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What to do if you think you have a drug problem

First, learn to recognize drugs and their symptoms.

Secondly, trust your intuition. If you have a feeling that a subordinate is experimenting with drugs, this may be true. Check if there are drugs in his personal belongings (most often the military men store drugs in household pantries, in personal “diplomats”, bags, suitcases, under epaulettes, in mattresses and pillows, make a double bottom in bedside tables, hide drugs, drugs their preparation and introduction in the batteries of drying rooms, in decorative panels, secret, specially sewn pockets, in the lining of trousers and tunics). Do not be afraid that you are introduced into personal

life of a subordinate. Find out what might have caused this behavior. Seek out the opportunity to contact his parents and express their concerns to them. If you could not do anything, and your doubts have not left you, contact the more competent authorities: the department of educational work, the clinic clinic. Remember that you do all this out of a desire to save a subordinate, save him as a person who is useful to society, protect him from crime, illness and possible death due to the use or overdose of drugs.

In the early stages.

Talk with a subordinate about him and your attitude to drugs in a friendly manner.
Do not blame him. Quietly explain why you are against drugs. Please also say that in the Russian Federation drug use is prohibited by law and that you intend to strictly monitor compliance with this prohibition.

Make sure that the subordinate understands that the main reason for your resistance to drugs is his safety and health. Do not read notations, do not say that drug use is sinful, indecent or embarrassing. A simple conversation in which you make clear to your subordinate what you expect from him can be very useful and effective.

When the use is obvious.

If you are sure that the subordinate is using drugs, talk to him seriously. The conversation should take place when the suspect is sober! Avoid screaming, violent reaction, moralizing. Do not apologize for searching your subordinate’s personal belongings or for blaming him. Do not bargain with a subordinate and do not try to “bribe” him. Be specific in your accusations. Report all evidence you have. Contact the competent authorities of the school, to medical personnel. Do not leave the suspected subordinate unattended.
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What to do if you think you have a drug problem

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