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Maintaining strong statutory relations in the unit is an important condition for strong military discipline and maintaining the unit in constant combat readiness.

In modern conditions, when the fundamental principles of our society are changing, when the social situation in the state is extremely tense, the Armed Forces must remain a bastion of stability and confidence. To a large extent, this depends on the command staff of the Armed Forces.

The most important condition for maintaining the statutory relations in the unit and subunit is to improve the organizational activities of the command staff, its professional competence, responsible attitude to the performance of military duty, high exactingness for oneself and people, combined with care for them.

The rallying of military collectives is facilitated by focused daily work on the military, legal and moral education of personnel, strict adherence to the rules established by laws and military charters of the Russian Federation, the constant concern of commanders and commanders to improve the lives of their subordinates, improve their cultural, domestic and medical services, fight for moral purity of relations, immediate reaction to the slightest manifestation of "hazing," "fraternity" and other negative traditions tion.

The commanders of units and subunits are called upon to continue to work actively to increase the level of discipline and organization of personnel. All this is a reliable guarantor of the ability of the Armed Forces to carry out the responsible task assigned to them to protect our Motherland.

Undoubtedly, the transition to a contractual system of manning units and units of constant readiness, the introduction of the institute of junior commanders — sergeants and foremen, who are selected from among the most trained military personnel under the contract, should have a positive effect on the general condition of military discipline.
To some extent, the reduction of the conscript service life to 1 year also contributes to the solution of the problem of hazing.

Demand is growing from officials who hide the true state of affairs and who do not take effective measures to ensure law and order in subordinate units. For each case of offenses, an official investigation is conducted, the perpetrators are brought to disciplinary and criminal liability.

At the same time, it is necessary to understand that it is impossible to radically reduce the number of crimes and incidents, to completely eradicate cases of violations of the charter rules of relations between military personnel is impossible only due to the efforts undertaken by the Ministry of Defense.

The final solution to the problem directly depends on how prestigious military labor is, how much the younger generation is morally, psychologically and physically prepared for military service and is aware of its socio-political significance. And this is a field of activity for such an important instrument of influence on the power, minds and hearts of people, as the media, as well as for various public organizations and movements, for society as a whole.
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  1. Conclusion
    Based on the analysis of the content of the article, the following conclusions can be drawn: The most important hardening is important to begin at an early age, when the body is in the process of formation, and mechanisms of immunobiological protection are developing. For complete hardening, it is necessary to use a set of hardening procedures, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body. Like age,
  2. Conclusion
    In conclusion, we can give an example (out of many) that shows that the Sytin method is really unique and effective. So, at the Institute of Normal Physiology. Acad. P.K. Anokhin RAMS in the presence of Academician K.V. Sudakov as a result of applying this method for ten minutes, an employee (28 years old) had a long-term stable tachycardia with a pulse rate of 120 beats per minute. After
  3. Conclusion
    In conclusion of the dissertation, the results of the study are summarized, the results of solving the tasks are summarized, the prospects for further scientific research and the prospects for using the results are indicated, as well as the main conclusions are formulated: 1. Readiness for professional activity is a cumulative psychological neoplasm of the initial stages of professionalization,
    In conclusion, it is advisable to briefly summarize the data on the most common resistance mechanisms among the main clinically significant microorganisms. Causative agents of community-acquired infections • Staphylococcus spp. - resistance to natural and semi-synthetic penicillins associated with the production of? -lactamases. • S. pneumoniae - resistance of various levels to penicillin (some strains
    In conclusion, the following should be noted. The inner world of the person whom we expect to see as our customer is complex and multifaceted. In everyday work with customers, one cannot limit oneself to intuitive, sometimes superficial knowledge and ideas about consumer behavior, since genuine motives of behavior lie much deeper than it seems on
    In conclusion, we will try to summarize the work we have done and put forward some general points that we think stem from the theoretical and experimental research conducted by our research team. However, before proceeding with this, it is necessary to raise the question of the degree of evidence of those provisions that we intend to put forward. The monograph touches on a very wide
  7. Conclusion
    In conclusion, the importance of a balanced content of the characterized nutrients in any diet should be emphasized. On average, the physiologically most acceptable ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is 1: 1: 4. For people engaged in physical work, this ratio should be approximately 1: 1: 5, and for mental workers - 1: 0.8: 3. Given the characteristics of carbohydrate
    In conclusion, I give an answer to another question that you, of course, ask yourself: Why is there so much guilt on our Earth, if we only suffer from it? Feelings of guilt appeared on the planet at the same time as the separation of the sexes. Previously, we simply were without concepts of good or evil, since these concepts, generated by the mental sphere, did not exist at the very beginning of the history of mankind.
  9. Instead of a conclusion
    If you read this book, then the "Conclusion" you do not need. You already made it yourself. If you are one of those people who like Alexander the Great, looks at the end of the book and decides whether to read it, then for you - a few lines. In order for the reader to understand this book in his own way, it must be read. It’s not necessary to read in a row, first. You can start reading from any chapter. Even from any small section. Select
  10. Instead of a conclusion
    And instead of a conclusion, I would like to quote Rudolf Zagainov: “Many years of thinking about my profession give reason to consider it not only difficult (by technology, efforts and other components), but also cruel, ruthlessly weeding out psychologists who can’t cope with those tasks for which by the will of fate they had to take, not corresponding to them. To be
  11. Registration of clinical and pathological epicrisis and conclusions on the cause of death
    The opinion of the pathologist about thanatogenesis, the mechanisms of the onset of death, taking into account clinical and morphological data, is presented in the clinical and pathological epicrisis containing the doctor's judgment on the cause of death. The conclusion about the cause of death is more accessible for understanding by relatives and representatives of non-medical departments, who are obliged to get acquainted with the pathological documentation on duty. Yet
  12. Conclusion
    Dear Reader! You read the whole book. We hope that the information contained in it helped you develop clinical thinking, i.e. the ability to correctly collect the necessary information and process it into a detailed clinical diagnosis. It is well known that recent advances in science and technology have significantly improved the recognition of internal diseases and deepened understanding of many of their issues.
  13. Conclusion
    Diagnosis and treatment of gastritis in animals, in particular dogs, is a particularly urgent task, the solution of which is an important condition for improving the living standard of the animal. In this work, concepts such as chronic, acute and special forms of gastritis were considered. Distinctive features of chronic gastritis from peptic ulcer, stomach cancer and functional disorders are given.
  14. Conclusion
    Summing up the data presented in the monograph, the following points should be emphasized. Along with the ever-increasing profiling in medicine, new specialties are being created. And one of the first to isolate obstetric anesthesiology. The first anesthetists in the field of obstetrics and gynecology appeared in the late 50s, and independent departments in obstetric institutions appeared in the mid-60s
    Effective emergency medical care for pregnant women, women in labor, women in childbirth, newborns in the most acute period of obstetric and gynecological situations at the prehospital stage is a necessary condition for their successful treatment in a hospital. Her tasks include the correct recognition of pathological conditions and the skillful implementation of therapeutic and tactical measures. Materials cited in
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