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A wide range of diseases affecting people, the danger of many of them and the suffering they cause are unique to us as a species. Most animals in nature die of old age, wounds, or in the jaws of other animals. They do not suffer from cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, autoimmune diseases. This is the prerogative of man. We pay a high price for isolating ourselves from nature. Our activities threaten the existence of life on the planet.
In order to prevent the destructive impact of the costs of modern life on our health, at least for yourself, you will need something more than a detox program and the subsequent maintenance of the results achieved with its help.
We are able to avoid getting into statistics as one of the 20 million annual cancer victims - this number is expected around the world by 2030, whereas today this figure is less than 12 million - and the development of a degenerative condition that turns the aging process into real disease.
At the time of my youth, cancer was something unfamiliar and distant, something that friends of my friends had suffered with. Today, at least 10 people from the close circle of my communication are struggling with this disease. I do not intimidate you at all in order to induce someone to carry out my cleansing program or any other detoxification program or at least make the changes recommended in this book. It is simply a statement of facts about the reality in which we live. Radical changes are needed in all spheres of life on a global scale, so that the problem of maintaining and improving health becomes the focus of public attention. These changes will take a lot of effort, but they are absolutely necessary.
Global warming was the first inconvenient truth, which caused deep concern to the world community. We began to take certain steps to resolve this problem. Global toxicity is the same inconvenient truth, which requires the same attention and innovative solutions if we want to survive and thrive as a species. This book offers some of these solutions.
The purpose of this book is to inform you about the state of affairs and provide you with simple tools with which you can lead an energetic, rich life, as well as maintain your health, looking for the most appropriate solutions for your needs.

There is no doubt that today the healthcare system in the West does not fulfill the tasks assigned to it. If we draw an analogy between the Earth and a living being and regard forests as its lungs, and the Internet as its nervous system, hospitals should be its lymph nodes — places where diseases must be healed. But they do not perform this function. Instead of treating people, hospitals with expensive medications and unnecessary surgical procedures make them even more sick. This creates an atmosphere of mistrust and even fear. Working as a cardiologist in overcrowded hospitals, I often met people who were terrified of their prescribed treatment.
Their friends and family members have already undergone similar procedures, experienced the negligent attitude of medical personnel and acquired illnesses and disorders due to the imperfections of modern medicine, whether it be the harmful interaction of drugs or medical error. Sometimes this imperfection is fatal to patients. The atmosphere of anger and fear that prevails in our medical institutions is rarely discussed, but doctors feel it.
Instead of treating people, hospitals with expensive medications and unnecessary surgical procedures make them even more sick.
There is a great need for the return of powers to patients so that they understand that they themselves are responsible for their health and well-being. The doctor or the hospital staff does not cure anything. We help create the conditions under which the body heals itself best. My experience of losing the health of the digestive system, falling into depression, and then healing the digestive system due to cleansing, restoring the integrity of the intestines and as a result of getting rid of depression was a revelation to me. Since then, I have witnessed many people who not only got rid of excess weight and unpleasant symptoms through detoxification, but also found faith in their own self-healing potential, like I used to.
My meditation mentor used to say, encouraging her students to work in the school’s kitchen: "First we calm the stomach, then talk about the spiritual." She meant that when physical health is in perfect order, you can begin to improve the spirit.
When you do your first cleansing, transformations take place at all levels. Patients, even skeptical at first, told me that the detox program had released something more than physical energy in them. Often she opened a new inner space. Temporarily distracting from food, attention shifts to more sophisticated activities, such as contemplation, thinking and daydreaming. The time previously spent on food is now spent on communication with children, creative projects, spiritual life. People say: "I remembered what is important to me in life."
In this regard, the purification program can be the beginning of a great awakening. A few years ago, I met an Indian saint who was known for making brilliant bracelets and distributing them to his followers. When asked why he does this, instead of simply instructing them in his teaching, the saint replied: “By giving them what they want, I hope that one day they will want what I want to give them.”
With our present, stable health, we will cure the fever of global toxicity, which has a very negative impact on us, our planet and our future.
The same is the case with the detox program:
Having grown healthy, shiny and young-looking leaves on your tree, you cannot help but clear the roots. The result is a solid foundation for good health. This, in turn, opens the way for the pacification of the body and consciousness, where true happiness lives.

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  1. What awaits you ahead?
    I would like to constantly hear about the favorable prognosis, the cure, or at least the stabilization of blood pressure for a long time. But alas. More often, we hear about poor condition, terrible complications and even death. Drugs are replaced by others, sometimes the doctors themselves change, but the patient stays in the same place: the state of health is Poor, the diagnosis of “essential hypertension” is not removed.
    Oh, there are unique words, Who said them - spent too much, Only the blue of Heavenly and the mercy of God is inexhaustible. And Akhmatova, 1916 The rationale for a person’s influence on a person can be done differently: by the person who influences and observes. I will try to describe this situation from the point of view of the observer, using the concept of the interaction process and its main structural
  3. What if we have different ideals with a friend with whom I live now?
    You have the right to dream about anything and desire anything, because it does not depend on the consent or on the presence of someone else. Suppose you want to go with a friend to live in the village, but she does not like village life. No one now forbids you to dream that one day you will still leave to live in the village, if not with your current friend, then with another woman who will
  4. Basically, everything is fine with my husband. But can I allow myself to make a remark to him when I see that he loses control of his emotions and goes with the flow?
    He resents my comments. You ask if you can afford it. You should not allow yourself, but rather he should ask you about it, since it is in his interests. Given his too emotional nature, you should be gentle with him. This is the rule of human mercy. Try to understand with what intention you are doing what you call the remark. You
  5. Stage 3. Discussion “In what areas does society expect different behaviors from men and women?”
    As a rule, students say that society expects different behaviors from men and women in the family when choosing professions, in relation to politics, following traditions, towards the army and war, towards sex, appearing in the media, raising children and caring for them, the desire to earn income and make money, in relation to appearance, age of marriage, age of sexual debut, etc.
  6. My husband has a panicky fear of being out of money. And this is despite the fact that he and I have a permanent job. What to do and what to say?
    Have you tried to just talk to him about what is bothering him? You asked him if he had any questions about this, did he think about it? Was his father afraid of losing money? If so, what did your husband, as a child, feel when you saw this fear of your father? He condemned the father? When we condemn our parents, we eventually become the same as them. It would be good to give
  7. The power is hidden in each of us.
    Many of us do not know our inner abilities, and in each they are, we just need to be able to wake them up, make them work for themselves. What you have achieved in life in all respects is only a small fraction of your potential. I say this as a specialist with many years of experience. Confirmation of this - extreme situations. Here are some examples. Where do you think the forces came from
  8. About the program and about us
    So, from the beginning of the program, we made a worldwide feat: we lightened our planet by more than 20 tons and we rejoice - we did it! Therefore, you, tasting your favorite dishes, will also move to your ideal form, and quite quickly. On the way, you will dispel the many myths imposed on us by advertising, in which people in white coats tell you about the benefits of many harmful things, but
  9. A look from the future
    Technique [8] self-programming, self-motivation, self-development (see. Fig. 7). FIG. 7. Scheme of psychotechnology "Looking from the future." 1. Having profaned, to construct in the future (Fu) an image of oneself, having achieved certain goals, having the desired qualities and traits. 2. Go from the dissociated type of representations (DS) to the associated image (AS) of the future (Fu) in three modalities
  10. I adore my husband, but we have so little in common with him.
    Even if I meet another person, who can guarantee that I will be better with him? For eight years now, as we are together, I don’t want to start everything all over again. Indeed, no one knows how your life would be with another person. You write that you adore your husband, and I advise you to do everything possible to make your life easier for him. Learn to perceive it in such a way.
  11. Kazantsev A. Who would have thought! How the brain makes us do stupid things, 2014

  12. I think that having children is a big responsibility. It can even be called a lifetime contract. When I think I can cause them suffering, I feel bad. What do I need to do to think differently?
    Change your beliefs. First, when you make a decision to have a child, you should not think that you are responsible for his happiness. Your first motivation should be to give your soul a chance to return in order to incarnate. It is a gift of self. Then, to continue growth, you must learn to love this soul that has chosen you. To have a child is
  13. If you hurt something, it does not mean that you are a bad person.
    When you managed to create a mask so as not to suffer, it was a heroic act, a feat of self-love. This mask helped you survive and adapt to the family environment that you chose before you incarnate. The true reason for our birth in a particular family or our attraction to people with the same trauma as ours is that from the very beginning we like it when others
  14. You have already said that feeling guilty is the greatest source of karma. What do you mean?
    Karma is a manifestation of the law of cause and effect. In accordance with this law, anyone reaps what he sows. Since this is a spiritual law, it acts only in relation to what has been sown from us, from our essence, and not in the external world. This means that we reap according to our motivation, and not according to the action or the word spoken. Everything
  15. My husband and I have coincided with a two-week vacation, and my husband suffers from agoraphobia: he is afraid of tunnels, bridges, highways, etc.
    Therefore, I decided to go on vacation to Europe with a girlfriend, because his agoraphobia is transmitted to me and I begin to feel insecure. The problem is that I feel guilty that I'm going to Europe without him. And I constantly postpone the purchase of an air ticket. I need to change, because I feel my guilt in front of my husband. Should I go on vacation? What do you advise? Your situation is typical for
  16. What to do if you think you have a problem with drug use
    First, learn to recognize drugs and the symptoms of their use. Secondly, trust your intuition. If you feel that a subordinate is experimenting with drugs, this may be true. Check if there are any drugs in his personal belongings (most often, servicemen store narcotic substances in household pantries, in personal “diplomats”, bags, suitcases,
  17. I do not understand your theory. You say that you reap what they sow.
    Why does my spouse almost never listen to me, although I always listen to her when she talks about her affairs or problems? Do you really listen to what your spouse is saying, or maybe you are listening to your inner voice while she is speaking? Do not you criticize her to yourself in those moments, as she talks to you? Do you think about your answer while she speaks?
  18. Is it normal that I constantly compare friends with my father and try to find in them what I liked about my father?
    You ask if this is normal, and I will answer you: “Yes, for you, it seems to be normal.” Each determines the norms individually, depending on their views. There are no identical standards for all. Modern society is trying to govern us, in terms of “normal” and “abnormal”, but what is normal for one is not necessarily normal for another. Changing our stereotypes, we
  19. The procedure "Past, Present, Future"
    Purpose: the study of themselves, their resources in the past, present and future. Instructions: "Now, we walk around the room and choose a place for individual work." Participants can move freely around the room, and sit down in advance on the prepared places, if someone wants to change the location of his desk, expand or move, then the facilitator helps this, because necessary for
  20. The future of computer intelligence cards
    Having survived infancy in the mid-1990s, computer intelligence cards are entering the 21st century by fully matured adolescents! The Pen-Pad data entry technology is currently gaining momentum, reducing the process to manipulating a device like an ordinary pen. The continuous development of the production technology of portable computers will inevitably lead to the cheapening of the latter and at the same time provide
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