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Unleavened pasta dishes

Foods made from yeast dough are not included in the diets of healing food, since they disrupt the acid-base balance in the body and even, according to some scientists, can cause cancer. I believe this is due to the change in the biological properties of the grain under the influence of high temperatures in the baking process.
However, appropriately cooked unleavened dough is used very widely in health food. Before proceeding to the recipes of dishes from such a test, I will talk about how it is prepared.
Fresh dough
1 kg of flour, 2 glasses of warm water.
Mix flour with water. The consistency of the dough should be such that it can be cut with a knife. It is impossible to strictly maintain the ratio of water and flour, because the flour can be of different quality. It is better to check the dough for readiness, giving it a spherical shape and leaving it under a damp cloth for 15 minutes. If after that the dough does not reach for the knife when cutting, it can be considered ready. If it turns out to be too liquid, rinse it on the board with flour.
If the flour is made from dried wheat germ, ground before preparing the dough, the dish will be very healthy. The challenge is to weld it properly. When baking in the oven or roasting in oil, everything valuable in the grain is destroyed under the influence of high temperature (above 100 ° C). Adverse structural changes occur that disrupt food digestion. I suppose that this is what contributes to the disturbance of the enzymatic processing of food in the intestines that is natural for humans. Therefore, it is better to learn to cook dishes from dough in boiling water or steamed.
500 g of flour, 3/4 cup of water, 0.5 tsp of lemon juice, a tablespoon of vegetable oil ..
Mix cold water with lemon juice and vegetable oil, stir this emulsion with flour in a bowl. Knead the dough with your hand or with a wooden spatula, put it on the board with flour. Roll the ball and wrap it in a damp cloth. Then put the dough on the board, topped with flour. First, knead with the hand a thick flat cake, and then roll the dough into a thin layer with a rolling pin. I was taught by Turkmen to add lemon juice mixed with butter to unleavened dough, after which the dough is easily rolled into a thin layer as thick as almost into tissue paper. When the formation is ready, it is slightly filed with flour and wrapped in a straw or the formation is folded in half, fourfold, etc., and cut into strips. Straws are scattered on the board so that it dries slightly. Noodles can be used in many dishes, it can be harvested for the future, but not for long.
Vegetable Noodle Soup
A glass of flour, preferably freshly prepared, from dried grains of sprouted wheat, large onions, 2 tubers of Jerusalem artichoke or potatoes, parsley root, one carrot and turnip, a small bunch of dill, bay leaves, 2-3 grains of sweet pea.
Boil the water in a saucepan. Let me remind you that aluminum pots are absolutely not suitable for cooking. The first to put shredded potatoes and finely shredded onions, then shredded carrots, parsley and turnip. Children usually especially like boiled turnip pieces, so it is not necessary to chop it finely. After 2-3 minutes after boiling, throw noodles, laurel leaves and pepper into the pan. Boil for no more than 2-3 minutes. Move the pan to the edge of the stove, add the spices that you like best. My family loves star anise, cumin, anise, black pepper, coriander. All this is in closed jars in the form of powder, pounded in a coffee grinder. There is some regularity in the combination of these powders, but they usually mix to the taste of the hostess. Red pepper can always be put in the soup, but very moderately. Salt can be sea or rock salt or soy sauce. These are very good nutritional supplements made in Korean cuisine. They are made from soy with an admixture of wheat grains and sea salt. They are preparing for months. I do not undertake to make this dish myself, but I can confirm its healing action. Artificial seasoning with glutamate sodium also decorates the soup, but I cannot recommend it because of prejudice against artificial chemicalization of food. Noticed that monosodium glutamate contributes to an allergic reaction, so my patients prefer other seasonings.
Noodles with spring greens
3 glasses of freshly prepared noodles, 2-3 Jerusalem artichoke tubers, a glass of shredded nettle leaves, a glass of shredded radish or turnip leaves, a glass of dandelion leaves, plantain leaves, sour green leaves, woodlice and quinoa; onion head, bay leaf, carnation bud, 2-3 grains of sweet pea.
In boiling water, throw finely chopped onions and spices, then diced Jerusalem artichoke tubers and noodles. Strain the broth, in the noodles enter the finely chopped greens, put in a small dish, lightly sprinkle with vegetable oil and serve. For those who have not yet abandoned dairy products, tomato paste mixed with sour cream can be a good seasoning.
Waja is almost Uzbek
300 grams of potatoes, radish, 200 grams of tomatoes, carrots and parsley along the back, paprika paprika, 300 grams of fresh cabbage, a head of garlic, spices to taste, a glass of broth left over from the preparation of the dish described above.
Finely chop the potatoes, radishes, carrots and parsley. Boil the vegetables in the broth for 4 minutes. Put into the pan pepper, chopped into rings, and cabbage, cut into strips. Cook over low heat. Cabbage should stay with crispbread, boil the potatoes completely. Put the pot on the edge of the state and fill with finely chopped tomatoes, together with mashed garlic. All this combined with boiled noodles. Noodles should always be boiled just before eating.
Galushki - a mixture of Ukrainian and Uzbek
A glass of freshly prepared wheat flour, 2 glasses of finely shredded leaves of delicate greenery: cilantro, young dill, parsley, garden mint, woodlice, sour milk, young dandelion leaves, sleep, etc., one yolk (for those who use eggs), a glass of cold water, preferably a teaspoon of lemon juice or dry wine, a tablespoon of vegetable oil.
Knead the dough like noodles, stir in a glass of chopped greens, roll a ball out of the dough and let stand for 15-20 minutes under a damp cloth. Roll out the dough with a thickness of 2 mm, cut into squares measuring 3 x 3 cm and boil in boiling water. Boiling water can be replaced with vegetable broth. Remove the dumplings with a skimmer and place in a deep dish, thickly pour the remaining greens. Galushki can sprinkle the broth in which they are cooked.
This dish is festive, so more yolks and vegetable oil can be added to the usual unleavened dough. A bunch of leaves of delicate garden greens, 2 small tomatoes and 4 small fresh cucumbers. Let me remind you that all recipes are designed for 4 people.
Knead, as usual, lapsovoe dough and after settling under a damp cloth, roll out as thin as possible. Then wrap it around a long rolling pin, and cut along it. After removing the rolling pin, cut the multi-layered dough into rectangles measuring 10 x 10 cm, which will resemble multi-layer cakes.
Tie each rectangle with a harness and boil in boiling water. Carefully remove
on a flat plate, straighten the leaves of the dumplings with a bow and free them from the rope. With a certain skill, it turns out a very beautiful dish that can be decorated with tomatoes and cucumbers, cut in two. Between the leaves of the dumplings you can lay the cilantro and sprinkle all with heated oil.
In our kitchen, fatty foods are considered extremely unhealthy, so the oil is used in very small quantities, like spice. Therefore, it makes sense to insist on the flowers of wild rose, rowan, jasmine, St. John's wort, thyme, melluna, as well as all the hot spices that you have. Oil softens the taste and smell of cloves, allspice, cumin, etc.
Almost samsa from unleavened dough
2 cups flour from sprouted wheat grains, 0.5 cups cold water with egg yolk and a spoonful of vegetable oil, a glass of finely chopped greens, 6 onions, 0.5 teaspoon of spices pounded into powder with pepper.
Finely chop the onion, rub it with the hand with the greens, sprinkle with spices and sprinkle with vegetable oil. Roll out noodle dough with a layer of 1 cm, cut into squares. On each square put onion stuffing and pinch the edges. Boil in boiling water or vegetable broth. Pop-out dumplings, ears or samsa with a slotted spoon should be removed on a dish. The names vary depending on the shape of the product you chose when wrapping the stuffing in the dough. So, to make dumplings, they need to give a crescent shape. If you want your products to look like dumplings or ears, blind the ends of the dumplings together.
If you want to cook samsa, then you need to cut the noodle leaf into larger squares and bring the free edges together, as if forming an apple with a leaf. The excess dough should be as small as possible since it cannot boil. Uzbeks fry samsa in hot oil, but we will not follow their example, as the heated oil contains only toxic substances - indole, skatole, etc. Samsa can be cooked and steamed. For this there is a special device, but you can use just a colander with a flat bottom. Products made from raw onion are cooked a little longer than with ready-made minced meat.
Our kitchen is exceptionally simple, but requires experience. If you did not work the first time, think about what your mistake is.
Depending on the season and your material possibilities, the product can be watered with this or that sauce.
Mari dumplings
2.5 cups wheat flour, 1 yolk, 0.5 cups cold water, a tablespoon of vegetable oil, a glass of millet, green and onions, nettle, dill, cumin.
Cook thick millet porridge, let stand and add finely chopped greens into it with lightly chopped finely chopped onions. To do this, boil the onions in a minimum amount of water. Mix well into the porridge finely chopped green onions and 1-2 teaspoons of flavored vegetable oil. To keep the porridge cool, cover it with a napkin. Roll out the dough into squares, spread the stuffing from porridge in tight clumps on each square. On the edge of the dough to hold a wet finger, in order to better blind the edges, to give the products the form of dumplings and boil in vegetable flavored broth. Put the ready dumplings on the dish. Part of the broth to thicken the heated flour, add spices to it and pour the dumplings.
These flour products are extremely convenient in cooking. In our kitchen, they are widely accepted as an independent dish, and as auxiliary elements for chowder and soups. You can add onions, dill, cumin, marjoram, spring green leaves, etc. to the dumplings dough. You can cook them from wheat flour with the addition of buckwheat, millet, barley and barley groats, ground into flour. Dumplings are made simply in water or broth, which can sometimes be enriched with egg yolk and even cream.

Flour dumplings
5 — b tablespoons of flour without top, 5-6 tablespoons of water, yolk of one egg, 2 teaspoons of cream or vegetable oil, a tablespoon of finely chopped onion or green onion, 0.5 teaspoon of cumin, 2 teaspoons of dill.
Grind all the ingredients in the yolk, then, adding a little water and pouring flour, knead the dough. Grind it to full elasticity. In boiling vegetable broth or lightly salted boiling water, lower the dough pieces using a wet dessert spoon. From the spoon, the dough easily comes off and brewed with a lump of the shape that the hostess chose. I love to take the dough side by side of the spoon and form elongated dumplings. They decorate vegetable soups or prepare as an independent dish. A piece of dough dipped in boiling water first falls to the bottom, so the dumplings must be evenly distributed over the surface of the boiling liquid so that they do not stick together. After the dumplings have surfaced, they are brought to readiness under the lid. Then they become fluffy, very pleasant texture. Many housewives love to decorate their stews, soups and even borscht with this convenient to prepare and very tasty flour product. Children especially love colorful dumplings. For this, the dough can be tinted with tomato paste, nettle juice or finely grated carrots.
Pea with dumplings (onion soup)
10 onions, bay leaf, paprika paprika, 0.5 cups tender garden greens, a tablespoon with the top of tomato puree, all for dumplings, as in the first recipe.
In boiling water lay 10 heads of finely chopped onions. First cook over high heat, cook a little over - at a slow. 5 minutes after the soup begins to boil, dip the bay leaf and peas of allspice into it. Prepare the dough beforehand and stir the tomato mope into it to make pink dumplings. With a dessert spoon dipped in water, take the dough from the edge and put it in boiling broth. I do not specify the amount of flour intentionally, since dumplings can be cooked and several pieces, and a whole plate, depending on taste. Bring rivets to readiness under the lid on low fire. If the family eats eggs, yolk is added to the dough. You can flavor the dough with two tablespoons of cream. The dumplings from this, of course, become tastier, but there is no need for it. In my family, cream is not used.
Herma with dumplings
1.5 cups of sprouted wheat, 4 onions, a pod of red bell pepper (sweet), bay leaf, cilantro seed, cumin, egg, 2 tubers of potato or Jerusalem artichoke.
Finely chop the onion, chop the pepper into rings, possibly grind the wheat into flour, cut the potatoes into small cubes, boil the soup until potatoes are ready. 0.5 cups of flour to warm in a dry frying pan, dilute in water and introduce a thin stream in the soup. Pound the yolk in 0.5 cups of water, knead the dough for dumplings from the remaining flour. Into the dough, mix cumin, add a little salt with sea salt. Lay bay leaf in the soup and form a dumpling spoon with a dessert spoon. When they float, close the pan with a lid and bring the dumplings to readiness. Whole soup is cooked for about 10-12 minutes. Move the pan to the edge of the plate, pour finely chopped greens and let it brew for 5 minutes. If you wish, you can add pounded garlic into the soup along with the herbs.
Vegetable soup with potato dumplings
2 onions, fresh in summer, and the rest of the year - dried sweet Bulgarian pepper, one carrot, parsley root, 5 radishes, 3 tomatoes, 2 large potatoes, 0.5 cups of freshly prepared wheat germ flour, bay leaf, 3 grains allspice, 0,25 nutmeg, egg.
Finely chop the onion, chop the parsley and carrot into thin circles, grind the yolk from 0.25 cups of water, introduce a little flour and cumin. Grate the finely washed potato tubers with the cut out eyes on a fine grater, stir the potatoes into the dough, add protein. First put onion into boiling water, then carrot, parsley, bay leaf and pepper. Enter sliced ​​rings fresh sweet pepper or pounded dried. Dessert spoon dipped in water to form dumplings in boiling vegetable soup, as in previous recipes. When the dumplings pop up, leave the dish on low heat for another 2 minutes, put the pan on the edge of the plate, sprinkle the soup with red bitter pepper and finely mashed nutmeg, lightly salt with sea salt.
Ginger and Nutmeg Dumplings
A glass of freshly prepared wheat flour, a glass of freshly prepared buckwheat flour, 0.5 cups of freshly prepared wheat flour, 3 onions, nutmeg, a teaspoon of ground ginger, an egg.
Shred the onions, flavor them with bay leaves and sweet peas and put into boiling water. From flour and water, freshly prepared in a coffee grinder, with yolk pounded into it, knead the dough. The consistency of the dough should be approximately twice as thick as on the pancakes. Pour finely grated ginger root and nutmeg into the dough. Salt the dough lightly with sea or rock salt. Form a dessert spoonful of lumps of dough and dip them into boiling broth. When the dumplings pop up, bring them to readiness, but do not close the pan with a lid. Take out one dumpling on a plate and try. If the dumplings are ready, take them out with a slotted spoon and spread them out on a platter. Dumplings can be sprinkled with finely chopped greens, mixed with finely chopped tomatoes. This dish is very fond of children, it is nice to decorate it with thin slices of turnip and radishes. Cabbage Soup with Orange Dumplings
2 onions, 400 g of Brussels sprouts, parsley root, 3-4 orange carrots, 0.5 cups of freshly milled wheat flour, egg, 2 bay leaves, spices to taste.
Finely chop the onion and add to the boiling water. Following this, throw there coaches Brussels sprouts, chopped parsley. A few minutes after boiling, you can drop dumplings into the pan.
Тесто для клецок: желток растереть с водой, добавить муку, затем в тесто втереть мелко тертую морковь и осторожно ввести взбитый в крутую пену белок.
Суп готов, когда капуста еще сохраняет хрустинку, но клецки должны быть проварены полностью. Следует учитывать, что более старая капуста варится примерно 4—5 мин, ранняя—2—3 мин. Поэтому ранняя капуста вводится в суп после клецок. Хозяйка может легко разнообразить суп, изменяя цвет, вкус и величину клецок. Чтобы сохранить их форму, ложку с тестом следует опускать в суп, как бы отмывая ее от теста.
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Блюда из пресного теста

  1. Recommended products and dishes
    Bread and flour products: wheat bread of high-grade flour or 1st grade, dried or crackers; dry butter biscuits and biscuits. Soups: weak fat-free meat and fish broth with egg flakes, quenelles; meat soups; mucous broths from grits with broth; soups on broth or vegetable broth with boiled semolina, rice, oatmeal, allowed vegetables in the form of mashed potatoes. Dishes
  2. Recommended products and dishes
    Хлеб и мучные изделия: ржаной, белково-отрубной, белковопшеничный, пшеничный из муки 2-го сорта, хлеб, в среднем 300 г в день. Fancy flour products by reducing the amount of bread. Супы: из разных овощей, борщ, щи, окрошка мясная и овощная, свекольник; бульоны мясные, рыбные, грибные слабые, нежирные с овощами, разрешенной крупой, фрикадельками, картофелем. Блюда из мяса и птицы:
    Надежность разнородного теста определяется с применением метода надежности отдельных заданий, вычислением коэффициента Кьюдера-Ричардсона (GFKuder, MWRichardson,1937). Такая надежность вычисляется по данным однократного применения теста, но вместо суммарных показателей двух половин используются данные о выполнении испытуемыми каждого задания. Для полного понимания вычислений приводим
    Каждый из этих рецептов рассчитан на 2 приема пищи. Если вы готовите для себя и партнера, который не проводит детокс-программу, он может добавлять к ним другие блюда, какие пожелает. Если вы готовите только для себя, можете оставлять половину порции на следующий день или использовать половину количества ингредиентов. По возможности используйте органическую, не содержащую гормоны курятину и
  5. Recommended products and dishes
    Bread and flour products: rye bread, protein-bran, protein-wheat, wheat flour of the 2nd grade. Fancy flour products by reducing the amount of bread. Soups: from various vegetables, cabbage soup, borscht, beetroot soup, meat and vegetable okroshka, weak lean meat, fish and mushroom broths with vegetables, grains, potatoes, meatballs. Meat and poultry: lean beef, veal, edged
    Determination of reliability by the method of interchangeable forms of the test is based on the correlation of indicators obtained from the same subjects by two surveys. First, using the main task, and then using a parallel form. The reliability indicator in this case measures both the temporal stability of the test and the consistency of the answers, which is convergent validity. For,
  7. Витаминные блюда
    Кормящей маме требуется очень много сил и энергии, поэтому вся ее пища должна быть исключительно натуральной и целебной. Ценнейшим источником витаминов, микроэлементов и минеральных веществ являются дикорастущие растения и травы региона, в котором вы живете. С ними можно приготовить поистине чудодейственные блюда. Только имейте в виду, что дикорастущие растения нужно собирать в экологически
    Метод тестов заключающийся в диагностике (психопрогностике) личности, ее психических состояний, функций, качеств на основе выполнения какого-либо стандартизированного задания с заранее определенной валидность и надежностью. Нами уже рассмотрено понятия надежность и валидность. Остановимся более подробно на анализе валидности теста, статистических основ ее вычисления.
    Each of the following recipes is designed for 2 servings. You can either cook the whole dish and then store half in the fridge to consume within the next 24 hours, or cook half of the total
  10. Jerusalem artichoke dishes
    Салат из топинамбура 300 г топинамбура, 100 г зеленого лука, по 50 г петрушки и укропа, столовая ложка муки, один желток (для тех, кто ест яйца), 0,5 стакана овощного бульона. Кожица у топинамбура съедобная, поэтому чистить его не надо, но следует тщательнейшим образом отмыть клубни от земли. Для этого используют щетки. Клубни нарезают тонкими пластинками, складывают в салатницу, обсыпают
    Основное буддийское правило запрещает использование всех продуктов, приготовленных из животных. Это особенно относится к дзенбудцизму, который, говоря биологическим языком, является более развитой ветвью религии. Вообще, без Макробиотики нет буддизма. Кроме того, Макробиотика не вид вегетарианства, которое есть сентиментальность. Оно избегает «кровавой» пищи только для биологических и
  12. Приложение 6 Исследование внутриличностных противоречий методом многоцветного теста Люшера
    Хорошо известно, что воздействие цвета может вызвать у человека как физиологический, так и психологический эффект. Это обстоятельство давно уже учитывается в искусстве, эстетике и т.п. Очевидно, что данный факт может учитываться и в обратной задаче - определении состояния человека посредством предпочтения им (выбором), безразличием или отказом (негативной оценкой) его от определенного цвета.
  13. Использование прокальцитонинового теста в нейрохирургии.
    По нашему мнению, отсутствие четких критериев назначения и отмены антибиотикотерапии, встречающуюся сложность выявления источника инфекции, отсутствие в большинстве случаев быстрого определения типа микроорганизмов у больных с инфекционными осложнениями приводит к бесконтрольному назначению мощных и современных антибактериальных средств. One of the methods for the differential diagnosis of
  15. Вопросы итогового теста по курсу истории фармации.
    1. Профессия «изготовитель лекарств» появилась в III тысячелетии до н.э. в А) Египет Б) Китай В) Междуречье Г) Индия 2. Законы царя Хаммурапи – документ, впервые законодательно урегулировавший врачебные действия, появился А) Египет Б) Китай В) Междуречье Г) Индия 3. Назовите документ древнего Китая, в котором содержались основы фармацевтических знаний: А)
  16. Answers to tasks of the test "autographs of the great minds"

  17. Использование методик рисуночного теста для развития аутопсихологической компетентности
    The use of projective psychological techniques is, in our opinion, an effective tool for the formation of autopsychological competence, as it allows the student to bring to consciousness some unconscious features of his individual and personal characteristics. In a comprehensive experimental program of forming the optimal level of autopsychological competence, working with
    Надежность можно определить и при однократном применении теста, пользуясь для этого процедурой расщепления. Эта процедура позволяет получить два результата, благодаря разбиению теста на две составляющие части: на четные и нечетные задания, что обеспечивает достаточную эквивалентность обоих половин. Для определения надежности вычисляются оценки успешности решений, среднеквадратические
    Direct quantification of personal parameters is not always possible, in science, therefore, they use indirect quantification, indirect measurement of personal parameters with the help of tests. What is a test and how can they measure personality? Test / from English test - task, sample / - method of personality research, built on its assessment based on the results of a standardized task, test, sample
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