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Psychologists - scientists, psychologists, subtle, thoughtful observers, experts in human psychology, emotional experiences. The main task of a psychologist is to adapt a person to a normal life, to get rid of negative emotions, make him happy and cheerful, to inspire hope in a wonderful future.

The term "psychology" is derived from the Greek words "psyche" - soul and "logos" - science. The date of the emergence of psychology as a science is considered to be the opening of the first experimental laboratory in Leipzig in 1879.

Over time, various areas of psychological knowledge appeared and developed: psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud, the humanistic psychology of Abraham Maslow and Karl Rogers, the analytical psychology of Karl-Gustav Jung, behaviorism J.
Watson, Gestalt psychology and many, many others.

Currently, psychology covers almost all spheres of human life and activity, psychological knowledge is used in politics, economics, medicine, culture and art, in production and in education. And, of course, it will be useful and interesting for every person to learn more about themselves and other people.
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  1. Development psychology and developmental psychology in the works of Russian psychologists
    Developmental psychology and developmental psychology in domestic works
    NOT 2.2. Ethical standards in a robot psychologist Plan: 1. Understanding an ethical standard. 2 Ethical standards of a psychologist, adopt the American Psychological Association of Society in 1963 fate. 3. Ethical standards for a psychologist, adopted by Madrid, Spain. 4. The characteristic of the "European" and the "American" standards is alternate. 5. The problem is that of a similar kind of standard psychologist in
  3. Characteristics of developmental psychology, developmental psychology as a science
    Age psychology is a branch of psychological science that studies the facts and patterns of human development, the age dynamics of its psyche. The object of study of developmental psychology is a normal, healthy person developing and changing in ontogenesis. Development Psychology highlights age-related changes in people's behavior and seeks to explain these changes, to reveal patterns
  4. Age psychology as a component of the methodological foundations of military psychology
    Age psychology, being a branch of psychological science, studies the laws of mental development and the characteristics of personality formation at various stages of a person’s ontogenesis from birth to old age. Age psychology took shape in an independent field of knowledge at the end of the last century as a child psychology and for a long time was limited to studying the child’s mental development.
    NOT 2.1. The main ethical problems and the “zvobi” of the practical and scientific and psychological work of a psychologist Plan: 1. Ethical problems of the type “psychologist-client”, “psychologist-colleague”, “psychologist-adminstratsiya / adminstratori”. 2. The main ethical "zvaby" practical psychology. 3. Ethical problems in a science-docent psychologist. Homework: Describe the "syndrome of emotion"
  6. Crib. Program questions in the discipline "Military Psychology", specialty "Psychology", 2012
    The history of the origin and development of psychological knowledge of military psychology. Periodization of the history of military psychology. Object, subject and main tasks of military psychology. Methodological principles of military history about the nature and role of mental development. The structural features of the nervous system and its impact on the life and work of military personnel. The concept of mental cognitive processes in
  7. Research methods in developmental psychology and developmental psychology
    The complex of research methods that scientists use to study the process of age development consists of several blocks of methods. One part of the methodology is borrowed from general psychology, the other from differential psychology, the third from social psychology. The methods used in genetic research (observation, tests, experiment) are closely related to the methods of general psychology, but have
  8. Developmental psychology and developmental psychology - an interdisciplinary branch of scientific knowledge
    In recent decades, developmental psychology (developmental psychology) has changed both in content and in interdisciplinary relationships. On the one hand, it exerts influence on other scientific disciplines, and on the other, it itself is influenced by them, assimilating everything that expands its substantive content. Biology, genetics, developmental physiology. These disciplines are important above all.
  9. The problem of practical intelligence in animal psychology and child psychology
    At the very beginning of the development of child psychology as a special branch of psychological research, K. Stumpf tried to describe the nature of the new scientific field, comparing it with botany. K. Linnaeus, he said, as you know, called botany a pleasant science. This is not very suitable for modern botany ... If any science deserves a pleasant name, then this is precisely the psychology of childhood, the science of
  10. Prerequisites for the formation of developmental psychology and developmental psychology into an independent area of ​​psychological science
    The design of developmental psychology (child or developmental psychology) as an independent branch of scientific knowledge dates back to the second half of the 19th century. Two directions were united, until that time developing in parallel and independent of each other. These are studies of child development that have been associated with science and medicine, as well as ethnographic studies of childhood and language, mainly
  11. What recommendations should be given to a psychologist to potential clients when choosing a family or individual psychologist?
    The success of psychotherapy depends on the choice of a psychologist. It is the totality of the professional knowledge and experience of the psychologist plus his individual qualities that are crucial in solving your problems. Therefore, the choice should be thorough, because it is this person who will help you change for the better. In our country, psychological counseling and psychotherapy are relatively new.
  12. The subject of developmental psychology and developmental psychology
    Modern psychology is an extensive system of scientific disciplines, among which a special place is occupied by age-related psychology or, more correctly, the psychology of human development, associated with the study of age-related dynamics of the development of the human psyche, ontogenesis of mental processes and psychological qualities of a person that changes qualitatively over time. Age concept
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