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Rita L. Atkinson, Richard S. Atkinson, Edward E. Smith, Daryl J. Boehm, Susan Nolen-Hoeksema. Introduction to Psychology Part 1, 2000
Over the past 50 years, Introduction to Psychology has remained one of the best textbooks in the world! The reader is invited to the latest edition of this classic and authoritative textbook. The course of introduction to psychology presented in it is well structured, distinguished by clarity of presentation and balanced formulations. This modern American textbook gives a clear idea of ​​the various schools and areas of development of psychology, reveals the basic issues of general and social, experimental and clinical psychology, counseling and psychotherapy, developmental psychology, personality psychology and school psychology. The book is replete with scientific facts, descriptions of experiments and laboratory work, richly illustrated. For the first time, Russian students and specialists will meet here a representative reflection of the experience of Western psychological science as a whole, and thus will be able to better imagine the “balance of power” in this field of knowledge. It is recommended for students and teachers of universities, academies, pedagogical and medical higher educational institutions.
Psychology as a science and human act
At the forefront of psychological research
Biological processes and development
Consciousness and Perception
Learning, remembering and thinking

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