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Ed. I.S. Klecina. Gender psychology., 2009
In the second, revised and augmented, edition of the workshop (the previous one was published in 2003), prepared by a team of specialists led by Professor I. S. Kletsina, methodological developments of practical and seminar studies on gender psychology are presented. The workshop is designed to train students in the humanities, technical and natural sciences in the field of gender psychology and other gender-oriented disciplines.

This practical manual is addressed to university teachers who give courses and special courses on gender, researchers, graduate students, students and all those who are interested in gender issues or would like to get acquainted with it.
Introduction to Gender Psychology
What is gender?
Study of gender characteristics of students
The relationship of biological and psychological characteristics of the person: gender aspect
Psychology of large gender groups
Feminism as a prerequisite for the emergence of gender studies in psychology
Gender socialization
Gender socialization
Children's fiction as an institution of gender socialization
Female images in works of fiction
School as an institution of gender socialization
Gender autobiography as a method of studying the mechanisms of gender socialization
Raising Modern Girls and Boys from a Gender Approach
Gender personality characteristics
Gender stereotypes: age aspect
Gender Identity
Research on gender identity and gender stereotypes
Studying gender identity with qualitative methods: focus = group
Study of gender attitudes in conflict situations
Social = psychological analysis of gender roles
Gender competence of the individual
Personality Sexuality: A Social Construction Approach
Gender roles and sexuality
Applied Aspects of Gender Psychology
Woman in employment
Gender approach in the practice of school psychologist
Gender Examination Lesson
Sex education: stereotypes and reality
Gender manipulation in the field of interpersonal relations
The role of the standard of physical attractiveness in assessing your own appearance
Gender stereotypes in sports
Domestic Violence: Gender

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