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Altshuller G., Vertkin I. .. How to become a genius. Life strategy of a creative person, 1994
The life of a creative person is an exciting struggle of the personality and external circumstances that interfere with it. It has its own laws and regulations, ups and downs. The authors discovered them, having studied the fate of hundreds of prominent people, and offer the reader to play an exciting chess game on a board called life. Preliminary special information is not needed to read the book. She will make you think about the problem of choosing a Worthy Goal that you can devote your life to, a novice researcher will get a powerful tool for its implementation, a mature scientist will relive the upheavals of his struggle and regret that this book did not reach him for many years ago. So, this book is for those who would like to devote their lives to creativity, regardless of what area of ​​human activity it belongs to.
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