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Ermolaeva M.V. Development Psychology: A Toolkit for Part-time and Distance Learning Students, 2003
The concept of this manual focuses on the goals that face the course of "Age Psychology." This course should not only help to increase the private-scientific erudition of students studying in the specialty “Psychology”, but rather solve a number of interconnected methodological problems: create a clear modern picture of development in ontogenesis (with clarification of its specific features, emphasis in the study of development mechanisms, identification of key points in system of theoretical concepts and empirical knowledge), the formation of a special way of thinking (defined by the leading principles of Russian psychology, modern th type of scientific rationality, the modern understanding of the categories of "development", "socialization", "maturing").

This methodological manual is built as a guide to sections of the course from the perspective of Russian developmental psychology and illustrates the main provisions of the program of the “Age Psychology” course with excerpts from the works of the classics of Russian psychology, as well as authoritative modern researchers in this field.
Theoretical problems of developmental psychology
The psychological concept of age and the problem of periodization of mental development
Representations of the driving forces, sources and conditions of mental development in foreign and domestic psychology
The discovery of the egocentrism of children's thinking J. Piaget
Theories of mental development in domestic psychology
Psychological characteristic of periods of ontogenetic development
Infant age (2-12 months)
Early age (1-3 years)
Preschool age (3-6-7 years)
Younger school age (7-10.11 years)
Adolescence (10-11 - 15-16 years)
Youthful age (17-18 - 23 years). General characteristics of age
Mature age
Old age

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