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Third day. "The dark side of the moon", or explore the positive aspects of overeating and overweight

Who is the one who, ever desiring evil, has done so much good?
“Robin-Bobin Barabek ate forty people, and then says:“ My stomach hurts ”.” In order not to be in the situation of Barabek, we need a punctual record of each piece eaten. Once again, at the very beginning of the third day, we will return to the benefits of counting calories. Sorry for perseverance. Has the daily caloric content of your food yesterday and today been calculated before each decimal place? And this is not just a question, it is a kind of test: people who are successful in losing weight consider up to tenths or even hundredths. Become successful and you learn to control your weight and eating behavior.
In this way, the subconscious automatism, the “Calorie counter”, that is necessary for the rest of your life, is formed in you. If, while going to bed, you think that today was a hard and unlucky day, then also remember that today you ate the right amount of calories and for one more day you became closer to your goals!
There is such a thing as a calorie counting algorithm. This is a successful food intake strategy for reducing a person’s weight. It looks like this: 3 (wanted) - C (counted) - C (eaten) - 3 (recorded), but you should not pronounce the abbreviation.
As well as in any other new business, in training in calculation of caloric content at the first stages you should make maximum efforts. But "the eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing." This saying will help you in the beginning. And the more accurately you count, the faster you will create an automatic “calorie counter”.
Later, in 3-4 weeks, you will find that the calculation of the caloric content of a complex dish, such as borscht, will take you less time than reading this paragraph.
And now for the practical part. Today we have two tasks:
I. Find benefits in excess weight.
Ii. Sincerely thank those extra pounds say goodbye to them.
Amazing tasks, isn't it? We will surprise you a little more: remember and read your answers to the question: “What is bad in overweight?” So, as much as in overweight is bad, it’s just as much good in it. But this is sometimes realized with great difficulty. And the greater the mass of a person, the greater the extra Kilograms bring to his life.
After reading the last sentence, one of the readers will be indignant and say: “This is all wrong, some problems from overweight ... And here they are talking about some benefit”. But did you know that Eastern sages consider obesity not a disease, but the protection of the body from any spiritual distress? In our opinion, they are very close to the truth.
Indeed, those extra pounds, harming human health, at the same time protect opranizm from even greater destruction. At a subconscious level, overweight is the desire to preserve health, paradoxically it sounds.
Suppose a person is “in discord with peace and destiny,” and life seems so tasteless to him that it can be continued further only by sweetening, seasoning and seasoning with mayonnaise. And if you deprive him of this, albeit a surrogate, but still a consolation, then it may well be that the poor thing would be a stone’s throw before a heart attack ...
Thus, it becomes clear that being overweight carries with it not only disadvantages, but also advantages. Delivering certain troubles, he at the same time protects us from even more damage. Psychologists call this phenomenon “secondary gain”. Every extra kilogram has a good reason to stay in your body.
The renowned psychotherapist Milton Erickson, already recognized as a master, allowed himself unusual therapeutic “tricks” in dealing with patients. One day, an overweight woman came to see him. Of course, she had many complaints about her health and other problems. Erickson asked her to tell about the feelings that she feels at the moment, but in response, he heard a memorized and endless continuation of all the other complaints. The woman did not know her feelings and could not tell about them. Then Milton Erickson took a fold on her stomach with two fingers and, dragging it, began to repeat: "There is not a drop of fat here, there are a lot of emotions, there is no fat here, there are only emotions."
The meaning of this story is that, from a psychological point of view, in overeating and in overweight hides a lot of unintelligible experiences and unexpressed emotions. As one of our patients said: “I didn’t worry, I was chewing.” Often food saves a person from such unpleasant experiences as loneliness, boredom, anxiety, anger and others. And if there were no “food” ways of coping with difficult emotions, then who knows how you would feel?
Regarding overeating, finding your “secondary benefit” (most likely, there are several of them) is to a large extent guarantee “long-term” harmony.
There are cases when the benefit of completeness exceeds the benefits of harmony. This leads to a quick return (moreover, with a "appendage") with great difficulty dropped kilograms. Therefore, carefully read the most common forms of "secondary benefits" of excess weight, which are talking about our patients. Remember that the realization of most of these “advantages” does not come immediately.
Overweight gives no jealousy on the part of a loved one.
Excess weight gives their supervisors a reputable, solid appearance.
Excess weight serves as an excuse for life failures.
Overweight is a means of self-punishment.

Being overweight protects a person from unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions.
Being overweight helps to forget about yourself and be useful for significant people.
Being overweight helps to appear kind and good.
Being overweight helps to be more assertive and more aggressive.
Being overweight helps to play the role of sacrifice and cause sympathy.
Excess weight helps to attract the attention of others.
Overweight helps to realize the need for love and care.
Being overweight makes for easier communication with friends.
Being overweight helps reduce responsibility for yourself and your life.
Therefore, setting yourself the goal of losing weight, think carefully: why do you need it, will it make you happy if you refuse to eat sweets, is it worth the candle? After all, one woman literally does not feed bread with bread — just let him defile in a dangerously tight mini under the admiring glances of men, and the other gets a “high rush” from cozy domestic gatherings with cakes and pancakes. Therefore, everyone chooses his body, depending on the interests, lifestyle and life priorities.
Exercise 1. "Secondary" benefits of overeating.
Write at least seven answers to the question: “What was good about overeating and overweight?”

So, the time has come for a “divorce” with extra pounds. Now that you have made the decision to eat food in reasonable quantities and only to maintain the needs of your body, you need to say goodbye to your old habit of escaping overeating. We recommend saying goodbye and, accordingly, with weight - as they say goodbye to good old acquaintances. You have been together for more than one month. Saying goodbye means forgiveness for all the trouble and thank you for all the good. Believe me, your extra pounds deserve it.
Exercise 2. Farewell to overweight.
Give yourself a few minutes in a relaxed home environment, maybe take a bath especially for this and try again with love and gratitude to see, feel your enlarged body and say THANK YOU to those extra pounds. They really protected you. Say thank you and part with overeating as with something childish, nostalgically pleasant, but hindering you in adult life.
Try to make this farewell and gratitude sincere. Say goodbye to the weight calmly, without hate - on the contrary, thank him for the fact that he once brought you a favor. Believe me, it really is. Today, you are like a small child who is discharged from the hospital to his parents' home and is gratefully saying goodbye to the doctor and nurse who took care of him during the illness.
Perhaps the positive function of overeating and excess weight exists in your life so far. In this case, think up at least three ways to get such “pluses” without using food.
Exercise 3. Draw a table in your notebook and answer the proposed questions.
Positive function of overeating and extra pounds How can I get the same in three different ways

Exercise 4. Getting rid of the ballast.
The “secondary benefit” of overweight is the “friend” of the ballast of irrational attitudes. It's time to get rid of the second part of this "sweet couple."
Think about your own "myths" and prejudices regarding extra pounds. There may be a great many. For example: "I absolutely do not have time to engage in myself and my weight loss!" This means that among the ten or so important and minor matters to which you pay attention during the day, you put your dream of a slim figure in the last place . But this is not so! Or maybe you just badly organize your day?
Or other "myths": "My work, my family, my lifestyle does not allow changing eating habits." This series is endless. The fact is that such reasons are the result of a weak desire to lose weight. Or subtly thought out tricks of the part of the person responsible for your extra kilos, a kind of "psychological defense of Sly Fat."
If your previous unsuccessful attempts to lose weight ended with the words “I have no willpower!”, Now instead of this expression, just say to yourself: “I didn’t have enough desire to become slim”.
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Third day. "The dark side of the moon", or explore the positive aspects of overeating and overweight

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