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1. Psychologists of suvoro are supported by the principle of voluntary participation of the client in the circumstances. For an hour, robots with children, children with severe mental illnesses (only in extreme cases) are allowed to observe the principle of voluntariness, within the limits of legislative norms; Obov'yazkom of the psychologist ган Magnetnagi thanks with the cliches spіvrobіtnitstvo. Psychologists make up their mind in the unprecedented

2. Psychologists, coming in contact with persons, for certain kinds of things, we’ve got to have some kind of experience (for example, at the time of a psychological examination), don’t have the right to be able to take your mind to take your own position, you can’t take it for yourself vipadkіv, if such information is in order to be safe without any contact from the client himself.

3. Psychologists do not take part in events that are hidden against the freedom of an individual. They don’t have the right to conceal the right to speak about your life philosophy, political, religious, and social reconciliation, don’t disobey the vimagati of them.

4. Psychologists take on themselves the profession of professionalism for qualification, consultation, counseling. It’s stinky to talk about the termination of one’s own activity, but the additional direction of the client to the competent competent specialist. Vidovdalnist with the psychologist know, as a rule, being up to speed, who is the last special specialist after seeing vidpov_dalnist for the client on himself.

5. Psychologists do not have to worry about material or special privileges; they cannot be victorious of their knowledge and campus, their position and the client’s deposits are in high-profile interests. In quiet vipadki, if the servants є pay, about financial knowledge, be able to dominate; do not get Dodatkov’s payment for consultations and don’t take a fee for quietly, whom a psychologist is good to start with, but to get examined. Yakshcho klієnt can deny the psychologist I will help shamelessly as a smaller cat in the first fakshivtsya, then the psychologist іnformє about the whole klіnta.

The psychologist is unique in setting up neofitsy vzєmin with a client, which can be done at the same time as conducting diagnostic, consultative and corrective work with him. Among the psychologist and the client, it’s innocent to have close proximity to the period, if the psychologist has the responsibility for something new.

7. The psychologist has the right to virally, for some kind of counseling, however, you can give an active professional visit, and in falls, as long as you can’t get in the interests of the client, there’s a reference to the questionnaire.

8. Visnovok for the results of the thoroughness of the chi to rob the psychologist himself, you can’t pass it on to the insects. The psychologist is guilty of a clear and unambiguous formulation of the bows, so that you can rightly grow your eyes and, as a result, remove the clarity of the clue.

9. The psychologist doesn’t shy away from meeting and don’t be pleased, don’t have any reliable knowledge about the situation, but in the case of interruption. At a psychologist’s sound (visnuvka) there is less need and more water time, I can see a more consistent result, more information for more detailed delivery, more frequent symptom, more frequent symptom.

10. The psychologist at the available form is more and more attentive to the supply of diagnosis and methods that help. When there is a win of goitling, it is sensible and cautious to hang on to the pathology of the mental state of the patient. The psychologist obov'yazkovo aheadє about those who are for whom I can for the most part be given; Win can’t bring people to life, but of course there is no chance to win the show.

The psychologist of remuneration especially wants to get the wrong and unethical victorious results, and I’ve been guilty of guilty people because of the irreplaceable appearance of subordinate subordination.
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    What was the reason for vivchenny antagonism among men and women and factors of non-nature nature? Inodіmіzh іonіzuyuyu radіatsіyu і і factors of non-іnonizuyuyu nature can antagonize sposobіtіstsya, with a certain effect of disproportionate change. Tse yavische bulo vіdoma long time ago. Bagato until now at an early stage in development of radio technology is not very fast and described the change in radio technology effects
  2. Method і zasobit zhystu vіd іонізуючих випромінювань
    What is the best method for hacking the house of the world? Choose the chotiri method (factor) to conquer the whole world of vipromyyuvanny: • Zahist hour. What is less than an hour of contact with Jerel Ionizuyuchy vipromyuvannya, tim mesha dose opromіnennya rimanima. • Zahist vіdstannyu. Chim dali dzherela іonіzuyuchy vipromіnyuvannya, tim mensha otrimana dose. The fallow is quadratically wrapped, which is why
  3. Subject, function and discipline
    The discipline “The Codex of Psychology” has been designated for the students of the specialties “Psychology”, “Practical Psychology”, “Social Psychology”, “Pedagogical Psychology”. All of the discipline is new, as it was formed on the basis of psychology, ethics, jurisprudence. The code of ethics of the psychologist is discipline, spelled out on the basis of basic norms, rules and values, which are guilty of pre-trial
  4. Basic Ethical Protection
    Protirіchchya - those scho superstrap one to one. Ethnic protrіchchya ґ tim pіdґruntyam, for which there are more specific specific ethical problems and that zvabi. They are made aware of the following [6]: 1) the right of people to self-determination and that of being unprepared to the point that I am creating a “miracle” basis for the right-hand side of a psychologist; 2) between the interests of the suspension and specific features (specific
  5. Vіyskiy collective as a kind of small social group
    Військові підрозділи (відділеніння, platoon, company, and інколі і батолийон) may have the most common signs, it’s practical to characterize the small organization of the social group. All suspension, foreign prices, split-rate, singing, intensive and thoroughly thin. Small social groups, functional with the Ukrainian forces, ordering the rest
  6. The head ethnical psychologist
    You can approximately formulate the top ethical entity not only for special purposes, but to self-identify, alike for the psychologist, I can help you a lot in order to cultivate the right of the dermal to encourage me to have such a unique way, I have no right to [2, p. 324-325]. Meaning, what is in the bag of ethical codes and statutes?
    1. The psychologist of goiter’s commitments wants to confer with everyone who wants to pay attention to the client, their special life and living conditions. Vignettes become vipadki, if there are symptoms that are not unsuccessful for the client and those of you, and the psychologist for goiters is informative and quiet, so I can help you qualify. Confidence can not be reached, as a matter of fact, please ask
    1. A psychologist, leading a professional discussion, is not guilty of discrediting colleagues of any other profession, such as vikoristovyy ti sami abo іnshі naukovі methods, vin many vyavlyati povagu to naukovyh shkіl і direct voltage. The psychologist appreciates the professional competence, the high culture and knowledge, the presentation of the presentation to the representative and representative of the higher professions. Yakshcho the psychologist to show nenaukіst chi
  9. Transfer of documents from nuclear safety in Ukraine
    Verkhovna Rada Law “On the Protection of the Natural Natural Means”, No. 1264-XII, 25/06/1991 Law “On the Promotion of Radioactive Incomes”, No. 255/95-VR, 30/06/1995 Law “On the Protection of People from the Environment” Vipromunyuvannya ”, No. 15/98-BP, 14/01/1998 Law“ On the care of the sanitary and epic well-being of the population ”, No. 4004-XII, 24/02/1994 Law“ On the safety and security of the population ”
  10. Ethical principle at the robot psychologist
    Nowadays the science of practice and practice is growing in the social and economic processes to process special psychology, as in the process of up-to-date work, so in the case of realizing recommendations. Predivishennaya effektivnosti robots psikhologіv at iznyh galuzah, vyklyuchennya vipadkіv discrediting psychology і vimagayut introduced into practice ethical principles and rules of robot
  11. Special features of combat training plant Vіisk Prototypes of defense
    Війська ППО Zbroynyh forces of Ukraine to play a special role in the possession of sovereign interests of Ukraine. Pidrozdіli tsikh vіysk і in peace time to see the complete combat mission - to carry the battle chervuvannya on the protection of the border lines of the Fatherland. From now on, the stinks are designated for the sweep of all kinds of strikes from the cosmos of administrative, industrial and economic centers and districts of the state, and important big ones
  12. Ethnic problems and zvabi practical psychology
    Healthy є lyudina isn’t free of any problems, and the one that is brought to them by them. N. Peseshkian Yakshcho, a psychologist, has a few professional professionalities, then some newer ethnic problems. Succession with a psychologist may be of great significance for a client. Yakim will be entrusted with a psychologist - developing one’s hand, specialty of the client - to lay down before the psychologist of the ethical
  13. Rosvitok pіznavalnyh processes of high school student
    A rosette of cognitive processes of a high school classmate of opposites with the overwhelming character of this rosumovo dyalnost. Rozumovy rozvitok to follow the pace, ale yakisno vin significantly accelerate, safer form the way to look, as a system look at dіysnіst. High school student ovolodіvaє folding electronic operations, to learn suttva to understand, differentiation іnterestіv,
  14. Anesthesiology medical operations; mediators for anesthesia
    Anesthesiology is a complex of methods, we recommend that we give you an hour of surgery and pain in the hands of people living with them. Anesthetic management including offensive components; • Drug sleep. • Churning. • Neurovegetative zahist. • Myorelaxation. • Providing adequate functioning funcional dying. • Pіdtrimannya optimal blood circulation in
  15. Zapobіgannya nadhodzhennya and pomogadzhennya radіonuklіdіv at the products of the state gratitude
    I want to have more radioactive activity at the city’s Rostlini and that organ’s the city’s smallest creatures, the lower stage of birth in the organs of radioactive food, as well as the possibility of having a little health care. Moreover, come and see the problem of the prototype of the roslin i
  16. Mostly straightforward psychological care
    A number of these problems can be optimally known to the top managers of the effective organization of psychological care for the preparation and conduct of combat, as well as a clear moral and psychological overhead, as well as keeping in touch with the heart and soul. Then reach the Uzgenji for the commissions, the hour and the hour, the message for the One Plan and the Plan
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