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Requirements for the deadlines for the implementation of the educational program

The duration of the educational program for full-time education is 256 weeks. Duration of training by type of educational activity - in accordance with table 1.

Table 1*

* Note: it is allowed to change the duration of training by type of educational activity established by the curriculum depending on specialization.
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Requirements for the deadlines for the implementation of the educational program

  1. Requirements for the educational program and its implementation
    Requirements for the educational program and its
  2. Requirements for the development of an educational program
    The maximum student workload should not exceed 54 hours per week, including all types of classroom and extracurricular activities. The volume of obligatory classroom studies of students, determined by the university taking into account the specialty, the specifics of the organization of the educational process, the equipment of the educational and laboratory base, information, educational and methodological support, should be set within 24-36
  3. The composition of the educational program
    The educational program should include: curriculum, curriculum programs. training and practical training programs, the procedure for completing the thesis (project), the state exam program, which must comply with the requirements of this standard. The graduate education program should provide for the student to study the following cycles
  4. Educational program
    Health education is an integral part of the work of a nurse. In explanatory work, I am guided by an individual approach to each patient, I believe that information should be conveyed to each patient in accordance with his illness and condition. Therefore, conversation is the most preferred type of health education. During the reporting period, 218
    KEY PROVISIONS: • educational programs are an integral part of the comprehensive treatment of children with bronchial asthma; the purpose of the programs is to develop cooperation between the doctor and the patient; • a feature of such programs in pediatrics is the mandatory adaptation of teaching methods to the perception of the age group of patients, taking into account their psychomotor development and age
  6. Requirements for ensuring the quality of the educational process
    Requirements for staffing Scientific and pedagogical staff of the university should:? have a higher education that matches the profile of the taught disciplines, and, as a rule, an appropriate scientific qualification (degree, rank); ? systematically engage in scientific and (or) scientific and methodological activities; ? at least 1 time in 5 years to undergo continuing education. Requirements to
    DIETHERAPY • table number 5 according to Pevzner. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and increase hemolysis. MODE • limitation of physical activity, hypothermia, sufficient exposure to fresh air (in order to prevent tissue hypoxia and increase hemolysis in sickle cell anemia), for the period of hemolytic crisis -
    Prior to the distribution, the quality of the finished dishes should be checked by the cook who prepared the dish, as well as by the marriage committee with the corresponding entry in the marriage magazine. Marriage commissions may include a director or his deputy, a process engineer, production manager or his deputy, a team leader or a highly qualified chef, a confectioner of the V-VI category, a medical worker (if he
  9. Improving medical and legal educational programs in the context of improving the effectiveness of legal regulation of domestic health care
    Conducting research in the field of training medical and legal personnel in the context of studying issues related to the legal provision of health care seems to be sufficiently substantiated. This is due, first of all, to the fact that: - teaching the issues of legal regulation of healthcare in the organizational and legal aspect is directly related to the system, as
  10. Requirements for the mandatory minimum curriculum content and disciplinary competencies
    The content of the curriculum of the discipline for each cycle is presented in enlarged didactic units (or training modules), and the requirements for competences in the discipline in knowledge and skills. The cycle of social and humanitarian disciplines History of Belarus Conceptual foundations of national history. The civilizational heritage of the Ancient World and the Middle Ages in the history of Belarus.
  11. Educational standard of Belarus. Psychologist. Teacher of Psychology, 2008
    Content. Application area. Normative references. Key terms and definitions. General Provisions Qualification characteristic of a specialist. Requirements for the level of training of the graduate. Requirements for the educational program. The composition of the educational program. Requirements for the development of an educational program. Requirements for the timing of the implementation of the educational program. Typical
  12. The program of the discipline with guidelines for the study of each topic of the program and questions for self-control
    The program of the discipline with guidelines for the study of each topic of the program and questions for
    Acmeo-technology in the pedagogical process is understood by us as “a set of psychological-acmeo-pedagogical precepts that determine the special set and layout of the form, methods, methods, techniques of didactic conditions, the content of instruction based on the general methodology of goal-determination, focused on satisfying modern state policy in the field of higher professional
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