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This you can already - 4!

One of the favorite rituals - not everyone does it, of course, but they always discuss it with great pleasure ...
Slipper ritual on husband
On the growing moon, new slippers are bought. Size is selected depending on the desired height of the narrowed. It is very important that the slippers are as good as possible. But most importantly, they "purred." Slippers must be infused for three days in the hallway. It is advisable that no one puts them on. On the third day, you should get on all fours in front of the door at midnight, open the door, put your hands in slippers so that they look with their socks inside the house. Stomp three times and shout: "Narrowed-robbed, without bad habits, come on!"
If you are not satisfied with the timing of the appearance of the husband, you can start buying the rest of the wardrobe.
R. S. There is a similar ritual for getting rid of a bored husband. Slippers should look out of the apartment, but shout it out: “Narrowed-mummers, with bad habits, get off!”
BUT! (important note): slippers are the strongest reflection of the properties of their wearer - the simpler the slippers, the simpler the wearer himself ... A certain lady, wanting to get her husband, bought something cheap in the market, so almost homeless people in the streets got stuck to it. .. Do we need this? Girls! Dreaming of a prince, prepare him slippers corresponding to his position!
Also: it’s nice to bring these slippers in a good typewriter, drive them to decent places, and then along the course of your desires and fantasies ...
Men can also use the ritual - they only need to determine what shoes their princess will wear at home, and everything else - by analogy with the above.

Magic Appliance -
We take a bank (of course, capital is kept in banks, everyone knows that).
On top of it we place a watering can - a funnel and install it in a suitable place (in rainy weather - in the rain, in the thaw - under icicles, if the tap where it drips, it’s also good, everything will work).
The main thing is that something drips into the jar all the time: KAP-i-TAL, of course, is DROPS of MELT water, therefore it’s great to strengthen a piece of ice so that Melt water is in our KAPALA accumulator.
We call ourselves a CAPITALIST and enjoy life.
Further, what to do with capital, how to manage it: you can freeze capital (in the freezer), cover it (from anyone and anyone), make a forced injection (put the can under the stream), you can even let it evaporate (well, if you want to) etc. Good to stick on the BANK a label from "Rastishki"!
Magic Appliance -
Wish Indicator
It works on the principle of Richard Bach: "By passing our internal tension through the wire, we can pull everything we want."
Converts any strain into a force of intention, attracting the necessary things or events.
Internal tension enters the system through the ring from the positive input located on the thumb of the right hand (for lefties - the left), folded in the wisdom of the call of higher forces (thumb up, the rest are clenched). The strength of the internal voltage rushes through the copper wire (gold wires are the VIP version of the device, it is best to use the cable of the Nakamichi company). The wire is wound strictly by hand in 27 turns on a transparent (preferably glass) tube or flask (necessarily having an opening). At the same time, from the thumb of the left hand (for the left-handers - the right one), folded in the mudra of scaring away lower forces (the hand is clenched into a fist, the thumb is pointing down), creating interference, the stream of negative energy is directed through the second ring. The power of desire energy from a positive entrance meets the power of the energy of fear (terrible power), is converted to the power of intention and accumulates in an empty reservoir of a transparent tube (flask). The force of intent, communicating with the Great Space through the holes in the tank, induces induction and, like an antenna, picks up the corresponding vibrations from the Great Space to a given point in the space-time continuum.

For analytical minds, a couple of indicators can be built into the design of the indicator, to measure the + and - energy and output power, but the device works SO!
VanVanna. Today, on my way home, I got into the idea of ​​getting rid of fears, doubts, shyness, etc. They can be insured, they are interested there so that insured events do not occur. The main thing from them is to get an affirmative “yes” that they insure different cargoes there, and the rest is a matter of technology. At the moment of considering the contract I saw an advertisement “Rosstrakh - this is right”. Sure - this is a sign of support.
Tanks. I won the lottery 1000 rubles, I share my experience (of course, this is not 210 thousand rubles that I wanted, I was even a little upset, but I realized it on time!).
I painted a ticket with a pencil. I drew him a cool mobile. Costume Zegna. Fashionable car and cottage on the ruble. Above wrote: “The coolest ticket in the world. You were born to win! ”
She took A4 sheet and wrote a letter to the ticket with a declaration of love and respect ... and the ending was like this: “Let the lovers-bills fly to you now, and I’m sitting, I’m catching this buzz from this adventure.”
I made up my lips with beautiful gloss and kissed this letter. This time segment was played by musical support in the form of the Modern Talking group and the corresponding song: “You will win if you want.”
This whole pack of aventurine was sealed in an envelope, which was signed as follows: "I want to sleep very much, check the winning ticket, myself at eight in the morning, kiss, Just the Goddess."
R. S. One ticket was purchased.
Lasgalayka. I want to share my way of moving salaries. My husband at work on Tuesday said that they would give money already on Friday, but that didn’t suit us at all. Inspired by previous conversations, I decided to act. First, I composed this poem and sent it to my husband by e-mail.

One, two, three, four, five -
let's go look for money!
Come on, money, respond to us
get into your pockets!
We will love you very much, and cherish, and groom you.
Each money Ira and Sasha create comfort.

And twenty, and rubles, hundreds, hryvnias, dollars.
We’ll put everyone in wallets, they will not be easy!
And then we'll spend you good afternoon
and good hour.
Fly away, stay and come back!
The husband only grunted ...
Then I wrote “MY SALARY” on small pieces of paper, painted it with all kinds of smackes, wrote: “I love my salary, I have the best salary,” etc. I also sketched all sorts of murrrching pictures. At home, I stuffed such a piece of paper into my husband’s home and wild jeans pockets (so that his salary was ALREADY in his pocket), but she didn’t say anything about it.
The next morning at twelve o'clock my beloved husband happily informed me that they had given money (it was Wednesday, not Friday, as promised earlier) and that they usually give it out in the evening, and then right in the morning! I naively asked why it was so hurried, and then I advised him to get into his pocket. As a result, I received the honorary title of "pocket witch" and the insistent request "conjure permission to redevelop the apartment."
Lee ++. I made up a calendar for next year: I cut advertisements from newspapers and magazines, such as those containing phrases like THIS MONTH OF GOOD LUCK! Headings like JOY DAY are also good. Put it all on the calendar. A sight for sore eyes!
My most favorite: I have EVERY DAY HOLIDAY! Then she took 27 small envelopes and put a note in each one with a wish for a week. For example: “This week you will receive money from an unexpected source”, “Pleasant travel-impromptu!”, “Gift”, etc. Envelopes are pasted up randomly throughout the calendar. Something has already come true!
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This you can already - 4!

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    You can prepare for the holiday in our own way, in a magical way. Let's say New Year. By itself, it’s already OKSYUMORonsky, it is assumed that everyone will just wish OK to each other, and HUMOR is also more than appropriate at this holiday. Here are a few New Year recipes from our Round Table. Christmas toy Doc. Need oranges, preferably large. Cut in half, almost cutting.
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    You can reflect on the topic of "Signs." Such thoughts pushed me to such magic here. Several black cats live in our huge yard - at the same time I saw three. Their impudence was unlimited, and the force of influence on my life was amazing to the ability to ruin everything on the day when a black cat came across me on the road. And so it went on until I became
  5. Someone told me that breastfeeding prevents pregnancy, but maybe it's all just talk?
    Exceptional breastfeeding reduces the risk of becoming pregnant. During the first six months, until you have started your period and while you are fully breastfeeding, day and night, you are 98% protected from pregnancy. This is tantamount to protection with other modern contraceptives. In the next section (“How does breastfeeding happen?") You will find out
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    Are you sure that you never took anything from anyone? Look at what bothers you the most about this paint. They often say to me: “What worries me most is that they invaded my personal life, that someone else was delving into my things.” If this is your case, are you sure that you have never delved into someone's personal life or did not want to do this? Or that they never stole
  7. Should I confess to my spouse, with whom I have been living for twenty-four years, that I no longer love him, but treat him like a brother?
    I think that he also guesses about it. Isn't it better for me to leave him so that each of us can improve independently? You are not mistaken in thinking that your husband is aware of what is happening to you, although perhaps he is not fully aware of this. I see that your relationship suffers to a large extent from your inability to communicate. It even seems to me that you should share as soon as possible
  8. How can you say that everything that happens to us is caused by an internal cause? I stopped at a red light, and at that time another car hit me from behind. How can I be the cause of this?
    At present, due to our great lack of awareness, it is very difficult to know exactly the internal cause of each accident (or consequence) in our external world. Take an example of your accident. Even if your awareness is not enough to remember what you were thinking about at the time of the accident, or to understand the cause of the accident. I suggest you start your own investigation, starting from
  9. My daughter is four and a half years old, and I have been married for eight years. I would like to know how to improve relations with my alcoholic husband, who has been abstaining from alcohol for a year and three months now.
    The most effective means is communication. You must learn to talk to your husband without complaining about fate, without blaming him for anything, and not trying to change him. How to learn this? Tell him about your feelings frankly, without hiding, while remaining natural. Tell him, for example, about what you have experienced in the past, what you are experiencing now: about your hopes, fears, fears, observations, about
  10. How can a small child be held responsible for his illness, especially in infancy, when he cannot reap what he still did not have time to sow?
    We must remember that even if the soul has a new body, this does not mean that it cannot be old. If you wear new clothes all week, this does not mean that your age is the same as this clothes, right? This also applies to humans. The body is the clothing of the soul, its shell, its vehicle for movement in the physical world. When an infant or young child is sick, especially if the disease
  11. My wife goes to work. She never loved doing household chores, I know that and always knew that. I also go to work. Since we got married, maintaining order in the house constantly falls on me. It starts to bother me. We both go to work, and how can I explain to her that for the maintenance of cleanliness in the house she bears the same responsibility as I do?
    Did you make a clear commitment before deciding to live together? Maybe you made a commitment to do household chores by telling her, for example: “No problem. Will I do this? And now you are responsible for the consequences of your decision. However, if at present it has become too difficult for you, you must tell your spouse about it. Ask her
  12. In my family I do everything: home, food, children, their education, their education. I don’t understand why only I should deal with all this. My husband says that when a woman does everything, it’s in the order of things. But he is also responsible for this, right?
    It depends on the obligations that you together made before the birth of the children. Have you discussed the consequences of having children in your family? Who wanted them? Suppose you really wanted to have children, but your husband told you: “I do not want to have children, but if this is so important to you, then okay. You can have children, I do not mind, because you will deal with them. " If between you has been reached
  13. How to return the already obviously lost love of a spouse?
    Pay attention to your own words: "to return the already obviously lost love." That is, you believe that you have lost the love of your spouse. How did you come to this conclusion? Did you ask your husband about this? Did he confirm that? If not, talk to him, make sure your assumptions are true. Sometimes it’s hard to see the true picture of what is happening if you are in close relationship with someone. At
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