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Want to lose weight - dance!

Like many women, after giving birth, my stomach held for a long time, it was convex. But, thank God, there were no stretch marks left. I was really lucky. None! I was sincerely happy. It was necessary only to pull up the figure, and everything would be fine.
After pregnancy and childbirth I really did not like my figure and, in particular, my stomach
As I already said, I walked a lot with the baby carriage, but especially noticeable results were obtained with the help of classes on the project "Dancing with the Stars".
"Dancing with the Stars" began in my life right away, as I finished working in the "Cruel Games" program. As always, the most important decisions in my life I take, talking on the phone from the airport. So it was with "House-2", so it happened this time.
I was going to fly away, and suddenly there was a call from the project managers: they invited me to participate in "Dancing with the Stars". I agreed without hesitation.
1 I've always been interested in dance shows, I watched them with pleasure, and Ksenia Sobchak told me a lot about it when she participated in such a project.
2 I was very happy to get on the project, because for a long time I dreamed of learning how to dance! As a child, I was once taken to a ballet school, but then I was not yet in love with dancing. When I grew up and became interested in it, it was almost too late.
"Dancing with the Stars" became for me a project, after participation in which it was possible to put a tick: "I did it" - fulfilled one of the many goals of life.
To what I could not master in childhood, I returned to an adult, and achieved everything that I wanted
As soon as I was happy, agreed, I, of course, became very curious about who would be my dancing partner. Project leaders said that it is still unknown, perhaps they will be some nineteen-year-old tennis player. I was very surprised, I thought: if I'm 28, and he's 19, we probably will look funny.
When I came to sign the contract, I still did not know who I was going to be with. Finally, they announced that they selected me as their partner Sasha Golovin. Immediately warned that he will have very little time for training. I was disappointed, however, I decided not to give up and set myself the task of being "good-looking" and not missing a single rehearsal, no matter what it cost. All the artists began to study only in mid-January, and I agreed with the teachers and already in December began to attend rehearsals. I dealt with the New Year and immediately after, and for a second I do not regret that I spent so much energy on this project.
Of course, it took a lot of time, I rarely saw my family. But then my friends and relatives were proud of me.
Rehearsals in the project "Dancing with the Stars" also helped me to get into shape.
The body is immediately pulled up - it is felt literally after the first lesson! When I participated in the project rehearsed a lot, I lost a lot of weight - up to 44 kg. But at the same time the body did not hang around, it remained always in a tone.

When you learn the dance, the next day all the muscles ache. But nothing, but the stomach became completely different, the priest was pumped up - it was very cool.
Besides all, dancing brought me incredible pleasure! Every live broadcast, every new acquaintance, learned movements, judging by the jury is amazing. I felt like I was in another world, like in a children's camp where competitions are held, and around the sea of ​​interesting people. I met wonderful artists, became friends with many.
With Sasha Golovin it was very pleasant to work and communicate: he was an amateur to joke, and we constantly laughed, had fun, as if fell into childhood. I became friends with Dimka Lyashenko, Albina Janabaeva, Cornelia Mango. With Diana Gurtskaya it was nice to meet and talk. I was also not acquainted with Tanya Bulanova, and she is a terrific person, we still communicate, she likes me terribly.
In ordinary life, we all know each other, we cross at parties, but we do not have the opportunity to communicate so closely, and on the project such an opportunity arose, and it was very cool.
When I went to the rehearsal of "Dancing with the Stars", I ate very little. I was so exhausted in training that then I did not want anything - just come home, crawl to bed and soon fall asleep.
I'm surprised when I see a little fat dancers. And as soon as they manage? It seems to me that if you dance professionally, then it's almost impossible to remain plump! At all desire it does not turn out!
Now that "Dancing with the Stars" is over, I feel that I do not have enough of these exercises. It is not enough to be just skinny, you need to watch your body, keep it in shape.

I think you need to go to the gym or enroll in the same dances, - in every city there are dance schools. Supporting the form with the help of dancing is much more fun than just rocking the muscles.

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Want to lose weight - dance!

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