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About emergency diets

I conditionally divide the diet into normal and emergency, distinguishing them by the number of calories that a nutritionist offers to consume per day, as well as the time required for the diet to work.
An emergency diet is a few days of extremely moderate nutrition.
A person eats so much every day to get only 1000 calories.
This is very small, two times less than even the smallest woman needs, and it is catastrophically insufficient for a large lady.
Products for an emergency diet can only be low-calorie - kefir with a low percentage of fat, apples, the notorious cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, spinach, seaweed, and so on. With this diet, the body rapidly loses mass, burning the accumulated fat. And it would seem wonderful! But there are several problems at once.
Problem number 1. No tone

Slimming person feels sluggish, sleepy, it is difficult for him to concentrate. This is very bad, especially if the profession involves mental work.
If the body loses not just 10-20% of the calories it needs, but all 50%, it becomes unwell. This effect can be slightly neutralized with the help of coffee or energy drinks, but not for long.
In the first two or three days of a low-calorie diet, a cup of coffee will temporarily reassure you, but from the third day you can even take a shower from the energy drink - there will be no effect anyway. Sheer lifelessness and a pale look. One of my friends on the third day of this diet even fainted!
Problem number 2. No immunity
Everyone knows that from food we get not only energy, but also many necessary elements - phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and so on. That is why people sitting on a low-calorie diet are required to take extra vitamins. I insist - this is a must! Buy at the pharmacy at least "ascorbinka", and better - a full-fledged vitamin complex.
On the fourth - the sixth day of the 1000-calorie diet, losing weight weakens immunity.
Low-calorie diets are a very popular weight loss system. I did not keep statistics, but I myself, and many of my friends tried any of them. There were many cases when a girl had a cold in the midst of the summer heat for no particular reason, and as soon as she stopped losing weight, she recovered.
Problem number 3. No result
After all the torments, when a whole week you can not eat anything except kefir, apples or cabbage, when a birthday party and a corporate party were missed for weight loss, when the boss made two remarks that you are not working well, there comes a “X” moment. You stand on the scales, and it turns out that the weight is taken - minus four kilograms, as was ordered.

The next day, you are so radiant, put on a tight dress, and for afternoon tea, you allow yourself to celebrate the end of the ma-aa-a-a-scarlet cake. Well, think about it - the figure is in place, all is well. The next day you, again, pleased with your moderate appetite, again allow yourself one cake. And suddenly some kind of madness begins: I want more. Knowing that you can not, buy it. Then another. A moderate appetite as a hand removes, and the next day you eat cakes, chocolates, spaghetti, dumplings, pies and buns.

What kind of attack? Why did the weight dropped over the previous week return five days later, and not only those four kilograms that were dumped on an emergency diet, but also an extra two kegs suddenly settled on the hips?
Oh, horror, because the goal was quite different !!!
In addition, if for the first time an emergency diet works flawlessly, then after a few repetitions, the body gets used to such shakes and refuses to lose weight altogether. Negative symptoms are evident, and the weight remains the same.
To lose weight extra or not to lose weight? Well, it is necessary to conclude: an emergency diet is suitable only in exceptional cases. If you are preparing for a beauty contest, or getting married, or going to the sea in the company of friends, one of whom you care about, then of course try.
Yes, after a week of kefir or apple austerity will take four to five kilograms. But ask others not to be surprised later that the beauty queen suddenly recovered sharply, warn the newly appeared husband that he married the future fat one.
But the guy from the company of friends whom you seduced at sea, it’s better not to appear at all.
I'll add one more thing. If you are a financial analyst, accountant, journalist - put off a low-calorie diet until a vacation or a long weekend. Slightly easier for those who work as a seller in a boutique, secretary, administrator in a store or club. You will feel lethargic, but you will be able to work, and there will be no problems with the authorities.

An emergency diet is best suited to those whose work does not involve tremendous mental stress. Such weight loss measures are absolutely contraindicated to students during the session !!
Despite my rather negative attitude to emergency diets, I still bring a couple of 1000 calories diets that I have tested or my friends, allowing you to quickly lose up to five kilograms. These diets, see the "Appendix to the second part."

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About emergency diets

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