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Prof. Ethics Psychologist

In the activities of any professional group, their own standards and rules of professional behavior are developed, which together form professional ethics. The professional activity of a psychologist requires the observance of special principles and rules of ethics.

1. The principle of professional competence.

2. The principle of non-damage to man.

3. The principle of scientific validity and objectivity.

4. The principle of respect for the client.

5. The principle of maintaining professional confidentiality.

The considered principles of the psychologist’s ethics characterize the most general provisions that he must take into account in his scientific, practical and pedagogical activities.
In the light of these principles, rules and norms of psychologists' behavior, standards of their professional activity are developed.

In recent years, psychologists in many countries have developed ethical standards for professional psychological activity.

At the same time, within the framework of certain types and areas of professional psychological work, there are also special ethical problems. Therefore, specific ethical principles that are important when conducting psychological research, psychodiagnostics, and psychological counseling are often considered.
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Prof. Ethics Psychologist

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