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Billevich. VV. School of wit or how to learn to joke, 2008
This book will interest many - and those whom God has not endowed with wit, and those who consider themselves quite witty man. A sense of humor is not some kind of cosmic insight, but rather a set of specific skills that can and should be mastered. It will help you survive painlessly, change, maintain a creative infusion in a stressful situation, work more efficiently - in one word it will save health. But in order to get the benefit of any ability, you first need to develop and refine it in yourself until it becomes a habit, becomes an integral part, an instrument of your daily life. This book is dedicated to this goal. It will give a complete picture of the nature of wit, technologies and the laws of creating the funny. And there are more than enough examples of the funny and witty here - it is assumed that good examples are learned.
Study and humor

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