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Student psychologist as a subject of educational and professional activity

In modern pedagogy and pedagogical psychology, the traditional scheme of relations between teachers and students has long been abandoned, when the teacher acts as the "bearer" of knowledge and its active "guide" to the consciousness of students, i.e. acts as a "subject of the educational process", and students only "perceive" the proposed knowledge, actually remaining in the passive position of "objects of pedagogical influence" on the part of teachers.

The new scheme is based on the fact that both teachers and students are active "subjects" of the educational process. In this case, the teacher of psychology acts as the “subject of the organization of the educational process”, and the student as the “subject of educational (educational and professional) activities.” But here a very difficult and very real problem arises: unfortunately, not all students are ready to be such genuine “subjects”, and many of them have to be prepared for a long time to become real students. Unfortunately, a modern comprehensive school does not always prepare graduates (and future university entrants) to study at a higher school, only “stuffing” (or “stuffing”) with all kinds of and often unsystematic knowledge.
At the same time, the school often does not fulfill its main task - “teach to learn”.

In this regard, very difficult questions arise: 1) what is the best way to form students' readiness to be “subjects of educational and professional activity”? 2) how to work in groups of students, among which someone is still ready to play the role of genuine “subjects”, while someone does not want to take an active position at all

Already in university (and university) education, a student must show his willingness to self-change and self-development in relation to the development of the scientific method of cognition. As early as the 1920s, the outstanding Russian teacher S.I. Hesse wrote that the university course should be aimed primarily at "mastering the method of scientific research" and that this "can only be achieved by involving students in independent research." “A higher scientific school, or university, is therefore an inseparable unity of teaching and research,” S.I. Hesse
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Student psychologist as a subject of educational and professional activity

  1. Improving the style of professional activity, optimizing the relationship between individual groups of professional skills, increasing the number of "degrees of freedom" of the subject of professional activity
    This performance criterion is a unique criterion for acmeological training program-oriented, since this training is aimed at fulfilling the task of improving professional skills as a whole and has sufficient methodological potential to solve it. In addition to increasing the level of possession of individual skills and psycho-correction of the current state
  2. Improving the style of professional activity, increasing the number of "degrees of freedom" of the subject of professional activity.
    We also conducted a repeated study on the construction of a group acme space for professional management activities after the participation of group members in the acmeological training program-oriented. The study was conducted using the same methodological tools that were necessary to ensure comparability of the results. The hypothesis of this study was
  3. Professional activity of a psychologist. Psychologists as a professional community
    Professional activity of a psychologist. Psychologists as a professional
  4. Teaching as a field of professional psychologists
    Another area of ​​professional activity of a psychologist is the teaching of psychology. Since the beginning of the 20th century, scientific and pedagogical activities in the field of psychology have been inextricably linked. The profession of a scientist and teacher in psychology has become inseparable. Most well-known Russian psychologists worked as teachers at universities. Professors and others
  5. Psychological counseling as a professional activity of a psychologist
    Psychological counseling is one of the common types of professional work of a psychologist. People turn to a consultant for psychological help, advice for overcoming difficulties in various situations of everyday life. The purpose of the counseling psychologist is to help people safely resolve life crises, increase their ability to solve problems, and accept
  6. Practical Psychology as a Field of Professional Psychologists
    Practical psychology as a field of professional activity
  8. “Psychological analysis of the professional activity of the educational psychologist as an objective basis for readiness formation”
    In chapter II, based on the basic principle of the primacy of the model of activity in professional development, a psychological analysis of the practical psychology of education as a sphere of professional labor is carried out. The logic and content of this chapter was determined by the system-activity approach to the study of professional activity based on the leading ideas of the analysis of the psychological structure of activity (E.M.
  9. The formation of professional acme among students of higher and secondary pedagogical educational institutions
    The formation of a value-semantic attitude to professional activity and professional acme is a long process, which begins, as a rule, in the process of learning at school and continues at its next level - at a university or secondary specialized institution. The success of the formation of the attitude of the individual to the profession at the second, student stage determines the further development of this
  10. Acmeologist as a subject of activity in the acmeological service
    Consideration of an acmeologist as a subject of activity within the framework of an acmeological service involves an appeal to his duties, responsibilities, rights, as well as personal and professional characteristics. In his professional activity, an acmeologist is obliged: - to be guided by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, government and regulatory documents regulating the activities of relevant structures,
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