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Save millions to get pennies

The impact of toxins on the body generates a whole complex of different reactions, and not one reaction, the same for everyone

Chronic nutritional deficiencies, ironically, exacerbates another global medical problem of our time - overeating and obesity. When the body loses certain minerals that it needs, it stops sending saturation signals to the brain in the hope that it will get the missing nutrients in an additional portion. Eat in excess of the food must go somewhere and, as a rule, is deposited in the form of fat. If the diet lacks, for example, zinc - which is common today - the body does not calm down until it receives micrograms of this substance, even if it has to absorb an additional kilogram of food it does not need. Doctors sometimes report a curious syndrome experienced by people with iron deficiency: they eat paint containing this metal because their body desperately needs it. Thus, they expose themselves to great danger, since along with iron the paint contains lead, which causes poisoning.

Forest fires
The mass of toxins to which we are exposed changes our internal climate just as greenhouse gases change the Earth’s atmosphere.
Although “inflammation” is the key word in books about diets and health magazines, most people do not fully understand its meaning. It is considered that inflammation is a phenomenon when a certain part of the body swells, turns red, becomes warmer compared to the surrounding areas and hurts. But in reality it is an extremely complex survival mechanism. Inflammation occurs when an alien effect activates or destroys a number of chemicals in the blood. These chemicals attract tissue-protecting cells from the effects of what causes them damage, be it a plant spike or a pathogen. In addition, a recovery system is activated, which attracts other cells to repair damage.
As a rule, the inflammation process is self-regulating, and this means that it initiates reactions from the very beginning, stopping its development. However, if the body is constantly exposed to stimuli, the mechanism of inflammation starts all the time — not in certain restricted areas, but throughout the body, spreading its action through the circulatory system. This happens with massive exposure to toxins: modern people suffer from chronic inflammation. Inflammation for the human body is the same as forest fires for the planet.
Nutrients that the body absorbs from food can reduce or increase inflammation

The human body must function in harmony with nature so that inflammation does not develop in it. Nutrients that he learns from food, can both cause and stop this process. Omega-6 fatty acid supports inflammation, omega-3, on the contrary, counteracts it. Normally, they must be balanced everywhere - in our food and in ourselves.
The inflammatory process should not take too long. It must remain neutral and be ready to run if necessary. The main anti-inflammatory drugs include polyphenols, curcumin and methylsulfonylmethane, which should be present in the diet. Without these substances, the inflammatory process runs constantly. It spreads throughout the body, like an explosive wave. It becomes chronic, causing tissue damage rather than repairing damage. This lays the foundation for diseases such as cancer, diabetes and, most importantly, cardiovascular diseases. My detox program significantly increases the content of anti-inflammatory nutrients and at the same time reduces the number of pathogens of the inflammatory process in the body.
My detox program increases anti-inflammatory levels
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Save millions to get pennies

  1. Freud's funny is savings
    The distinction between humor and wit may seem unusual, but it is no longer new. Thus, the English writer George Meredith considered the ability to find something funny in what a person likes as a criterion for a sense of humor. Another more difficult criterion is to find something funny in oneself, to imagine oneself funny in the eyes of another person. A completely consistent distinction between a sense of humor and wit
  2. Epidemic lethargic encephalitis Economo
    Epidemic lethargic encephalitis Economo (synonym: epidemic encephalitis type A, "sleepy" disease) was first registered in 1915 in the army near Verdun and described in 1917 by Austrian neuropathologist K. Economo. The disease in those years proceeded in the form of epidemics that swept many countries around the world. In subsequent years, the disease manifested itself sporadically. Currently, the disease is in typical
  3. My husband and son wake up hard in the morning. I have to wake them up several times. It ends with the fact that I shout them out of bed so that her husband is not late for work, and the son is at school. What should I do so as not to feel responsible for being late?
    Firstly, it is not your responsibility, and secondly, you need to place this responsibility on them, telling them that from now on they will be responsible for the consequences of their choices. Currently, they have made the choice to send in the morning, and you decide to be responsible for the consequences of their choice, fearing what might happen to them. When they themselves have to answer for the consequences of their choice,
  4. Step 6: Meeting the cost of several million
    We were so heavily charged with clarity and simplicity of the schedule that we could not wait for the moment when we returned to Thomson and share our conclusions. Apparently, the representatives of Thomson felt about the same thing - just before the start of our presentation, Dick Harrington suddenly asked if he could attend the meeting. We brought with us a huge printout of graphics to
  5. Thomson Corporation and multi-million dollar schedule
    At the end of 2001, the consulting company for which I worked received a request from the largest publisher of business information at that time. Thomson Corporation *, one of the largest Canadian companies, was planning to enter the New York Stock Exchange, and needed help in planning a brand strategy that would allow a mass audience to get to know Thomson **. * Information
  6. As a mother, I feel responsible for feeding the children well, because I think that they are too young to take care of their own health. I have three children aged four to nine years. Do you think that this responsibility lies with me?
    You are not directly responsible for the health of your children. As a mother, you must be responsible for the consequences of having children, that is, to monitor their material needs, help them with their studies, pass on their knowledge to them, give them love, and all this to the extent that you can. On the other hand, you cannot know in advance what the results will be. You can cook the most
  7. Who will not succeed
    From those who will "learn to figure skating lying on the couch," that is, trying to join us only mentally, not bodily. For those who say: “No, we don’t intend to change our habits! We are accustomed to our volumes of food, movement and rest, and this cannot be changed at all! ”It is unlikely that it will be possible for those who, in my recommendations, will look for inconsistencies with what they know themselves and for millet,
  8. Who will succeed
    100% guarantee - for those who are ready to change and change their habits, not only food. For those who will rise from the sofa, on which it is so sweet to dream about yourself - a slender beauty with satin skin and lush hair, under a coffee with a bun, and will take care of himself in reality, and not in virtuality or mentally. Another prerequisite: do not compare the new information that you get with
  9. Hypothesis # 5: HIV was obtained in Pentagon laboratories.
    According to one of the versions, which is not proven, but not refuted, HIV was obtained in the 70s in Pentagon laboratories as a result of genetic engineering manipulations to cross a virus that affects a sheep's brain and a virus that damages the human immune system. For the first time, this was talked about during the period of “perestroika” in some media outlets, but these publications were not paid attention to or considered another
  10. Sher B. The ability to desire: how to get what you really want, 1984

  12. To get out of debt, the spouse works part-time.
    How to convince him that it is not necessary, because you can find a place where they pay well. Then he would be able to give the family more free time. But he does not want to hear about it. First of all, you must agree that each of you has his own dependency: on the husband on money, and on your need for his constant presence. Try to understand that the presence of a husband brings
  13. I would like my spouse to spend all his free time with me.
    I hate it when each of us is resting on his own. How to make it so that he likes everything that I like? To please him, I often go with him to hockey matches, even if I don’t always want to. I have a feeling that we no longer build our family life together. Does this mean we should get a divorce? In all likelihood, to feel
  14. How to make other people stop telling me about their problems?
    Obviously, first of all, you should find out why you do not want to hear about other people's problems. Maybe because you are experiencing their problems? Maybe because you would like to find their solution? Or do you dislike that you are not able to offer a solution? After a similar introspection, you can explain to them why you prefer not to listen to them anymore. Sure, some part suffers
  15. What should I do with myself so that in the foreground I have a husband, not children?
    Now I love them so much that before thinking about my husband, I think about them. You demand the impossible from yourself. There is a conflict inside you between the role of the spouse and the role of the mother. Maybe you lost sight of the fact that you are primarily a woman? As for your relationship with your spouse, they are hampered by the fact that in the foreground you always have children, not him. Between feelings for children and feelings for a husband should not
  16. Is it possible to read or write excerpts from books about ailments and illnesses to help a person realize how he suffers?
    Of course, you can do it. But most importantly, you need to know if this person wants to get help. If you really want to help him and you have a certain impression that it will be useful to him, be aware that this person may not share your way of thinking. Maybe he is not ready to take responsibility for his illness, that is, to agree that something in
  17. How to explain to the person you previously needed, that now you can do without him, but so that he does not feel rejected?
    First, you need to check whether this person really feels rejected, or that you are afraid that he will feel rejected. This fear of rejection may actually exist only in your imagination. Just tell him that you thank him for all the help he has given you, but that now you feel yourself firmly on his feet to do
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