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V. Stasenko. “Profession psychologist in the modern world”, 2010
Instead of introducing. General idea of ​​the profession "Psychologist". Description of the profession. Where are psychologists in demand today? The area of ​​basic knowledge of the psychologist. The main professionally important qualities of the personality of the psychologist. Additional features of the profession, as well as the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Why go to the specialty "Psychology"? What does a psychologist pay money for? What does “good or literate” and “bad or illiterate” psychologist mean? Ethical code (ethical norms) of a psychologist-consultant. What recommendations should be given to a psychologist to potential clients when choosing a family or individual psychologist? Myths and reality surrounding the profession of psychologist. Myths and psychological realities. Myths about psychologists. Myths about psychoanalysis. Myths about NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Myths about hypnosis. Myths about training. Myths about listening in the process of work. Myths about psychological counseling in the Internet. Myths about stress, suicide, violence, loss of family (divorce).
Myths about stress, suicide, violence, loss of family (divorce)

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