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The diet of Baelza

A diet that allows you to feel active and stay awake, but it's good to lose weight, was invented by Professor Baels from the University of Tokyo. He eliminated from the menu products that act on the body soothingly, offering to eat food that saturates the person with energy. Instead of dishes from yeast dough and fatty meat soups and stew with potatoes, instead of spaghetti, chips and sweets - eggs, seafood, cereals, vegetables and fruits, as well as dairy products.
Hold on for two to three weeks (this is easy), eat often, but gradually, and in the intervals between meals, be sure to drink hot boiled water (not less than a liter a day) and tea. Coffee can be drunk only once a day - after lunch or dinner. For me, the main disadvantage is the idea of ​​Professor Baels to drink raw eggs. So I cooked them.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8.00 Four raw quail eggs, 125 g of milk yogurt.
11.00 150 g cottage cheese or 200 g curd casserole with a spoon of sour cream and 250 g grapefruit or grape juice.
14.00 200 g of vegetable soup, 150 g of salad from fresh vegetables and greens, 100 g of boiled meat, beef tongue or liver pate.
17.00 100 grams of boiled rice with 5 g of butter, 1 stuffed pepper with vegetables, sweet fruit (1 red apple or 2 peaches, 200 g of cherry or grapes, etc.), green tea.

20.00 1 head of boiled corn with 5 g of butter (or 3/4 cup corn or oat flakes), 30-40 grams of hard cheese with 150 grams of fresh vegetable salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, chinese cabbage or lettuce, spicy greens), 250 grams of broth, compote or black tea with sugar.
23.00 250 g yogurt or curdled milk, 100 g fresh or frozen berries, watered 20 grams
Tuesday Thursday Saturday
8:00. 250 g yogurt or kefir, 100 g fresh or frozen berries (raspberries, strawberries or cherries).
11:00. 100 g of buckwheat porridge, 120 g of boiled or steamed fish, 150 g of fresh radish salad or radish, 250 g of orange juice.
14:00. 200 g of fish or mushroom soup, 150 g of seafood salad, 150 g of fresh vegetables.
17:00. 150-200 grams of stewed or fried grilled vegetables without oil, sprinkle 20 g of grated cheese or pour 20 g of sour cream, sour-fruit (1 green apple, 3-4 plums, etc.), green tea.
20:00. 3/4 cup muesli with nuts and dried fruits with 250 g of grape or orange juice.
23:00. 250 g yogurt or curdled milk, 10 g of olive oil.
Sunday can be done either on a fasting day, or, conversely, eat on that day as you want, depending on whether you want to lose weight faster or more comfortable.

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The diet of Baelza

  1. Elimination diet
    Elimination diet provides for the exclusion from the diet of foods that are poorly digested or cause allergic reactions. It can be used independently as a detoxification program. Excluding from your food indigestible foods and consuming mainly organic vegetables, brown rice, beans, fish, fruits and nuts, you save a lot of energy,
  2. The Kremlin diet
    This diet is more suitable for men who do not imagine a life without meat. It also suits athletes who need a lot of protein to keep their muscles toned. I personally also tried to lose weight on the Kremlin diet, because I'm a terrible meat-eater. Steaks, cutlets, chops, beef stroganoffs - this is for me. Therefore, it was easy for me to withstand a diet, I easily coped. But nutritionists have come to
  3. Protein diet
    Effective and easy to apply, this diet is fairly easy to tolerate, because food should be taken six times a day, every 2.5 hours. From the diet it is necessary to completely exclude carbohydrates and fats, seasonings and sauces. During the diet, you can drink only mineral water, tea without sugar and herbal infusions, but in unlimited quantities. You need to last 7-10 days. After a break in
  4. Diet is a great power.
    1) Reduction diet. Regardless of the reason why a person becomes overweight, classical medicine recommends a reduction diet, aimed at a general reduction in caloric intake. The basic principles of the reduction diet are as follows: a) The energy of the diet is primarily reduced by carbohydrates and fats. Caloric content in view of gender, age, intensity of work and
    In recent years, diets have become an integral part of the lifestyle of a large group of people. And this is understandable. People are motivated by the desire to lose weight, to look better, to correspond to the type of beauty accepted in our society. At the same time, there comes an awareness of the need to take care of one's own health, the desire to prolong active years of life, although for some it is just a fad. Have you ever,
  6. Diet in Pregnancy
    Women who properly eat and observe the hygienic rules of caring for themselves during pregnancy will not only retain their teeth and health, but will also easily give birth to healthy and strong children. Several years ago, the theory was widespread that in order to make labor easy, even painless, the mother during pregnancy should not eat anything that would help
  7. Kefir diet
    Very strict diet. During the first four days, the body receives only 1,000 calories, and on the fifth to the seventh - even less. You will quickly drop the right amount of kilograms, but be careful with your health. It is recommended to repeat this diet no more than once every two to three months. 1 day. One and a half to two liters of kefir during the day, 400 g of potatoes boiled in tubers for lunch, or 200 g for breakfast
  8. Pineapple diet
    Quite a tasty, but relatively expensive diet. If you can afford it, try it. The diet in the pineapple diet is varied, but you will have to cook yourself regularly. But pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelin, which strengthens the action of gastric juice, which is very helpful in losing weight. It is also important that according to the conditions of the pineapple diet, you need to drink at least two liters of fruit or herbal tea every day
  9. Vegetarian Diet
    I switched to a vegetarian diet shortly before I became pregnant, and I began to feel healthier. Can I continue not to eat meat while I breastfeed? Yes. The fact that you - a vegetarian, can not affect your ability to milk. However, bearing in mind the results of the new studies, it is necessary to make some reservations about the vegetarian
  10. Diet on green peas
    A varied and healthy diet, during which you can drink unsweetened tea and mineral water in any quantity. Breakfast and two snacks include three dietary options for the whole week, and the main course for lunch is different every day. Almost all recipes are given in 2 portions. It means that the rest can be eaten for dinner. Breakfast Option 1. 30 g muesli, 100 ml of milk, apple (finely
  11. Diet "Healthy lifestyle"
    This diet is good for all psychotypes as an intermediate. If you decide to change something in your diet, but do not know or doubt how to begin, start with these simple rules. Meat products 2-3 times a week Fish 4-5 times a week Dairy products 2 glasses a day, 2 yogurt or a portion of cheese Eggs 3-4 times a week Baking Daily small portions, mainly
  12. Express Diet "General cleaning"
    This French diet allows without any hunger strike to lose 0.5 kg due to hormonal harvesting of the body and 1 kg more by reducing the amount of fat in food to a safe minimum. Includes products that contain phytohormones - substances that are similar in their biological effect to human hormones. Entering the body with food in small doses, they gently regulate the hormonal background
  13. People helped by the Laskin diet
    • Patient C, 34 years old. Cancer of the left breast of the III stage. She turned after radical mastectomy (removal of the gland) and X-ray therapy. She underwent a course of chemotherapy and sustained a 100-percent cereal diet for 3 years. In the future, ruled out salt (only 0.5 grams per day), sugar, animal proteins. She was examined for 16 years: metastases did not appear. • Patient M., 38 years old. Cancer right
  14. Diet for breastfeeding
    After birth, a child depends on the food that the mother receives while she continues to breastfeed. During this period, her own food is important for the child as well as before his birth. These two periods from the trophic (nutritional) point of view can be considered as one period for the mother and the child. There were cases when infants were infected with scurvy, although the mothers were
  15. ANTIRAVKA DIETA Dr. Laskin: the continuation of the topic
    Diet ... This word has recently become so familiar that we forgot its original meaning - in Greek, where its origin (diaita), it denotes a broad concept - a way of life. And became accustomed because more often the diet is associated with the body weight of a person, and even easier - with getting rid of excess kilograms. What we tell you about, has a special purpose, since speech
  16. The Anna Sayler House Diet
    On this diet, you can lose weight and not feel very hungry, because the menu is a lot of vegetables, fruits, and the amount of calories is calculated so that the bread and butter, so to speak, enough. In the day you can eat: 400 grams of vegetables; 300 g of fruit; 40 g of bread; 160 g of low-fat meat; 1 boiled egg; 500 g of milk; 20-30 g of cheese or cottage cheese; 10 g of butter. Breakfast. 100 g
    We already know several readers who have used a diet developed by Dr. Laskin. Let's talk about some of them. • Nina Pavlovna, a medical worker from Yekaterinburg, whom Vulf Abramovich urged to love buckwheat, if not as food (you will not be forcibly dear!), At least as a medicine, he eats buckwheat for the second month, supplementing the diet with vegetables and fruits. • Vladimir Petrovich, Director
  18. Sample menu for the week (diet 7)
    MONDAY First breakfast: rice milk porridge, raw meat, tea with sugar. Second breakfast: curd pudding. Lunch: vegetable soup, beef stroganoff from boiled meat, compote from dried fruits. Dinner: steamed parsley fish, casserole from pasta and cottage cheese, milk. At night: a glass of sweet curdled milk. TUESDAY First breakfast: buckwheat porridge with milk, carrot cutlets, tea with sugar. Second
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