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Lectures. Introduction to the specialty, 2005
The subject of psychology. Its features, structure, tasks, methods and main directions of development. The concept of psychology. Features of psychology as a science. Correlation of everyday and scientific psychology. Subject and tasks of psychology. The structure of modern psychology. The basic methods of psychology. The formation of psychology as a science. The development of psychology in the framework of philosophy and science. Antique and medieval psychology. The formation of psychology as an independent science. The main directions of development of psychology in the XX century. The development of psychology at the present stage. Professional activity of a psychologist. Educational psychologist: in kindergarten, at school, work with difficult children, work with teachers. Psychologist's activity in other spheres of life. Work in a recruitment agency, psychologist-consultant, psychologist in law enforcement.
Subject and tasks of psychology
The structure of modern psychology
Problems of interaction of a psychologist with representatives of related professions
Psychologist and legal practice
Methodology and methodology of empirical sociological research
The experimental method in psychology
"Psychology as a profession"

Books and textbooks on the subject Introduction to the profession “Psychologist”:

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