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About the feeling of hunger

Now I want to explain the main principle of healthy eating. Diets are designed to make food moderate, to artificially teach us not to overeat, since we ourselves do not know how to behave restrained in relation to food. But the most important thing to learn is not to eat when you really do not want it.
The feeling of hunger is a very simple and understandable feeling; it cannot be confused with anything. Every time a thought arises: “Shouldn't I go and eat?”, You need to ask yourself if you really are hungry. Feel your stomach: is it full or empty? If there’s really no appetite, you don’t need to go to the kitchen for a meal. He will come with food, but do we need it?
Many people tend to eat, not for the sake of satiation, but for some other reason. If, for example, sad. I have already described the problems of “jamming stress” in detail. In addition, we eat well when it's boring and nothing to do.
You sit all day at home in front of the TV - and it pulls you to once again go to the refrigerator. It happens that you want to eat something if you feel uncomfortable.

For example, you walk down the street - snow in your face, wind, dirt under your feet, you freeze, and a kiosk with hot cakes is nearby. There is really no desire, but buying to just warm up. Or you can overeat for the company, when you think: “Everyone ordered two slices of pizza, one is enough for me, but I will also take two.” And so on.
All this is wrong. Be able to separate some sensations from others. Take time to ask yourself every time what exactly you feel. After all, “boring” and “frozen” is not the same thing as “hungry.”
It's like with alcohol. Before ordering another glass of wine, we turn to the body: “I seem to have drunk enough already? Then I will not. " We always think about it during a party. Because we understand: if we drink too much, we will feel bad. So with the feeling of hunger.

Every day, you need to ask yourself several times the question: “Am I hungry?”, And sincerely answer him, knowing that if we eat too much, those extra pounds and centimeters will not keep you waiting.
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About the feeling of hunger

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    Hunger is an unnatural state of the human body, meaning that it needs to replenish nutrients. And their lack, as well as excess, disrupts the normal vital activity of our body, our health. Therefore, it is unreasonable to lose your body weight below the optimal limit, individual for each person. This limit for healing nutrition is established by itself and
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    Overcoming hunger is part of quantum detoxification. When the diet for one reason or another is reduced, the problem of hunger inevitably arises. Some people are so scared by the prospect of malnutrition that they do not even dare to begin a detoxification program. In fact, this problem, as a rule, exists only in consciousness. If necessary, the body can do without food.
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    Regulation of hunger includes many of the same homeostatic concepts as thirst, but food is much more difficult to drink. When we have thirst, we generally only need water, and our thirst is directed at everything that can provide it. But there are plenty of edible things. To be healthy, we need to eat a lot of everything different (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, mineral substances). We need to comply
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    The constancy of body weight is controlled by homeostatic mechanisms. In accordance with modern concepts, two interconnected centers regulating the appetite are located in the hypothalamus: the saturation center is in the ventromedial hypothalamus and the food center is in the lateral hypothalamus. In the neurons that form the center of saturation, there are glucose receptors. Post-nutritional hyperglycemia perceived by these
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    The sense organs are anatomical structures that perceive external stimuli (sound, light, smell, taste, etc.), transform them into a nervous impulse and transmit it to the brain. A living organism constantly receives information about changes that occur outside and inside the body, as well as from all parts of the body. Irritations from the external and internal environment are perceived
    Each sailor, foreman, officer, actively learning about the surrounding combat-training and combat situation, reveals a certain internal relation to objects, deeds, events, and under the influence of combat-training and combat factors one or another feeling, one or another emotional experience. Feelings or emotions are the directly experienced attitude of a person to the surrounding reality.
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    Feelings are the experience of a person of his attitude to what he knows and does to things and phenomena, other people and himself. General characteristics of the world of human feelings: 1. Feelings are specific, that is, they differ from mental cognitive processes in that the latter is based on the material reality itself, and in the basis of the feelings is the experience of a person’s attitude to it. The
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