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The team of authors. Gender for dummies -2, 2009
This book is both a continuation of the already published edition “Do you know everything about gender?”, And an independent project. Continuation - because before “Gender for Dummies-2” there was, of course, just “Gender for Dummies”, which did not have number 1, since we didn’t know yet that we wanted to write a second book. An independent project - because in order to read “Gender for Dummies-2”, it is not necessary to search for and first read the first volume. These books do not repeat each other and are completely capable of living a life independent of each other ...
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NATURAL MOVEMENT OF THE POPULATION: Give too little or die too soon?

Books and textbooks on the subject Gender Psychology:

  1. Diploma. Gender Differences in Fashion Psychology - 2010
  2. Ed. I.S. Klecina. Gender psychology. - year 2009
  3. Z. Duskazieva. Gender peculiarities of anxiety in frequently ill children of senior preschool age and the possibilities for its correction - 2009
  4. G. P. Tsygankov. Psychology of gender education in higher college - 2009
  5. Abstract of the dissertation for the degree of candidate of psychological sciences. Gender stereotypes in the youth media communication - 2008
  6. The team of authors. Gender FOR "KETAIKOV" - 2006
  7. I. Bulychev. About the content of the key concepts of gender - 2005
  8. Edited by S.R. Kasymova. Gender: traditions and modernity. Collection of articles on gender studies - 2005
  9. I. G. Malkin-Pykh. Gender Therapy. Handbook of practical psychologist - 2003
  10. Mikhailova EL. “I am alone”, or Vasilisa Spindle - 2003
  11. Sean Bourne. Gender Psychology - 2002
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