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Team of authors. Gender for Dummies -2, 2009
This book is at the same time the continuation of the already published publication "Do you know everything about gender?", And an independent project. Continuation - because before the "Gender for Dummies-2" was, of course, just "Gender for Dummies", which had no number 1, since we did not know yet that we would like to write a second book. An independent project - because, in order to read "Gender for Dummies-2", it is absolutely not necessary to look for and first read the first volume. These books do not repeat one another in anything and are completely capable of living independently of one another's lives ...
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NATURAL MOVEMENT OF THE POPULATION: Too little to give birth or Too early to die?

Books and textbooks on discipline Gender psychology:

  1. Diploma. Gender differences in the psychology of fashion - 2010
  2. Ed. IS Kletsina. Gender psychology. - year 2009
  3. Duskazieva Zh.G. Gender features of anxiety of often ill children of the senior preschool age and the possibility of its correction - 2009
  4. G. P. Tsygankova. Psychology of gender education in high school - 2009
  5. Author's abstract for the degree of candidate of psychological sciences. Gender stereotypes in youth media - 2008
  6. Team of authors. Gender for the "KETTENS" - 2006
  7. Bulychev II, On the content of key concepts of gender sensitivity - 2005
  8. Edited by S.R. Kasymovoy. Gender: traditions and modernity. Collection of articles on gender studies - 2005
  9. IG Malkin-Pykh. Gender therapy. Handbook of practical psychologist - 2003
  10. Mikhailova E.L. "I'm in my own", or Vereteno Vasilisa - 2003
  11. Sean Bourne. Gender psychology - 2002
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