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Instead of conclusion

If you have read this book, then "Conclusion" you do not need. You yourself have already done it. If you are one of those people who, like Alexander the Great, looks to the end of the book and decides to read it, then for you there are a few lines.

In order for the reader to understand this book in his own way, it must be read. It is not necessary to read in a row, first. You can start reading from any chapter. Even with any small section. Choose “your problem” in the table of contents and, if you have sad pages in front of you, be sure to look in the book for something that will strengthen your vigor. It is here. When the author wrote about the “stress of the war”, he knew that a full-blooded, bright life exists both in war and in peaceful cities and villages.
And where there is life, there is joy. The sorrows and sorrows of the Danes, to set off joy and feel - we have the right to happiness.

Some fragments of the book by L.A. Kitaev-Smyk “Stress of War” was published by him earlier in the magazines “Archetype” (1996, No. 2), “Millennium” (2001, Nos. 2-3, 11), in the newspapers “Moskovsky Komsomolets” (1996, October 10), “Ulyanovskaya Pravda” (2001,15–16 Aug, 10–11 October), attacks were also read on the Mayak, Svoboda, and Echo of Moscow radio stations.
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Instead of conclusion

  1. Instead of conclusion
    And instead of a conclusion, I would like to quote Rudolf Zagainov’s words: “Long-term meditations on his profession give reason to consider it not only difficult (according to technology, effort and other components), but also cruel, ruthlessly screening psychologists who cannot cope with the tasks by the will of fate they had to be taken, not corresponding to them. Be
    “What did the psychological workshop give me?” (From the answers of first-year students) “A new skill, a method of recognizing another person. A key for understanding the properties of the psyche. ” “The first work experience of a practicing psychologist. New communication skill (new quality) ”. “The opportunity to get in touch with the inner world of people with the help of special techniques. Indirectly, you can learn a lot about a person and
    Youth Youth is the period of life after adolescence to adulthood (age limits are conditional - from 15-16 to 21-25 years). This is the period when a person can go from an uncertain, inconsistent youth, who claims to adulthood, to a real maturity. In his youth, a young man faces the problem of choosing life values. Youth tends to form an internal position on
    Considering that the tasks of the pathoanatomical service (PAS) are to establish the “final” diagnosis of the disease, coding the initial cause of death, issuing a Medical Death Certificate, comparing clinical and pathological anatomical diagnoses, causes of discrepancies in diagnoses, then the objectivity of the work of the service depends not only on the formation of reliable state
  5. Instead of conclusions and conclusions. Summary.
    So, the focus of humanistic psychology is a person, an individual, considered as the carrier of unique characteristics that make him the highest value of Being. Man strives toward the future, towards the free realization of his potencies (Allport), especially the creative ones (Maslow), for which he needs to strengthen his faith in himself and the possibility of attaining the “ideal Self” (Rogers). The most important role in
  6. Instead of intro
    The latest information, sounded on June 1, 1998 on Children's Day in the media (media), was downright awesome! In Russia, there are about 2 million street children, i.e. as if in a suspended state without parents, although it is well known about the plight of children being brought up without parents in public institutions (Houses
  7. Instead of intro
    Remember how the heroine of A. Kuprin's story “Olesya” spoke in blood: “She tightly clasped my hand above the wound and, bending low over her face, began to whisper something, drenching my skin with hot intermittent breathing. When Olesya straightened and opened her fingers, only a red scratch remained in the wounded place. ” I wonder what the wonderful witch was whispering? One day this
    Work as nothing else in life connects the individual with reality. In his work, he is at least reliably attached to a part of reality, to human society. Sigmund Freud Now you hold in your hands an unusual work that will try in front of you to reveal the main and interesting aspects of the practical life of a modern psychologist, some aspects of this work can
  9. Instead of an afterword
    The role and place of women in Tajik society can also be traced to the attitude of local people towards me. I am a young woman who studies the current political processes in the countries of the former post-socialist camp and is focused on achieving high results in her scientific career. Almost all Tajik men and women with whom I had to communicate, there is a mass
  10. Instead of introducing
    The historical development of Central Asia over the past hundred years has contributed to the formation of a cultural space that is characterized by a unique combination of elements of traditionalism and modernism. This region is marked by a symbiosis of elements of Islamic and Western civilizations, which is manifested in science, education, art, philosophical thought and the paradigm of social thinking that have developed over the years
  11. Instead of the preface
    There are two authors of this book - a teacher and a student. The teacher is Heinrich Saulovich Altshuller, the creator of the theory of inventive problem solving, science fiction writer Heinrich Altov. A person who in many respects determined the fate of my friends, colleagues and my own, as well as our children and grandchildren. Igor Vertkin is a pupil of Heinrich Saulovich from the second generation of the Triz community, the generation of "children." Becoming
  12. Instead of ending
    In his program work "Culture and Ethics" Albert Schweitzer wrote: "The voice of true ethics is dangerous for the lucky if they start to listen to him. It does not drown out the irrational, which smolders in their souls, and tries at first to see if they can get the person out of the rut and throw it into the adventures of surrender, which the world so needs ... The ideal of a cultural person is not that
  13. The benefits of sleeping with a child
    “Is it normal to sleep with children together?” - Young mothers often ask. Of course yes. In the end, you do not expect the child to be independent of you during the day, so why should we expect this at night? Most parents all over the world sleep with their children. In fact, many mothers in western countries also sleep with their children at one time or another. (They just don't tell the doctor or their
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