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There are 10 methods of nutrition and drinking, through which you can regain a healthy and happy life. The goal is to establish the proper balance of Yin and Yang, in accordance with our cosmological, biological and physiological philosophy. Even without understanding the theory, you can, however, apply one of the ten ways of moving to health and happiness, if you carefully study the following macrobiotic directions (see table).
You can be a vegetarian if you replace all foods of animal origin with fruits and salads (diets # 2 to # 3).
If you find, however, that you can not achieve that good state of mind that you yourself have charted, try a higher diet. The highest diet number 7 - the simplest, the easiest and wise. The lower the number

TEN WAYS to health and happiness
Cereals Vegetable Soups Animals
Dessert Beverages
7th 100% _ _ _ as
6th 90% 10% - - - - less
5 80% 20% - - - - as
4 70% 20% 10% - - - can
3 60% thirty% 10% - - - less
2 50% thirty% 10% 10% - - as
1 40% thirty% 10% 20% - - can
-1 thirty% thirty% 10% 20% 10% - less
-2 20% thirty% 10% 25% 10% 5% as
-3 10% thirty% 10% thirty% 15% 5% can

diet, so it is more difficult.
Try ten days the simplest and easiest way.
Consider the following:
1. No food or drink of industrial manufacture, such as sugar, soft drinks, colored food, unfertilized eggs, canned food, in cans and bottles.
2. For any cooking, you should take into account the chapter "Macrobiotic Cuisine" of this book and "Zen Cooking" (hereinafter "KD"), a book that is the second volume of the philosophy of Oriental medicine.
3. With the improvement of health and well-being, which is the result of your growing understanding of the general Yin-Yang principle, try a lower diet table gradually and carefully if you are inquisitive and like research. Perhaps, on the other hand, continue without any danger any higher diet than diet No. 3, as long as you please. Not having achieved an improvement for yourself, try diet No. 7 one to two weeks or even a month.
From time to time you will be able to measure your health and well-being through self-monitoring, summarized in the "Seven Health Indicators".
4. Do not buy fruits and vegetables that are artificially grown with chemical fertilizers and insecticides.
5. Do not eat foods that have been transported to a long distance, because very harmful substances are used for their preservation.
6. Do not consume any vegetables outside the season.
7. Categorically avoid the vegetables of the "very Yin" group: potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants.
8. Do not use spices or chemical seasonings (all kinds of industrial soy sauces, yoso, Japanese dish), except for natural salt Macrobiotic soy sauce (tamari) and meat approved by the "Ozawa society" in the US, France and. Japan.
9. Coffee is prohibited. Do not use tea containing carcinogenic dyes. Such a product can be produced for commercial purposes. Japanese Bunch tea and Chinese natural tea (unpainted) are allowed.

10. Almost all kinds of products of animal origin: chickens, pork, beef, cow's butter, cheese, milk are chemically produced or exposed to chemicals. Avoid them. On the other hand, game, fish, shellfish are free from the work of chemicals. They can be eaten from time to time. Yeast, as defined in the Oxford Dictionary of English, is a yellowish substance obtained from foam or sediment during alcoholic fermentation of malt and other SUGAR substances. Since yeast is thus obtained from sugar, then the food containing them should be consumed in small quantities.
11. Baked sweets containing baking soda should not be eaten. Soda contributes to a rapid rise in the test. She can not enter into a balanced healthy diet, for this is the substance "Very Yin".
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    Vzajmozv'yaz kharchuvannya z sertsevo-sudinnimi ichnimi hronichnimi neinfektsinimi zahchyvovannami pidstverdzheno numerical experimenalnimi, klіnichnimi tepedemiologichnimi doslozhennyami. Збільшення stepping up the risk for health is caused by a high vist of harsh cherry products, fatty acids, for all the activities of fatty acids, for supernumerary products in the high-energy energy market
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