical character. Vid
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