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The main thing about child care and biochemical transformation

This chapter is written for the revised American edition of Macrobiotic Zen for purely practical purposes. Many adults, who with ease and pleasure made Macrobiotics through their lives, with fear and indecisiveness in their faces, responded to questions raised regarding the use of non-traditional dietary regimens for children.
How do we know we are doing the right thing?
What to do in the case of ...?
Doesn't my child need ...?

I find that for a long time I feel great without vitamins C, but what about my growing child?
There are infinitely many questions. In general, they reveal one thing: today, people hate textbooks, instructions, manuals, ready-made recipes that regulate every step and thereby eliminate any possibility of proper thinking and independent understanding of the matter. Accustomed to agreeing with the opinion of specialists, people are completely at a standstill when they are told that their own health and the health of their children depends on the level of development of their common sense, their understanding of the infinite universe and its law.
In the East, there is a tradition: young people, upon reaching the age of 17, take responsibility for their future, whether it will be fortunate or not. Until, of course, the parents are fully responsible for them. Then they rely entirely on the common sense of their children.
Westerners are smiling at this falsely: “What a great idea - we are saved!”. In fact, they are afraid of losses. And rightly so. For a modern Westerner, the adoption of this point of view means such a change in his rather deep stereotypes of thinking, which would be a thorough shock for him, since he would thereby entrust himself with full parental responsibility for his family. He is able, at best, to blame external circumstances for a long time in the difficulties that even his children meet.
Where is the way out? It depends on the following:
1. A sober-minded individual must understand that he is ignorant in the actions of the universe, that modern life and its upbringing make him (and most people) enemies of his own natural instinct and intuition.
2. He must undertake a more in-depth study of philosophy, of which Macrobiotics is only a small part.
3. He must find a dynamic balance in his diet and drink - the key to the growth of understanding and development of sanity.
4. Students should use the principle of Yin and Yang in their whole lives and in all their activities, especially in taking care of young children.

All that is needed is faith in one’s own common sense, which comes only as a result of in-depth study (true prayer and meditation).
Fear and failure disappear in such an atmosphere: there is no danger here - the path to health and well-being is open to both parents and children.
The tremendous effectiveness of the macrobiotic method has a root in the process of transformations, without which nothing in nature (including the human body) can develop. Simply put, this is the phenomenon of the transformation of one element into another by natural or artificial means. This process, known and understood thousands of years ago (according to the traditions of the East), allows you to get gold from other elements and create combinations of metals and other substances. Modern science can repeat this with enormous difficulties, despite the complex theoretical work and equipment.
I always told my students that they could transform themselves from arrogant patients, subtle materialists, into modest, healthy, spiritual personalities, instead of being happy only at birth and then being killed by misfortune, murderers or germs, or As a last resort, end a professional slave life, they can enjoy endless freedom, eternal happiness, and absolute justice for many years. Now, after 20 years of effort on my part, it has been proved that the biochemical transformation is not the mysticism of the antiquity of the alchemists, not even an abstract philosophical concept. This is a practical, living, proven reality.
On June 21, 1964 in Tokyo, I completed the experiment on the transformation of the sodium element into the potassium element under laboratory conditions of low temperatures, pressures and energy. Around this landmark research in science, the initial impression of a bombshell still does not subside, since this type of reaction usually requires the use of high-energy accelerators. Our result, however, was obtained using only a 20-centimeter vacuum tube and about 100 watts of power! (Further scientific research, proving the theory of biochemical transmutation, were described in the revolutionary work of M. Louis Quérérin, a French biologist scientist).
The possibility of our meeting in 1960 directly influenced the startling discovery on June 21st.
The great significance of this discovery for parents is twofold:
1. It shows that the biochemical transformation of elements is possible only through the medium of insignificant energy available in the human body.
2. This is a test of the basic position of Macrobiotics, the notion that through the transmutation process our bodies can produce everything necessary for health from a simple set of products. This is the result of following the structure of the infinite universe and its law.
Finally, now our instinctive, intuitive value of a thousand-year experience can be demonstrated in laboratories. A person should not take elements from nature, as he does when saturating himself with drugs, such as iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin C and varieties of sugars. He must be independent and produce what he needs for himself inside his body and for himself.
The statement that it is necessary for the domestic production of fats, proteins or vitamin C can be proved as follows.
We have the ability to produce everything that is necessary for the health inside our body. If we fill ourselves artificially with concentrations of elements, this ability fades away due to its inaction. Therefore, it is necessary to regulate the process of creating elements inside the body so that its natural ability to endogenous synthesis is returned. It will allow to refuse artificial substances. We have become slaves of the desire to fill the bodies with what we believe they need.
Instead, we should be the creators of our own inner existence, since we are the focus of transformations, the place where they take place. Let us not turn ignorance into a swamp.
A cow, for example, eats one grass, but the structure of its bones is very strong. Where does the necessary for the health of bones calcium 40Sa? Of course, not directly from the grass, especially the poor of this element. It is a rich source of another element - potassium (39K).
Hydrogen a cow gets out of the water. Biological transmutation by the natural internal production of calcium in the body follows the formula: 39K + 'H + internal heat (activity) = 40Ca.
It makes no sense to believe that the process in the human body is different from this.
People have organs of digestion that can convert chlorophyll into hemoglobin. In fact, all of our food is always turned into blood (the original source of raw material for our current moment, moment by moment, the re-creation of ourselves) or is thrown away. Calcium obtained in the laboratory is unnatural for us, because it is the result of the process of life, spoils the blood and can be fatal.
In the process of biochemical transformation, the most necessary component is activity — a by-product of oxygen and heat (activity protects both the boa and the lizard from heatstroke at high ambient temperatures. If these animals are immobilized for experience, they will die quickly) Natural part of normal children to be unusually active, is very beneficial for health promotion. If only their diet is simple and well balanced in terms of Yin-Yang elements.
Parents with special difficulties do not have to worry; they have only two categories to choose from - Yin, Yang. If the shift of the child’s diet towards a little more Yin does not help, the opposite shift will be helpful (a balance with a slight predominance of Yang).
However, remember that each change first takes time to identify the effect.
Do not change your child’s diet often! Try each option for a reasonable period of time. Your thoughts should follow this path: “What is the reason for the difficulty of my child? It can only be in a shift toward too Yin or too Yang. First I will try to eliminate Yin. If for some time the state does not change, or it will be worse, I will try the opposite way - Ian will be excluded. The answer will reveal itself. ” So you can solve the problem.
Let's discuss the question of how much or how little salt to give to children. Movement will be our indicator.
Too much salt or its complete exclusion leads to low activity. If the kids are not particularly active, apathetic, if their natural desire to move is reduced, the amount of salt should be reduced.
Where there is too much salt and low activity, there is no growth. With activity (the hidden element of transmutation), the transformation of the raw material of a balanced diet into what is required by the body is minimally disturbed, calcium deficiency is created and growth stops.
The transmutation process goes wherever there is life, regardless of the type of diet we are following. With knowledge of how it flows, we can truly be the creators of ourselves and our existence. That is why our philosophy is called the philosophy of transformations. Everything changes - the disease becomes health, health - the disease and so on to infinity.

Salt intake becomes an open question and varies from person to person.
He emphasizes the need for us to think before acting. Let us take an example for illustration: in the family there is a habit of giving the same amount of salt to all family members at a meal.
Even if you do not take into account anything other than the weight difference of adults and children, immediately there is a great danger of this method. Imagine that an adult weighing 150 pounds consumes an ounce of salt per week and feels great. A 15-pound child, eating the same amount of salt, is endangered. This can be seen from the following table: adult - 150: 1 child - 15: 1
In proportion to the child should be given only 0, 1 ounce of salt per week: an adult - 150: 1 child - 15: 0.1
The followers of Macrobiotics should be keenly observant people and think in Yin-Yang categories.
If you cannot reveal the cause of the suffering of your child, give him only No. 7 without adding salt, miso and tamari. If he has no appetite, cook No. 7 with plenty of water (5 times more than usual) for several days, a week, 10 days, or more. Suppose the child is very quiet and for a long time he is lying down. We should come to the conclusion that he became Yin (quiet behavior and a pronounced desire for horizontal position - two symptoms Yin - a condition that can be cured with Yang). Further reasoning, however, reveals another factor. The child gives off little water, urinates little, sweats little, he even has no tears. It is very similar, despite external Yin symptoms, that he is basically "very Yang." Treat it with diet no. 7 without salt, plus a very small amount of apples or apple juice (Yin).
We can conclude without any doubt that a child under seven must receive very little salt. For him, even a few grains can make disharmony.
Next, a child up to three years old has the right drinking instinct, give him the opportunity to teach you.
Everyone knows that both fire and cold (freezing) cause skin burns. In each case, the burn is caused by various reasons: the treatment must undoubtedly be different. You need to learn to see the overall, complete picture and watch out for details. Think, think and think a little more.
Do not carry your child too far. Give him the freedom to crawl, walk, run, he needs activity for the mood of his health, do not allow his sentimental love to deprive the child of mobility. Also learn from your child. Watch him carefully - he will teach you confidence in life better than doctors and ministers of the church. Each child has their own requests. Take care of them and then give a little less.
The biggest problem with children is their desire to absorb a large amount of drink and food. The duty of parents is to keep them in a state of light hunger and a slight sensation of cold. The lower limbs should be open when possible; the blanket should be light. This will grow a strong Yang-baby. Parents, whose common sense only reaches the sentimental level of feelings, will find it very difficult for them, but what is above the pleasant standard in our society, where children should be wrapped up and heavily nourished to older age? Nevertheless, try this method and you will be surprised at the results.
The maximum amount of vegetables for your child after his first year of life should be one third of the total amount of cereals in the diet. For example, 3 ounces of brown rice per 1 ounce of onion roasted on a small fire would be the right combination.
Vegetable oil give very little. Give your child some daily miso, tamari, gomassi (they all contain salt and should be taken into account when calculating salt intake by a child).
Neither fish nor meat is needed at all. No fruit. Periodically check the inner surface of the child's eyelids, it should be pink. If it is white, it is anemic, it has poor blood composition. You fed him too Yin-food: too much vitamin C, fruit, sugar, etc.
If a child has a protruding belly, its intestines will not work. You gave him food that forms too much gas (Yin-food, bursting). Find the best overall balance.
Intestinal peristalsis is also important. The color of the excrement should be pleasant, dark orange or light brown. The smell should also be pleasant. In shape, they should be long, viscous and float in water. Urine should be dark brown, transparent.
A child sucking his finger shows us that the chemical balance of his body is broken - there is not enough iodine and calcium.
In this case, apply Wakam, Japanese algae. Fry, crumble and sprinkle a small amount on a daily batch of rice. At the same time, test your understanding of the correct macrobiotic balance. The goal with which you feed him usually has nothing to do with his own needs for building health. Adjust his overall diet so that he can produce his own iodine and calcium. A medicinal, symptomatic remedy, such as Wakam, is consumed for a short time.

One possible source of concern for parents will disappear if they realize that, according to Eastern philosophy, hereditary diseases do not exist as such. If the opposite were true, then poverty, disease, ignorance would be given eternally. A state at the time of birth from any point of view would be no different from the state at the moment of death: there would be no transformation of each element into the most important — the whole person. However, we know that transformations (transmutation) exist. Note that, as is well known, there is nothing permanent in this universe. Everything is in a state of constant change (the first goal of the West is stability, guarantee, permanence). Heredity, therefore, is self-conceit. You can turn your child from a stupid, weak creature into an exceptionally healthy and happy person. It all depends on your common sense, understanding and application of Yin-Yang.
The transformation of the elements of the periodic table is a relatively easy matter (as proved for the first time on June 21). What is very difficult to transform is arrogance into humanity.

For this, it is necessary to have one hundredth percent of honesty at heart. We need to know to be independent and free.
Remember, all children are born happy, even those who are born blind, defective or with other disabilities. They blissfully pulsate life in infinity, where inability does not matter. There are parents who constantly and strongly worry, seeing the difficulties of their offspring in this relative, impermanent world. They transfer their misfortunes to a child who has no memory yet (the ability to distinguish relative qualities comes much later). The lack of understanding of the structure of the infinite Universe and its unchanging law leads to a gloomy mood of the parents, not the child. This is true justice.
With concrete evidence, the realities of the transformations (transmutations) of the elements and the actual existence of biological transmutation in nature, it is logical to finally go to the real goal of Eastern philosophy - human transmutation. What is the trap here, why be afraid? Nothing. To transform yourself into the most healthy person with the most profound understanding of life, you only need to be the greatest researcher.
In conclusion, I ask you to ask yourself the following question: “What kind of adult man do I want to see my child: a doctor, a lawyer, a politician, a rich man, or a happy, healthy, capable human being?” Your answer determines the direction of his education.
The cultivation of individuality is the most important task that anyone can undertake, starting from the first day at school or in kindergarten. Оно начинается дома, задолго до того, как мы начинаем целенаправленно влиять на наших детей.
Дети подражатели. Если их родителей интересуют лишь деньги и имущество, они будут подражать этому. У них нет выбора, т. к. в годы формирования их личности они постоянно видят перед собой, пример своих родителей.
Если, однако, вы воспитываете себя в понимании бесконечности истинной цели человека — достижения внутреннего счастья, высшего здоровья, абсолютной справедливости, полноты свободы — этим самым будущее ваших детей обеспечено.
Жизнь со счастливыми, здоровыми, справедливыми родителями — самое ценное воспитание.
Есть столько причин быть счастливым. У нас с вами в изобилии есть воздух, вода и свет, абсолютно необходимые для существования жизни. Они в 1000 раз более драгоценны, чем алмаз в 3—4 сотни карат! У нас есть травы, реки, горы, океаны и небо. Небеса полны галактиками с триллионами солнц. Они наши! Еикир это не отберет от нас Так, своим фактом существования, мы счастливейшие из существ. Все живое также счастливо — бабочки, птицы, рыбы, микробы — они танцуют, забавляются, любят. Если мы несчастны, мы забыли закон бесконечной вселенной.
Если вы счастливы временами, будьте осторожны. Если ваше счастье есть то, что дается другим, одолжено, куплено или украдено (у родителей, друзей или школ), оно не ваше и содержит в себе долг. Без сомнения, такое счастье исчезнет рано или поздно. Счастье должно быть вашим полностью — в независимости развития. Оно должно быть таким, если вы самостоятельно творите для себя. Ваше здоровье, ваша красота, способность мыслить, знания должны быть вашими.
Прежде всего, вы должны быть творцами своего здоровья. Все создания, растения, деревья, летающие существа, микробы, животные, птицы и даже насекомые наслаждаются собственным здоровьем, красотой, свободой и счастьем. Если ваше должно быть дано вам, вы несчастнейший человек в мире. Вы лгун и больше никто! Вы не вы, а некто другой.
Три фактора могут обеспечить удовлетворение не только в отношениях с самим собой и со своими детьми, но во всем в жизни:
а) изучайте философию Востока, применяйте всеобщий принцип Инь-Ян на всех уровнях;
б) практикуйте Макробиотику;
в) делайте много ошибок, т. к. они наш источник познания.
Поскольку все изменяется, нет постоянных заблуждений, ничего не надо бояться.

Мы должны преобразовать наши жизни, наше здоровье, наши взгляды о всех вещах, наши мысли и наши дела.
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