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Müller Horst. Drawing mental maps. Method of generation and structuring of ideas, 2007
Drawing up mental maps (intellect cards) will not only help you generate new original ideas, plan your work and life, cope with a huge flow of information, solve complex problems, effectively organize various events, but also give you a lot of fun. After reading this book, you will learn how to use mental maps in the most diverse areas of your activity and thanks to this you will have the opportunity to significantly improve your life. The book is written in a simple, clear, accessible language, contains many illustrations and examples. Addressed a wide range of readers. Such literature is extremely small, as a rule, it is limited to Tony Buzen's book "Supernatural". Now there is a book popularly telling about mind maps, and their application! The book is illustrated! The quality of the book is very good, the text is recognized! Read, apply!
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Books and textbooks on discipline Self-perfection:

  1. Kazantseva A. Who would have thought! How the brain makes us do stupid things - 2014
  2. Roem Dan. The practice of visual thinking - 2013
  3. Roem Dan. Practice of visual thinking. Part II - 2013
  4. Guin A. Typical exercises for the development of strong thinking - 2013
  5. Zdenek M .. Development of the right hemisphere - 2012 year
  6. Feodoritov YI .. Methods of thinking of famous scientists and inventors. Collection of heuristics - 2010 year
  7. Lissy Moussa. The course of creating a happy destiny, or All ingenious - easily! - year 2009
  8. Bourbon Liz. Five injuries that prevent yourself from being yourself - 2009
  9. Liz Bourbaugh. Intimate Relationships - 2009
  10. Liz Bourbaugh. Your body says "Love yourself!" - 2009
  11. Lissy Moussa. Kirdyk and OK`SYUMORON, or What to do - 2008
  12. Liz Bourbaugh. Love, love, love: About different ways of improving relationships, about accepting others and yourself - 2008
  13. Norbekov M. S. Experience of the fool, or Key to enlightenment - 2008
  14. Bilevich. VV .. School of wit or how to learn to joke - 2008 year
  15. Grace N .. Techniques for the development of memory, attention and speech - 2008
  16. Atkinson U.U. Law of attraction and the power of thought - 2008
  17. Roem Dan .. Visual thinking. Solving problems and selling ideas using pictures on a napkin - 2008
  18. De Bono Edward. The creative ideas generator - 2008
  19. Liz bourbo. Responsibility, commitment, sense of guilt - 2007
  20. Akimova GE .. Super Intelligence - 2007 year
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