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About the feeling of hunger

Now I want to explain the main principle of a healthy diet. Diets are created in order to make the food moderate, artificially teach us not to overeat, since we ourselves do not know how to behave with restraint in relation to food. But the main thing you need to learn is not to eat when you really do not want it.
The feeling of hunger is a very simple and understandable feeling, it can not be confused with anything. Every time a thought arises: "Should I go to a meal?", You need to ask yourself if you really are hungry. Feel your stomach: is it full or empty? If you really do not have any appetite, you do not need to go to the kitchen for food. He will come with food, but do we need it?
Many people tend not to eat for the sake of saturation, but for some other reason. If, for example, sad. I described the problems of "stress seizure" in detail. In addition, we are good at eating, when boring and nothing to do.
You sit all day at home in front of the TV - and pulls to go again to the refrigerator. It happens that you want to eat something if you feel uncomfortable.

For example, you walk along the street - snow in the face, wind, dirt under your feet, you'll freeze, and next to a kiosk with hot pies. There are actually not want, but you buy to just keep warm. Or you can chew for the company when you think: "Everyone ordered two pieces of pizza, one will suffice for me, but I will also take two." And so on.
All this is wrong. Be able to separate one sensation from another. Take the trouble to ask yourself each time that exactly you feel. After all, "boring" and "frozen" - not the same as "hungry".
It's like drinking alcohol. Before ordering another glass of wine, we turn to the body: "I, I think, have already drunk enough? Then I will not do it again. " We always think about it during the party. Because we understand: if we drink excessively, we will feel bad. So with a feeling of hunger.

Every day you need to ask yourself a few times: "Are you hungry?" And sincerely answer it, realizing that if we eat too much, the extra pounds and centimeters will not keep you waiting.
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About the feeling of hunger

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    Hunger is the great guardian of all life. It forces the organism, which needs food, to seek and prepare it. It can be unerringly concluded that if there was no hunger, there would be no need for food. Hunger is a natural manifestation of a physiological need, and when it does not exist, we can definitely assume that there is also no physiological need that generates it. Hunger is present
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  4. Hunger and appetite
    Hunger is an unnatural state of the human body, meaning that it needs replenishment of nutrients. And their lack, as well as excess, disrupts the normal vital activity of our body, our health. Therefore, it is unreasonable to lose weight of your body below the optimal limit, individual for each person. This limit for healing nutrition is established by itself and
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    Overcoming hunger is part of quantum detoxification. When the diet for one reason or another is reduced, the problem of hunger inevitably arises. Some people are so scared about the prospect of malnutrition that they do not even dare to start a detoxification program. In fact, this problem, as a rule, exists only in the mind. If necessary, the body can do without food
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    The regulation of hunger includes many of the same homeostatic concepts as thirst, but food is much more difficult to drink. When we are thirsty, we generally need only water, and our thirst is directed to anything that can provide it. But there are a lot of edible things. To be healthy, we need to eat a bunch of everything different (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals). We need to abide by
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    Constancy of body weight is controlled by homeostatic mechanisms. In accordance with modern concepts, two interconnected centers regulating appetite are localized in the hypothalamus: the saturation center - in the ventromedial hypothalamus and the food center - in the lateral hypothalamus. In neurons forming the center of saturation, there are glucoreceptors. Post-food hyperglycemia, perceived by these
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    The cerebral cortex, regulating the entire activity of the animal's body, continually receives and analyzes various excitations from internal organs and from the external environment, which is provided by a system called IP Pavlov's analyzers. Each analyzer has three sections: peripheral - perceiving, medium - conducting and central, which is located in the cerebral cortex.
    The sensory organs are anatomical formations that perceive external stimuli (sound, light, smell, taste, etc.), transform them into a nerve impulse and transmit it to the brain. A living organism constantly receives information about changes that occur outside and inside the body, as well as from all parts of the body. Irritations from the external and internal environment are perceived
    Each sailor, sergeant-major, officer, actively learning the surrounding combat training and combat situation, discovers a certain inner relation to objects, actions, events, experiences certain feelings or emotional feelings under the influence of combat training and combat factors. Feelings or emotions are the directly experienced attitude of a person to the surrounding reality
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    In captivity of emotions. At the preschool age, just as in early childhood, feelings dominate all aspects of the child's life, giving them color and expressiveness. A small child does not yet know how to manage his experiences, he almost always finds himself captive in the one who captures his feelings. 4,0,0. Rudy, acting with a hammer, tried diligently to nail the flag from the cloth to the stick.
  16. Normal paternal feelings
    The fathers of breast-fed infants often talk about their wives: "She is too attached to this child", "Everything she does is nurse the baby", "I feel thrown" and "My only way out is loneliness". These are real feelings of real fathers who are fond of their children, but feel overwhelmed by their wives who breastfeed. If you
  17. Emotions and feelings in the conditions of military activity
    FEELING is an individual's experience of his attitude to what he knows and does to things and phenomena, to other people and to himself. General characteristics of the world of human feelings: 1. Feelings are specific, that is, they differ from mental cognitive processes in that the material reality itself is based on the latter, and feelings are based on the person's experience of his attitude towards it. Topics
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