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Author's abstract for the degree of candidate of psychological sciences. Gender stereotypes in youth media, 2008
Object of research: mass media. The object of empirical research are tests of publications in printed publications, preferred by adolescents, youth and youth.

The purpose of the theoretical and empirical study is to analyze the content and methods of constructing gender stereotypes in the media.

Hypothesis of research: the main content of gender stereotypes are the notions of masculinity and femininity.


The relevance of research.

Socio-psychological approach to the study of gender.

The problem of gender stereotypes in social psychology.

Research of gender stereotypes in youth printed editions.

Conclusions and recommendations on the results of psychological research.

It is recommended for students of psychologists, social workers, masters, graduate students, adjuncts, doctoral students, university professors, anyone who is interested in socio-psychological research.

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