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Abstract. The regime of the day, its importance for health, 2010
Day regimen as the basis of a healthy lifestyle Day regimen for people of different age categories The regime of the day of children and adolescents The regime of the day of an adult The fundamentals of a healthy life regime The mode of work and rest The mode of sleep
Day regimen for people of different age categories.
Bases of a mode of a healthy life.

Books and textbooks on discipline Hygiene and Sanitary Control:

  1. Kartasheva NV, Klimovich S.V. Test tasks on general hygiene: "hygiene of children and adolescents", "occupational hygiene", "food hygiene" - 2012
  2. Crib. Spurs on hygiene - 2011 year
  3. Abstract. Hygiene of Labor in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry - 2011
  4. Abstract. Hygiene and its main tasks - 2011
  5. V.P. Кляуззе. The course of lectures "Sanitation and occupational health" - 2011
  6. Cribs. Basics of Hygiene and Pediatrics of Preschool Children - 2010
  7. ALKats. Sanitation and hygiene of hairdressing - 2010
  8. Technique. Methods for calculating emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere during various technological processes - 2010
  9. Gigina O. .. Methods and technical means of protection of atmospheric air from pollution and cleaning of waste gases - 2010
  10. Abstract. Mold - 2010
  11. N.S. The saltman. Methodical recommendations and control tasks for the discipline Microbiology, nutrition physiology, sanitation - 2010
  12. Abstract. Prevention of gastrointestinal disorders. Food Hygiene - 2010
  13. Tests. personal hygiene of the patient. Nutrition of patients - 2010 year
  14. Konstantinova IG. How to get rid of rats, mice and domestic insect pests - 2010
  15. Based on materials of international student scientific-practical conferences. Innovations of students in the field of veterinary medicine of biology, ecology and zootechny. Modern problems of commodity science, commodity consulting and examination of goods. - 2010 year
  16. Test. Measures for the protection of atmospheric air - 2009
  17. Program. Prevention of nosocomial infections (vbi) - 2009
  18. Test. Physiological and hygienic value of food. Energy Evaluation of the Diet - 2009
  19. Teaching-methodical manual. Hygiene. Course of lectures - 2008
  20. Ed. academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Zuyeva L. P. Hand hygiene and use of gloves in medical institutions - 2007
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