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Lectures. Life and scientific practical psychology. Part 1, 2011
Types of psychological knowledge. Classification of sciences. Criteria of psychology as a science. The place of psychology in the system of sciences. The science. The main functions of science. The main stages in the development of psychology as a science. Peculiarities of psychological science. The difference between scientific knowledge and other types of knowledge. Branches of psychology. The ratio of scientific and worldly psychology. Comparison of scientific and everyday psychology. Theoretical and practical psychology. Forms of knowledge. Evolution of views on the subject of psychology.
Theoretical and practical psychology

Books and textbooks on discipline Introduction to the profession of "Psychologist":

  1. Answers to offset. Introduction to the profession of a psychologist - 2012
  2. Graduate work. Interrelation of self-esteem and professional orientation of students-psychologists - 2012
  3. Abstract. Features of the personality of a psychologist-consultant - 2012
  4. Bayer O. V .. Frequently Asked Questions registration of diplomas and coursework - 2012 year
  5. Lectures. The personality of a professional. Part 2 - 2011
  6. Lectures. Professional ethics of a psychologist. Part 3 - 2011
  7. A package of techniques. Psychological toolkit for compiling a professiogram for the profession of psychologist - 2011
  8. . The Code of Ethics for the Psychologist - 2011
  9. Nikitchenko T. The personality of a practical psychologist - 2011
  10. Test. Functions of a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist - 2011 year
  11. Cribs. Introduction to the profession - 2011
  12. Stasenko VG. "Profession psychologist in the modern world" - 2010
  13. Abstract. Requirements for the design of the psychologist's office - 2010
  14. Abstract. Professionally conditioned destructions of the personality of the psychologist - 2010
  15. Abstract. Ethical principles in the work of a psychologist - 2010
  16. A.N. Zankovsky. Introduction to the profession - 2009
  17. Lezhnina L. V .. Readiness of the educational psychologist To professional activity: stages, Mechanisms, formation technologies - 2009
  18. Warren Munsell. You are a subtle psychologist. How to convince others around it - 2008
  19. The educational standard of the Republic of Belarus. Psychologist. Teacher of Psychology - 2008
  20. T.A. Kultunovich. The Code of Ethics of the Psychologist - 2007
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