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Armed Forces and drug addiction

In the Armed Forces, there are additional factors contributing to the use of drugs by military personnel:

1. A sharp change in living conditions.

2. A sharp change in social status.

3. A sharp increase in physical and emotional stress.

All these are stressful factors that addicts are used to reacting with drugs.

How addicts get money for drugs:

1. Loan without return. Usually borrowed from friends. Periodically try to borrow money in order to repay debts. Sometimes parents and the command are blackmailed by the fact that if they do not repay debts, they can be killed.

2. Home theft. First they steal money from relatives' home reserves and wallets, then they sell their belongings and clothes, then family values.

3. Theft. When there is no one else to borrow money from, the addict begins to steal from strangers, including money and things in company rooms and classes, audio and video equipment and computers.
Some steal in shops and stalls.

4. The manufacture and resale of drugs. They do not think not only that this is a criminal offense, but also that from a moral point of view, it is one of the most shameful.

5. Fraud. Usually drug addicts cheat to lure drugs, money or valuables directly.

Complications of regular drug use are life-threatening conditions that require emergency medical attention. They can develop in any drug addict. The longer the experience of drug abuse, the higher the likelihood of their occurrence.

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Armed Forces and drug addiction

  2. Alcoholism and drug addiction
    Convicts subject to compulsory treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction are kept and undergo outpatient treatment in medical correctional institutions of the penal system created for these purposes. Compulsory treatment for patients with alcoholism and drug addiction is carried out by a psychiatrist-narcologist or a psychiatrist with appropriate training in narcology.
  3. The system of work of drug prevention officials
    The approximate system of work of officials to identify, prevent and prevent the spread and use of narcotic drugs and alcohol among the school personnel was created on the basis of orders and directives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation No. 440 of 10/30/1997 "On measures to prevent drunkenness and alcoholism among military personnel Armed Forces of the Russian Federation ”, 315 dated 09/22/1995
  4. Addiction prevention
    The wide spread of drug addiction is largely a consequence of those social conditions, namely: unemployment, insecurity in the future, daily stresses, a severe neuropsychic state, the desire to get doping, which creates the impression of a surge of strength, at least for a short time to get away from the surrounding reality. Along with the already world famous narcotic
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  6. Theme “Medical-psychological and social aspects of drug addiction”
    The definition of "psychoactive substances" (surfactants). 2. Criteria for classifying surfactants as narcotic substances: medical, social, legal. 3. The concept of “drugs”, “drug addiction”, “narcotism”, “substance abuse”, “drug intoxication”, “drug intoxication”. 4. Biological, physiological, psychological mechanisms of action of narcotic substances. 5. Drug condition
  7. The work of commanders in the prevention of drug addiction and alcoholism
    Statistics show the constant penetration of drug addiction into the environment of military collectives. True, today it is still far from its critical level, but its danger cannot be underestimated. The conviction of servicemen for drug-related offenses is already growing today. Drug use among military personnel contributes to
  8. Monitoring muscle strength and endurance
    The patient's ability to maintain independent breathing cannot be evaluated by any absolute value of the load; the load should be correlated with the initial level of muscle strength and endurance. STRENGTH MEASUREMENT In clinical conditions, two methods of measuring the strength of the respiratory muscles are most often used - determining the vital capacity of the lungs (VC) and the maximum inspiratory pressure (MID)
  9. Social aspects of drug addiction as a national problem
    In Russia, the problem of drug addiction affects about 30 million people, i.e. almost every fifth resident of the country. Drug addiction has become a large-scale nationwide problem that poses a direct threat to the state. Indeed, according to the latest expert estimates, each drug addict involves 13-15 people in drug use, thereby creating a kind of "snowball" of drug addiction. Addiction
  10. Addiction and its prevention
    Among the factors that most quickly and severely destroy human health is drug addiction. The group of narcotic substances is represented by traditional drugs - opium and its alkaloids: morphine, codeine, heroin, as well as cocaine, hashish, marijuana and psychotropic drugs synthesized by humans (hypnotics, sedatives, stimulants). All these substances and some agents.
  11. The main ways to overcome the spread of drug addiction
    First of all, socio-preventive and organizational measures are important, these include: strengthening awareness-raising among military personnel, intensifying the efforts of military collectives, military medical institutions in the early detection of drug use cases. The command of the courses is obliged to inform the relevant officials and medical workers about the identified by them.
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