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Lissy Moussa. Serenade Marzipanovna, the Dragon and OK'SYUMORON. Magic self-fulfilling tales, 2006
This is a sensation! Someday science will certainly explain the secret of this mysterious phenomenon, but now it is a unique technology, the likes of which do not exist. Despite the slightly frivolous title - “Magic Self-Fulfilling Tales” - there is no technician equal to this in power and efficiency. Anyone can use this technique - no special training or abilities are required here, - absolutely all the developments of Lissi Moussa's creative laboratory differ in the availability and versatility. Even if someone at first seems difficult to compose his Magic Tale, you can try on any tale from the book and it will work fine. And when you figure out how to build a plot, you will find that there are no difficulties, and in fact - THIS IS EASIER SIMPLE: TO TUNE YOUR FATE and make it the way you want it. To do this, it is enough to use the technology presented here, namely, to create Your Tale.
OK'SYUMORON and all-all-all
A lesson for beginner wizards, or WHAT WE WRITE WHEN WE WRITE A TALE.
Tales of Solo MANIFESTO
Old - Old TALES

Books and textbooks on the discipline of self-improvement:

  1. Kazantsev A. Who would have thought! How the brain makes us do stupid things - 2014
  2. Roem Dan. The practice of visual thinking - 2013
  3. Roem Dan. The practice of visual thinking. Part II - 2013
  4. Gin A. .. Typical exercises for the development of strong thinking - 2013
  5. Zdenek M .. Development of the right hemisphere - 2012
  6. Feodoritov YI. Methods of thinking of famous scientists and inventors. Collection of heuristics - 2010
  7. Lissy Moussa. The course of creating a happy fate, or All ingenious - easily! - year 2009
  8. Burbo Liz. Five injuries that prevent you from being yourself - 2009
  9. Liz Burbo. Intimate Relations - 2009
  10. Liz Burbo. Your body says “Love yourself!” - 2009
  11. Lissy Moussa. Kirdyk and OK`SUMORON, or What to do - 2008
  12. Liz Burbo. Love, love, love: On different ways to improve relationships, on the acceptance of others and yourself - 2008
  13. Norbekov M. S .. The experience of a fool, or the Key to the insight - 2008
  14. Billevich. VV. School of wit or how to learn to joke - 2008
  15. Grace N. .. Methods of development of memory, attention and speech - 2008
  16. Atkinson W.W. The Law of Attraction and the Power of Thought - 2008
  17. Roem Dan .. Visual thinking. Problem solving and selling ideas with pictures on a napkin - 2008
  18. De bono edward Generator of creative ideas - 2008
  19. Liz Burbo. Responsibility, commitment, guilt - 2007
  20. G. Akimova. Super Intellect - 2007
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