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ABC of weight loss

And Alcohol. The World Health Organization recommends the refusal of alcoholic beverages for the entire period of weight reduction. Alcohol disinhibits the center of hunger, removes conscious control and provokes overeating. Each person has his own individual threshold of sensitivity to alcohol, so we recommend that you refrain from drinking alcohol until you reach the coveted weight.
B Protein. In the daily diet should be present animal protein (meat, fish, poultry). It should be at least 15-20% of the total calorie content.
In Vitamins. During the entire period of weight loss, it is necessary to take multivitamins and microelements. Carefully read the annotation to the vitamin complex and take the drug according to the indicated dosage for two months.

• Fasting is prohibited. It is not a means of losing weight. Under the supervision of a doctor, it is used for general health purposes, but not as a way to reduce weight. The break between meals should not exceed 5 hours (sleep time is not taken into account). A prolonged hunger pause for more than 5 hours leads to a decrease in metabolic processes and to the accumulation of excess weight. This saving accumulative mechanism has been formed in the human body for centuries: a rare food intake during the day - a slowing of metabolism - the accumulation of fat. Immediately agree: for one meal we will take an apple or a sandwich cooked at home, with the calorific value calculated.
From the positions of Ayurveda, the oldest surviving natural healing system, the metabolism of the human body is like a fire that can be "extinguished" by excess fuel. The fire will go out (the metabolic processes will decrease) and with irregular fueling.
D Additive - a teaspoon of vegetable oil without caloric intake. Take recommended once a day, in the morning. You can add to salad or soup, but it's important not to fry on this oil (when frying, the oil changes properties).
E Eat with pleasure, the food should be tasty. The presence of four taste sensations in one meal (sweet, salty, bitter and sour) makes it possible to obtain optimum saturation. Many products have a complex taste sensation. This does not mean that each time it is required to cover a "tablecloth-self-scrubbing", but it is necessary to strive for this. A good sense of satiety is also given by those foods that need to be chewed. Less advantageous in this respect are liquid dishes and products for toothless.
F Liquid. Liquid intake should be limited to one and a half to two liters per day in cool weather and two to three liters in hot weather. Excess fluid prevents fat loss. If you do not want to drink, then do not force yourself. So your body has enough of its own liquid, formed as a result of the splitting of fat.
3 Prohibited products. There are none and should not be. All your favorite foods and dishes are at your disposal. And remember that the more often you refuse yourself the pleasure of eating something tasty and high-calorie, the more it will be wanted. Another thing is that the implementation of all the recommendations will allow you to receive from a small piece, for example, a cake is the same pleasure as earlier from the whole. And a high need for the same sweets will be realized in some other, psychological way, without using food.
On this "ABC of weight reduction" ends. But in your soul after reading the principles of rational nutrition, some familiar feeling may appear ... Listen to yourself. This can be fear, it may be uncertainty in their abilities or doubts about the positive result. Or maybe it's the voice of Cunning Fat whispering: "This is all nonsense, and again you will not succeed ..."
The fact is that for most people weight loss is associated with bans, hardships and will power, worthy of the conquerors of the North Pole.
Meanwhile, all these factors are not so important, and the willpower is enough that one can cope with their daily duties. Therefore, our next most important task is to change the frightening situation of the ban on a very natural situation of choice.
When you go to another city or just to a nearby shop for shopping, you tend to have a fairly clear idea of ​​what you want to see, buy, and so on. With your weight loss, travel to harmony, the situation is the same. You need to know what you are aiming for. Let's agree that the acquisition of a slender figure is just a means of achieving something more valuable and important in your life than an abstract "figure of weight".
Imagine that on the dining table, every time you sit down for it, in addition to food and food, all that is for which you started your weight loss. The easiest way is to imagine some desired clothing that will be to your face after losing weight. In your imagination, it is right in front of you, next to the plate. If the food with the calculated caloric value is over, and the appetite is not gone, then it's time to think: "And what is more important for me? This seductive piece or those desired goals? "
Not always the achievement of meaningful goals depends only on the desire (such as the birth of a child, the establishment of a stable relationship with a loved one), and at the same time the degree of achievement of such desires will greatly increase, and this too can become a goal.
When choosing, remember that choosing one is giving up another. If today, now you choose additional caloric content, then, for example, your fitted and shortened skirt will remain a beautiful pink dream. Is this dilemma difficult? Yes, probably, it is not always possible to make a right and reasonable choice. However, this situation of choice is much more pleasant and customary than prohibitions. Having made a choice in favor of harmony, you get up from the table with your next small victory and feel yourself a successful person.
So from day to day you can accumulate experience of success and self-esteem. Following such a nutrition strategy, a person from time to time becomes stronger and more confident. This is very different from the state of health of a person who said to himself "no" and put himself on a "diet" of bans and deprivation.
So, for successful weight loss, it is important to have a very definite goal. Only they can give meaning to the process of weight loss and, ultimately, satisfaction.
"It's so simple," says the reader, who is experienced in losing weight. "I know well why I need to lose weight." And even more simply: "I want to lose weight to be thin!" However, what kind of bad word is "thin" - spoiled, almost sick! So do not rush to answer. The fact is that your insuperable appetite and "weak willpower" are just a consequence of unimportant and ill-conceived goals. Life shows that banal slogans such as "I want to lose weight for health!", "I want to lose weight to dress beautifully!" - do little to achieve the result.
Remember the dialogue between Alice and the Cheshire Cat from the remarkable work of Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland"?
"Tell me, please, where should I go from here?"
- And where do you want to go? Answered the Cat.
"I do not care ..." said Alice.
"Then it does not matter where to go," said the Cat.
- ... only to get somewhere, - explained
"Somewhere you'll definitely get there," said the Cat. "You just need to go long enough."
And to make it easier and faster to go to our harmonious body, and not "where the eyes look", we offer you the basic rules for creating goals and images of their achievement.
And then these goals, like beacons, will successfully overcome the entire planned path.
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ABC of weight loss

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