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Lissy Moussa. Kirdyk and OK`SYUMORON, or What to do, 2008
The very essence of OK `SUMORON in this book, everyone will find in it a real support and help in solving complex life problems. And although this is one of Lissy Moussa's most cheerful books, she helps in solving the problems of serious and does it in a completely new way in the key of the psychological game "OK`SYUMORON". The way out of any situation is always, asserts the author, even if not always as we would like, but free and cheerful! See for yourself! Kirdyk- (Tartar, kyrdyk kyru) љ exterminate, destroy. Paragraph (German absatz) 1) a red line indent in the initial line of the text; 2) part of the text from one such indent to the next. Both mean a crisis moment. Kirdyk old conditions and circumstances. The paragraph is over. "All is lost!" We exclaim, we are grieving and wringing our hands when a series of events begins that do not suit us, forgetting that another life begins from the red line. New paragraph. This book will teach you how to overcome any crises without losses and from any situation get out the winner. Unique creative technologies of the psychological Game "OK`SYUMORON" in combination with brilliant humor and fantastically active life position will allow you to make a luxurious candy from any situation! Those who are already in the crisis zone will find support and strength for take-off here, and everyone else will be able to enjoy another smart and fun book of the Magic Game.
Blank sheet. You can start a new life! Right now!

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