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Nikitchenko T., Personality of a Practical Psychologist, 2011
Personality of a practical psychologist as a subject of professional activity: - the concept of "personality". Personality and its professional characteristics. - Features of the personality of a practical psychologist as a consequence of the specifics of his profession. "A psychologist is not a person, but a profession." "A psychologist is primarily a person." - Syndrome of emotional burnout of a psychologist: its causes, stages and methods of prevention.

Books and textbooks on discipline Introduction to the profession of "Psychologist":

  1. Answers to offset. Introduction to the profession of a psychologist - 2012
  2. Graduate work. Interrelation of self-esteem and professional orientation of students-psychologists - 2012
  3. Abstract. Features of the personality of a psychologist-consultant - 2012
  4. Bayer O. V .. Frequently Asked Questions registration of diplomas and coursework - 2012 year
  5. Lectures. Life and scientific practical psychology. Part 1 - 2011
  6. Lectures. The personality of a professional. Part 2 - 2011
  7. Lectures. Professional ethics of a psychologist. Part 3 - 2011
  8. A package of techniques. Psychological toolkit for compiling a professiogram for the profession of psychologist - 2011
  9. . The Code of Ethics for the Psychologist - 2011
  10. Test. Functions of a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist - 2011 year
  11. Cribs. Introduction to the profession - 2011
  12. Stasenko VG. "Profession psychologist in the modern world" - 2010
  13. Abstract. Requirements for the design of the psychologist's office - 2010
  14. Abstract. Professionally conditioned destructions of the personality of the psychologist - 2010
  15. Abstract. Ethical principles in the work of a psychologist - 2010
  16. A.N. Zankovsky. Introduction to the profession - 2009
  17. Lezhnina L. V .. Readiness of the educational psychologist To professional activity: stages, Mechanisms, formation technologies - 2009
  18. Warren Munsell. You are a subtle psychologist. How to convince others around it - 2008
  19. The educational standard of the Republic of Belarus. Psychologist. Teacher of Psychology - 2008
  20. T.A. Kultunovich. The Code of Ethics of the Psychologist - 2007
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