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Barkhaev BP, Syromyatnikov IV. Introduction to the profession: from a social role to professional subjectivity, 2003
The training manual addresses issues related to understanding the place and role of psychology in the system of other sciences, the formation of ideas about the relationship of theoretical problems of science with psychological practice. It gives an idea of ​​the main directions, concepts and methods of practical psychology, the requirements for the personality of a psychologist. The content, sequence and features of the study of psychological disciplines at the Military University are also subject to clarification.

According to the authors, this work can be useful, first of all, to cadets of the military psychological faculty of the Military University, the teaching staff, as well as students of psychological faculties of other universities and can be used as a teaching tool for future psychologists studying the course “Introduction to the profession”, stipulated by the state educational standard. The problems set forth in the manual are intended to form a positive and interested attitude of cadets to the study of psychological disciplines as a necessary condition for their successful mastery of their future specialty, professional and scientific self-determination in the field of scientific and practical activity.
Scientific directions and branches of psychology
Behavior and Behavioral Psychology (behaviorism)
Psychosocial and psychophysiological problems in psychology

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