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Fifth day. Love for yourself and your body

Love and only then boldly do what you want.
St. Augustine
Today we will again return to the part of the person responsible for being overweight. As you remember from our previous day’s activities, this inner child is a little girl or boy. The child’s desire is one thing - to receive happiness from life.
Since yesterday, we hope, in the child’s life there has been a little more pleasure. But, you see, this is not enough. What else does this child need? Of course, in parental love and care, which was often replaced by a bun. But when it comes to love for oneself and one’s own body, the complete lady is genuinely surprised: “3a what do you love for SUCH!” I’ll become slim, then we’ll see ... ”Sometimes I’ve heard:“ I hate my body because it's fat! ”
Very often, a person suffering from overweight, believes that respect, love and care about yourself - all this is possible only after losing weight. Perhaps you, dear reader, are familiar with thoughts of self-deprecation, self-incrimination in connection with overeating? Something like: “Why did you overeat something again, you have no shame, no conscience ... you are weak-willed rag ...”
Similar expressions are pronounced with one goal - to scold yourself, “cheer up”, in order to avoid further “breaks” and continue losing weight. But such tactics usually bring the opposite result! That's the way human psychology works. By blaming yourself, your own body, you are doomed to unconsciously seek punishment. And the method of punishment for a person full is often overeating.
The enchanted circle has closed: we curse more with ourselves — more extra kilograms — we have even more reasons to curse ourselves. In order to finally be convinced of the plausibility of this situation, imagine this example: mother says to a sick child with a cold: “I love you more when you are healthy, active, and cheerful! And now you are wet, sweaty, you lie with the temperature all day ... ”Does this mean the child will recover sooner?
But many full ladies in relation to their body do the same. Therefore, right now your body needs increased care. Feel free to tell him how you love him, and your body will reciprocate you - a slim figure.
So, just by respecting yourself, taking your personal characteristics and defending your rights, you can help your body gain the desired weight and maintain slimness. Americans in the Bill of Rights are written in black and white, ordinary human rights, which we either do not know or have forgotten.
You have the right...
1) on their own opinions and beliefs;
2) sometimes put yourself first;
3) ask for help and emotional support;
4) protest against unfair treatment or criticism;
5) make mistakes until you find the right path;
6) to give people the right to solve their own problems;
7) say: “No, thank you”, “Sorry, NO”;
8) do not pay attention to the advice of others;
9) to be alone / even if others want your company;
10) on their own feelings, regardless of whether those around them understand;
11) change your decisions or choose a different course of action.
You never have to ...
1) to be 100% flawless / flawless;
2) follow the crowd;
3) to love people who bring you harm;
4) make pleasant to unpleasant people;
5) apologize for being yourself / yourself;
6) beat out for the sake of others;
7) feel guilty for their desires;
8) put up with an unpleasant situation;
9) to maintain relations that have become offensive;
10) to fulfill unreasonable requirements;
11) to give something that you really do not want to give;
12) bear the brunt of someone else's wrong behavior;
13) to abandon your "I" for the sake of someone or something else.

Having secured with such “legal” support and protection, proceed to the following exercises.
Exercise 1. Write at least seven answers to the question: “Why do I love and respect myself?”
It is important not only to write, but also to begin to implement all these fad in practice, daily taking care of yourself.
By the way, lack of self-esteem is the main cause of "craving" for sweets. The topic of attraction to sweets is very relevant for a person who normalizes weight, and it is worth dwelling on this.

What is the quickest and easiest way to calm a capricious child? Right, give him a sweet. How to brighten up the child's time spent alone? Promising him ice cream. Remember, reader, your childhood years, when candy and ice cream represented some kind of holiday epitome. What excitement filled us with the anticipation of going to a candy store or visiting tea with a cake! As we regretted that such a “sweet life” was not every day, and did not understand adults, who, for some incomprehensible reason, voluntarily deprived themselves of happiness, there are sweets three times a day. Who among us as a child did not dream that when he grows up, then, like in the book “The Day of Disobedience”, he will only eat ice cream, candy and lemonade cakes?
One of the authors of this book, for whom ice cream in childhood has always been associated with a great holiday, still considers its sweet taste more pleasant than the taste of bitter beer. More often than not, as we grow older, we discover new and new amazing tastes that are not inferior to sweets — sour and salty, and even bitter. And yet, sweetheart has remained for us, matured, worn and tired, more than just food. It is an effective remedy against unpleasant emotions and an indirect satisfaction of the need for care.
For sweets attracts especially when you lose the object of love. For example, when leaving the parental home or parting with a sexual partner ... In a word, the lack of “sweetness” in life is compensated by the sweetness of food.
Exercise 2. "We are looking for a replacement for sweets."
If you are overly attracted to sweets, think: what is “sweet” missing in your life? When you are most strongly attracted to sweets, in what situations? Sincerely and honestly answer the questions posed. This will allow you to learn about the feelings underlying the love of sweets, will help to realize their true desires.
Having a high need for sweets, in the future, each time, sitting down at the table, ask yourself two questions: “What do I feel now? What do I really want? ”Try to find in the very life that“ sweetness ”that you (for lack of the best) received from delicacies.
Exercise 3. Preparing for the "Day of pleasure."
As you lose weight once a week, arrange a “soul festival” called “Pleasure Day” or “Egoist Day”. On this day, give yourself pleasure, do what rarely allowed themselves. May this day be wholly devoted to bliss and pleasure. You better know about your needs for pleasure - and listen to them. Make a similar day the day after tomorrow, on the seventh day of our program. And now think how you will spend it.
Exercise 4. Hike to visit.
Plan a trip to visit friends or friends in a restaurant for tomorrow. The main thing is that where you go, there is a laid table. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, you will soon find out why and why such a recommendation was given. In the meantime, call friends or girlfriends and make an appointment ...
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Fifth day. Love for yourself and your body

    DAY FIVE -
    Food swallowed on the go is not considered as food. This is gasoline. Our inventory with bells and whistles: 1. Shoes. You need shoes in which you walk lightly, like a cloud! It will be sneakers, sneakers, boots, sneakers, clogs - anything, as long as your legs purred with pleasure when you put on your shoes and go for a walk. Test your choice - walk about 40 minutes without stopping normal.
    As we say about ourselves: “Toxins have accumulated in my body and the organs of excretion of these toxins do not cope with their number, so the toxins climb outside through the skin.” That's right, the body is not a fool, he tries to save himself from the poison as soon as possible. Self-preservation instinct works. And what is interesting: it turns out that additional information is hidden in containers with toxic waste.
  4. Liz Burbo. Love, love, love: On different ways to improve relationships, on the acceptance of others and yourself, 2008

    The wizard does not believe in miracles. He uses them. Today we introduce peas. But not all peas are good for us: we choose nosy peas for ourselves, it’s Turkish, it’s also chickpeas. From this pea cooks a stunning, rich broth, very similar to chicken. This pea is extremely tasty in rice porridge, if cooked with it. Do not immediately make yourself a pea soup - first add a few
  6. How should one behave with a sick person who uses his illness to induce love for himself? I feel helpless because I want to help this man, but he does not believe in anything.
    The previous answer extends to this question. Why does a person often feel the need to help others without thinking that it can harm another? A person who decides to help someone, not thinking about what he can do, thinks only about himself. He needs someone's positive result to feel their own significance. Therefore he
    But now it will become a little more diverse - we add fried onions to our porridge. A little, not half a serving, of course, but the onion will brighten up our monotony. So, our permissible products for 4–7 days: In the morning, 100–150 g of boiling water. Rice, millet, wheat, buckwheat - necessarily. Radish - required. Parsley or celery - on request. Fried onions - a teaspoon on a plate of porridge. About doses and doses:
    Water day everyone arranges himself when morally ready for this. This day does not necessarily fall on the fourteenth, someone may have a twelfth or twentieth, and someone will not at all arrange such a day for himself. How to understand that the Water Day is chosen correctly: you have no food panic about this, and the Water Day passes without trouble. To those who have already announced today
    Today is the last day when you walk with my hand. Tomorrow your independent journey begins. Write yourself a program for the next two to three to four weeks. If you still need to work on the skin and figure, or there are some chronic ailments left, or build: feel free to arrange another Water Day for yourself. And then - in order: first add onions or carrots,
  12. Love, marriage, family
    Youth is a time of serious and big love, searching for a life partner, creating a family. Young people are psychologically ready for intimacy; they need another person, social reciprocity. Finding a partner and getting married is one of the means to achieve it and one of the important tasks solved by youth. Avoiding experiences and contacts that require intimacy due to the alarming fear of losing one’s own “I”
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