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Responsibilities of a psychologist for psychological assistance and rehabilitation

The point psychologist is appointed from among civilian personnel with a psychological education. He is subordinate to the head of the point and is responsible for the psychological support of personnel, storage, accounting, consumption and the validity of the use of non-medications used to restore the working capacity of military personnel; the technical condition of the equipment used in the paragraph, as well as compliance with sanitary standards in the premises of the center for psychological assistance and rehabilitation.

He must:

to study the psychological characteristics of servicemen and members of their families in need of psychological assistance;

to take part in carrying out psychocorrectional and rehabilitation measures with military personnel, members of their families;

conduct teaching sessions with the commanders of units for managing social processes in teams, conducting self-help and mutual assistance;

directly interact with the specialists of the medical service of the regiment (1st rank ship), a separate medical battalion, military hospital, in the interests of maintaining and strengthening the mental health of military personnel;

prepare proposals and documentation for referring those in need of medical care for treatment or examination, as well as assist the unit commanders in preparing the necessary documents and materials;

constantly improve your professional level on the basis of modern achievements of psychology;

keep documentation of the item, record of ongoing psychological activities;

comply with professional and ethical standards of activity of the military (naval) psychologist;

Remaining for the chief of the item, fulfill his duties.
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Responsibilities of a psychologist for psychological assistance and rehabilitation

  1. Responsibilities of the head of psychological assistance and rehabilitation
    The chief of the point is appointed, as a rule, from among the officers with psychological education. He is subordinate to the deputy commander of the regiment (ship of the 1st rank) for educational work and is the direct chief of the entire personnel of the point. He is responsible for the organization and conduct of work at the point, the effectiveness and quality of ongoing activities of psychological assistance and rehabilitation, analysis
  2. Rights and obligations of practical psychologists
    Consider the rights and obligations that are necessary for the successful implementation by a psychologist of their professional activities. The psychologist should have the right: 1) to take part in all aspects of the life of the organization, institution, specific client, as well as get acquainted with the content of the documentation necessary for the successful performance of professional duties; 2) participate in
  3. Psychological assistance and rehabilitation
    Psychological assistance and rehabilitation of servicemen is organized by educational work bodies and is carried out in the corresponding centers (points) of psychological assistance and rehabilitation. The main areas of psychological assistance and rehabilitation are: the organization and conduct of psycho-diagnostic measures with military personnel requiring increased psychological and pedagogical
  4. Obligations of a psychologist of a regiment (ship of the 1st rank) of a military unit
    A psychologist of a military unit in peacetime and wartime is responsible for the organization and state of psychological work in a military unit, the psychological state of personnel, the effectiveness of work to maintain psychological stability and maintain the psychological health of military personnel. He reports to the deputy commander of the military unit for educational work, and for special issues -
  5. Responsibilities of the psychologist part
    (from the order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation of 1995 No. 226) The psychologist of the regiment (ship of the 1st rank) is responsible for the state and organization of psychological work in the interests of educating the personnel, strengthening their moral and psychological state and maintaining the psychological stability of military personnel. He reports to the deputy commander of the regiment (ship of the 1st rank) for educational work. Psychologist
  6. Responsibilities of a psychologist in a company / enterprise
    The psychologist studies the influence of psychological, economic and organizational factors of production on the labor activity of employees of an enterprise, institution, organization in order to develop measures to improve their working conditions and increase work efficiency. ? Carries out work on drafting plans and programs for social development, determining the psychological factors that render
  7. Responsibilities of a battalion psychologist (division, rank 2 ship and their equal)
    The psychologist of the battalion (division, ship of the 2nd rank and equal units) in peacetime and wartime is responsible for the psychological state of the personnel, organization and state of psychological work in the battalion; the effectiveness of work to maintain the psychological stability of personnel, the effectiveness of measures taken in the interests of maintaining mental health
  8. Functions, duties and work order of the psychologist of the regiment at various stages of hostilities
    The role and place of a psychologist in a combat situation is determined by the functions performed by him, the system of interaction with officials, the stages and sequence of the implementation of their duties. The psychologist’s work system is built on the basis of his clear understanding that the complex of measures for psychological support of the regiment’s military operations is not reduced to solving occasionally arising tasks,
  9. Center (point) of psychological assistance and rehabilitation
    When equipping the premises of centers (points), it is advisable to have rooms (offices) for: conducting psycho-correctional, psychoprophylactic and psycho-consultation individual and group work; the implementation of a complex of psychophysiological recovery; conducting psycho-diagnostic measures. Cabinet for conducting psycho-diagnostic measures - in the cabinet it is necessary
  10. Psychohygiene, psychoprophylaxis and rehabilitation as activities of a medical psychologist
    Mental hygiene is a combination of medical and psychological knowledge necessary to ensure, maintain and maintain mental health. Mental hygiene includes: 1) age-specific mental hygiene (of particular importance is the hygiene of children and the elderly); 2) mental health (emotional self-control, prevention of alcoholism); 3) labor hygiene and
  11. The main areas of work, organizational forms and effective methods of activity of a military psychologist, ensuring the functioning of the system of rehabilitation and rehabilitation in the Armed Forces
    Psychologists of military units carry out rehabilitation work, both in the area of ​​military operations and in peaceful conditions, organically including their activities in a three-level rehabilitation system. At the technological and methodological levels, when working in different conditions, there are significant differences: in a combat situation, psychological rehabilitation is closely related to psychological help and
  12. The main tasks and methods of the psychologist's activities in providing psychological assistance to military personnel
    Psychological assistance is comprehensive, implemented in two main areas: 1. Implementation of a systematic and coordinated work of a psychologist and other officials of the preventive plan for the timely identification of soldiers who need psychological assistance and constant psychological support, creating favorable conditions for life
  13. Consulting psychologist in the emergency psychological assistance service - “Helpline”
    Telephone counseling arose in Russia relatively recently. The first telephone counseling service in the USSR appeared in Moscow in 1982. By 1991, there were already about 25 such organizations in our country, and therefore the foundation in the same year of the Russian Association of Emergency Psychological Assistance Phones (RATEPP) was a logical step in the development of this type of counseling in
  14. Professional duties.
    The main organizational and legal forms of PAS are pathoanatomical bureaus (PAB), which is approved by clause 2.2 of the Appendix of the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation dated 06.06.03, No. 229, and pathoanatomical departments (PAO) as structural units of medical facilities (For the provisions on PAB and PAO see in Appendix 2 and 3). The rights that patients receive under the Law (relatives, legal representatives) when applying for
  15. Obligations of patients as subjects of medical legal relations
    It should be noted that the study of the responsibilities of persons receiving medical care as an integral part of the legal status of patients is a poorly studied area of ​​modern legal support for the field of medical activity. The reasons for this legal situation are a number of factors, which may include the following. 1. Perception of patients as a more vulnerable category
  16. Article 79. Obligations of medical organizations
    1. A medical organization must: 1) provide emergency medical assistance to citizens; 2) carry out medical activities in accordance with legislative and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, including the procedures for the provision of medical care and standards of medical care; 3) inform citizens about the possibility of receiving medical care in
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