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Roem Dan. The practice of visual thinking. Part II, 2013
The companion book to the best-selling book "Visual Thinking". The first book by Dan Roem “Visual Thinking” showed us the role that simple drawings can play in generating ideas and communication in general. She presented a new interesting method of solving completely different problems - from strategic issues of top management to the most prosaic office problems. In this book, Dan helps readers to introduce their methods into daily practice. The book is full of detailed examples, exercises and empty space for your drawings. If “Visual Thinking” is a guide to “high cuisine”, then “The Practice of Visual Thinking” is a table cookbook, which is destined to collect a large number of notes and bookmarks. Chip Book This is a book-course. The author organized the book as a four-day seminar, he leads the reader step by step from the stage “I can’t draw” to “The picture I painted, in my opinion, can save the world”. For whom this book The book will appeal to creative people will be useful to marketers, brand managers and everyone who is looking for an original method for solving complex problems.

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