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1. Psychologists carry the specialty viddovalnost for their work.

2. Psychologists of goitre’s involvement in order to prevent and prevent inhumane accidents in their professional profession.

3. Psychologists are guilty of being willing to say what they say, to shade the short-bodied individuals; not to hold back the rights of victorious one’s knowledge and camp with the method of belittling the people’s guidnosti, the importance of their special abilities; bear vіdpovіdalnіst for the precedence of the interest of people.

4. Psychology is covered by the need for technical methods and software security, the amount of data processing is necessary, and that’s quiet. yakі conducted in vikoristannyam computer technology.

5. Psychologists are more stupid than knowledgeable, so much the same way before their qualifications, more important and social status.
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  1. Ethical principle of counseling and psychotherapy
    The consultant, who is a professional and professional, has a clear view of the nature of the disease. Nasampered vіn vіdpovіdalniy before klіntom. However, the consultant and consultant are not in a vacuum, but in a different reporting system, in addition, the consultant is in front of the members of the client, in front of the organization, in front of the public, in front of the public, there is a great deal of professionalism. Taka
    1. Psychologists of suvoro are supported by the principle of voluntary participation of the client in the circumstances. For an hour, robots with children, children with severe mental illnesses (only in extreme cases) are allowed to observe the principle of voluntariness, within the limits of legislative norms; Obov'yazkom of the psychologist ган Magnetnagi thanks with the cliches spіvrobіtnitstvo. Psychologists make excuses in the unimpressed 2. Psychologists,
  3. Description of the psychologist’s ethical code
    At the First Institutional Society of Psychologists of Ukraine 20th day 1990 1990, in the city of Kyiv, the Code of Ethics of the psychologist was adopted. The normative act is a guarantor of high professional, humane, high moral dignity of psychologists in Ukraine, healthy seasonally specialty and sphere of interest [1]. The Danish Codex is a consistency of ethical standards, rules of conduct, and they were stored by a psychologist
  4. Change of documents, as a mother, we will imprison individuals with problems and problems from the discipline of the discipline
    Commander viddlennya (service staff, service): - a list of the special warehouse viddillennya, service staff, service; - social and demographic data on the dermal skin service; - vіdomostі about kіlkіst ochochen І constriction in the cutaneous of them. Platoon commander: - Shchodnik іndivіdualno-vikhovnoі robots with ordinary and sergeants platoon; - a list of the special warehouse platoon; - vіdomostі about soothing і
    1. What is the meaning of the plan at the veterinary certificate? 2. What are the main vimogi to the plans for their folding? 3. What principles do you need to reach for an hour of folding plans? 4. How can I see the plans at the veterinary certificate and store them? 5. What are the warehouses of a part of the plan for veterinary and preventive visits and preventive visits and what is it? 6. From yak rozdіlіv to be stored in full
  6. Dodatok B
    Ethical standards of psychology / Author's right to prescribe American psychology asociality, sichen, 1963. Redistributed (redacted) from the journal American Psychologist, sichen 1963, amended 1948 p. I chest 1972 p. The standard is also worn in the Biographical Docid of the American Psychological Association. Psychologist gives great value to dignity and values
  7. Factors that accelerate the fight against venereal diseases
    The sovereign system of combating venereal diseases is effective. Medical practice can be used to prevent advanced methods and help diagnose venereal diseases. Proteus for an hour are reckoned to introduce into the omana of medical practitioners. It’s stinky to poke the catch, twist the word about the dzherelo and arrange the catch, which you’ll bother with. Tse will accelerate the fight against venereal twigs.
  8. Obov'yazok posadov osb organ organizations in the field of work of the robot MPZ battle chervuvannya and zmіst іh dіyalnostі
    Intercessor of the commander of the military unit from the head of the robot (the head of the department) has no organization at the military unit of the combat training center and carries the personal mission for the camp. Win of commitments: 1) during the preparation of the special warehouse until the battle marching season: at once with the commander of the headquarters of the headquarters of the unit of war, take part in the training and preparation
  9. Subject, function and discipline
    The discipline “The Codex of Psychology” is intended for the students of the specialty “Psychology”, “Practical Psychology”, “Social Psychology”, and “Pedagogical Psychology”. All of the discipline is new, as it was formed on the basis of psychology, ethics, jurisprudence. The code of ethics of the psychologist is discipline, spelled out on the basis of basic norms, rules and values, which are guilty of pre-trial
    1. The plan of psychological psychology of the transfer of additional knowledge of such minds: the designation of the document; uniquely uniquely formulated meti i zavdan; establishment of contingent; prediction of opportunities of the victorious results achieved (for example, appraisal of the prospect of professional success, formality of the split team, psychological preparation of the skinny). Psychologist
  11. Understanding, structure and categories of morality
    Morality isn’t a pose of love and vidnosiny. Speaking about the structure of morality, we can violate the following components: moral standards (basic norms, principles, motives, principles, motives, categories: good, evil, obyazyok, justice, justice, sense of justice, sense of justice, sense of justice, sense of justice, self-esteem people, honor, honor, conscience, litter); - moral dіyalіst
  12. Part of the ethical codes of the psychologist of the Russian Academy of Arts and Social Sciences
    Having analyzed the ethical codes of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Association, you can see the following positions: 1) Morality of the psychologist himself. In ethical codes, moral psychology is predicted, ale is small and varied and varied in deposits in the country. For example, often such criteria are used, such as good faith, good practice, tolerance, honesty, trustworthiness and trustworthiness. When tsomu
  13. Directness of specialties and specialties to public servants
    Provіdna psіchіna power authority features - straightforwardness. Hidden features - the whole system is spontaneous and valuable; 230]. Moreover, fall into the situation, the system can be better and better. In general, visually
  14. Vihovannya at vіiskovosluzhbovtsіv lean leaning to the combat technology and zbroї
    Boyova preparedness, partly to lay down not only good knowledge, correct operating and combat technology, but also hard work and timely servicing, equipment, storage. Madly, these problems are implicitly bound by yourself: what’s the most important thing in war among the people, what’s the more important thing you know
  15. Moral vimіri spіlkuvannya that іх the value of a practical psychologist robot
    To moral vimіrіv spіlkuvannya to be introduced tolerance, authority, honor, mercy, love [10, p.328-358]. Povaga is also a prelude to people, as a reality in practice (in people, in behavior) in the life of the people. Povazhati - affirm the status of the status of the last. Close to the understanding of the “wagon” є the understanding was “sent” that “self-work”. The highest level of self-people’s self-help - that’s that bar'єr,
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